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 2713 Division St. Metairie, LA 70002

Hours of Operation

Customers always welcome to stop in, but please call prior to arrival.


Payment Accepted

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  • Cash

About Us

Meplat Group, LLC is owned by an attorney and former law enforcement officer who can easily guide you through the process of buying NFA items. We welcome first time customers and will make your transaction as easy and simple as possible.

If you have a legal machine gun on an ATF Form 4 that you need to sell then come to Meplat Group, LLC---Louisiana's largest dealer of NFA items. We are an attorney owned company that handles all of the paperwork and pays top cash prices for legal machine guns.

Call for an appointment at 504-717-3377 or email

We also draft trusts, offer live scan fingerprinting services, and sell all manner of silencer, short, barreled, rifles, short barreled shotguns, and machine guns. We are Louisiana's one stop shop for NFA items.

Thanks to Phobos Solutions we are going to be arming and training more gun owners than ever.

All applicable (read: training serviceable) handguns and carbines purchased from Meplat Group, LLC will come with a certificate for a free Phobos Solutions Defensive Handgun 101 or Defensive Carbine 101 (respectively) gift certificate.

All Innovative Gunfighter Solutions/Phobos Solutions modified pistols or Modern Outfitters carbines will come with a certificate for a free Phobos Solutions Defensive Handgun 101 AND 201 or Defensive Carbine 101 AND 201 (respectively) gift certificate.

This is an insanely offer that is good until Lewis and Nick tell me to stop. Anyone who has been here knows our prices are pretty amazing (MAP on Glocks and any other item that has a MAP) and we take cash, checks, credit cards (no fees), and offer 0% financing for 6-12 months depending upon the amount of the purchase (credit permitting).

If you need anything give us a shout!

Meplat Group, LLC

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