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Venice Offshore Charters launch out of Venice Marina at the southern most point of Louisiana and we can pick you up at Cypress Cove Marina. We specialize in offshore and inshore fishing trips. Our seasoned captains are from the area and grew up fishing the Gulf of Mexico. They have been familiarizing themselves with the bountiful Gulf of Mexico for decades.
We target the fish that are in season. We can site fish the rip line for Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), deep dropthe rigs for a variety of Grouper and Snapper, or troll for massive Tuna and Marlin. We will also follow the migratory path of Cobia and Wahoo. We have several different sized boats so we can put together a package that fits your budget. 

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Red Snapper season started today and without a doubt the boats will be coming in with their limits this evening.
We have one boat left open for Saturday and most open all week next week. Give us a call or send an email.

Venice Offshore Charters

We have been hitting the snapper pretty hard since the season
opened. Limits of Red snapper are pretty much guaranteed.
There are also lots of large Mangrove Snapper in the area as
well,with the Cobia showing up more and more too. I
think the best thing to report is the seas have finally
started to calm down. We have been itching to do an
overnighter since March. Captain Tre' and I got all the
marlin baits ready and went out two nights ago with a buddy
of mine. We had a blast. Unfortunately, no hook ups on the
marlin, but we still brought back some meat for our friends
and family. Give us a call or send an email to get your
summertime trip booked. Good luck out there.


Had a great time fishing yesterday with Capt. Brett Ryan. We started the day with the wind in our face (10-15) but it really paid off! We had our limit of beautiful red snappers in no time and then went after the Mangroves. Whaaaaam!!!! Mangrove on!!!! These hard hitters were awesome and they were AS BIG AS THE RED SNAPPER! To top it off Mr.Cobia came to the party! That was icing on the cake!!! Deckhand Jane (we left Tarzan at home) added to the adventure. We all came home with plenty of meat and a some great memories!

-John Lippincott

Venice Offshore Charters

Went out with Captain Bret on Wednesday. The weather was hit or miss due to a line of storms in Texas. We ended up going out a little late due to the weather. Water was rough and not for the meek but the sun was shinning. We made it out to the Gulf and had a great time. Everyone hit Red Snapper. Bret and Deckhand Jane kept everything moving along.

If you're a local or serious, this is who y'a want. Can't wait to get back to Venice for more.

Thanks again Captain Bret and Jane!!!

Garrick A. Rose

Burn Less Fuel, Spend Less Money!!

Snapper, Snapper, Snapper, is all I can really say for this month. The tuna fishing has been tough for multiple reasons. Hopefully that will all change in the next week or so since the blue water has moved back in. Nonetheless, The snapper fishing has been awesome. Limits of Red Snapper have been coming in fairly easy along with some Cobia and large Mangrove Snapper to top off the box. Red snapper season will close on Sunday, July 18th. If you haven't had a chance two get out there and catch your 2 endangered Red Snapper give Maegan a call and get a trip booked soon. We are running half day snapper trips Monday thru Thursday till the season closes. The cost is $650 plus fuel and we can accomodate up to six passengers. There are only about 10 of these trips left for the season. Happy 4th of July to everyone and God Bless our Troops. Stay safe out there.

Capt. Brett Ryan

Red Snapper season has come to a close for now. I am hearing that there may be short fall season coming but at this time, I would like to thank all of those that came down to fish with us over the past few weeks. We caught loads of Red Snapper, Mangroves, and a few Cobia. The tuna bite was a bit off in early June but has finally come around to a summertime pattern. We are seeing more and more live bait even though it is not anywhere in the amounts it should be. The Mahi Mahi showed their faces this past week as well. The seas have been pleasant except for the typical mid afternoon thunderstorms we are blessed with in southern Louisiana. Three tuna virgins came aboard and left virgins no more. Congratulations to Field, Deckhand Jane, and Brother Raymond from St. Stanislaus. Venice Offshore Charters is pretty much wide open for the rest of July and have a few bookings set in August. Amberjack is set to re-open August 1st. Give us a call to get your summertime fishing trip booked before school starts up again. Check out our Facebook page to see more photos and updated info. Good luck to everyone fishing in the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo and the Faux Pas Rodeo.

Capt. Brett Ryan
Venice, La

Last night on my way out the house, I had to turn around, go back inside to grab a long sleeve t-shirt. Fall is in the air! My labs are starting to get antsy as they can smell it too. Teal duck season opens this Saturday and you can bet I will be in the blind, unless I get a call to catch some tunas. I would not say summer is over yet but we are moving into a fall pattern. The air temps are starting to decrease making it a little bit more comfortable offshore. One of my personal favorite times to fish, Shrimp Boat season is right around the corner. The Cobia should be showing up really thick, close in about now as well. As usual the Mangrove Snapper are plentiful. The last letter I received from NOAA stated that the Red Snapper quota 2010 was not met and should be added to the 2011 season. Therefore, we may have a slim chance of a late fall Red Snapper season. We will have more info on this after September 12th. The tuna will be getting bigger as they attempt to fatten up for the winter. Give Maegan a call and get your trip booked. We have boats available for almost any day you pick for the next two months. Stay safe out there.

Capt. Brett Ryan

Tuna bite is still good. Landed a 190lb yellowfin and several blackfin, but the bigger tuna are starting move. The lump is turning on and the shrimp boats are still running that's almost a sure thing. Also hitting some floaters.
I had some days open up in the end of December so if you have off for the holidays and want to make it exciting, give me a call.

Venice Offshore Charters

Got an early start, with a great group wanting tuna – which can be tall order in December between fronts and changing patters nearly on a daily basis…
We went long… way long… cruised out at 48mph in a 2 foot chop. We have been fishing in close for over a month so forgot it was a reminder about the distances we travel fishing for tuna at times… set up shop making drift after drift to dial it in… got a small yf… reset… picked up another schoolie and a better size on a double up… ended up with 5… a couple of nice ones and a few left for next time… made through building seas to get some variety… ended up the day with some nice stocking stuffers of jacks, rainbow runner, black fin, and cudas on top.

Venice Offshore Charters

We had a last minute cancellation for tomorrow, Saturday 26th on the World Cat. I will take $200 off the price since the captain is already getting the boat ready. Up to 4 people. Call me only if you are definite.