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We have been in business since 1983 and offer a true, turn-key operation offering not only experienced, licensed charter captains, but lodging, meals and the finest Shimano tackle for all our guests.

Had Dr. Tony Alleman and Richard Comeaux from the Lafayette area out with me today and we put a spanking on some really nice sized trout today with plastic. Dr. Tony even caught 3 over slot redfish in the melee of trout and hooked a big Jack that just kept going and going and going and going! Sent them back home with an icechest full of fillets for friends and family to share and some great memories of what fishing is like down here. Have the heavy players just landing at N.O. airport on a private jet and being picked up by limo and headed over to the Treasure Chest in Kenner right now to do a little gambling and await their turn in the boats I have lined out for them tomorrow. Hope the weather holds just a couple of more days so these guys can have a great catch, too! All of our fish came via the LSU Bayou Chub today which is a break from the bobber scene of late. Sure was nice not to have to pop that bobber and just real till you feel those 14 to 18 inch trout hammer that Chub!! Did hear from a fairly reliable source that the Ostrica Locks may be closed for quite some time and maybe not reopened as the State doesn't see what that investment will do and doesn't want to spend the money to fix them!! Sure does make it hard to fish the East side, especially in the upper side of Black Bay. Although most of us guides jump through the rocks just below P.J.'s launch, I certainly wouldn't recommend doing it to you guys that aren't really keen with reading water as you will surely tear up a prop if not the whole lower unit. Please be safe and careful out there-----------JLT

Well, I see our old friend Mr. Jealous has made another derogatory post that is being left up for the world to see. That's OK though, I guess, as most of the world knows where the fish are being caught and it's not off these exwannabe guide's boats as they have no business! Had a group from Sams Town Casino in Shreveport yesterday and today. Yesterday(Sun) was a great day on the water with Captains Redbone, Brian D., and Jay. We caught lots and lots of specks and some reds, mostly big ones, but enough keepers to fill each of the customers' bags with halfshells. All our fish came on titelined Chubs with a few coming under the cork rigs. Had to chunk the stinky stuff for the reds, though. The catch was: 162 Trout 18 reds 15 pictures of fish Just talked to the casino host and they were just leaving the French Quarter on thier way back down to see what today's fishing calender has in store. I am steadily cooking their breakfast and ready to go and tackle the fish again. Please go and vote tomorrow. Have you any idea what the world will be like should the Democratic Party take back residence in the White House again!!?? Have a nice day and ignore the picture posted by a highly jealous exguide of mine---------------JLT

Yet another great day with the casino high-rollers as Capts. Jay, Patrick and I got them on some great fishing catching both reds and specks again today. Even in the heavy winds, the trout stayed near where we have been catching them this last week and we got the guys plenty of them. Please vote tomorrow. You just don't know what it would be like if the Democratic Party took back up residence in the White House for 4 years!! C-ya on the pond and at the voting booth----------JLT

Outstanding comeback, Henry. It is amazing what a little education can have on the voting public. Don't worry about those bozos with the horrible grammar and spelling as I doubt seriously they are even registered to vote. Keep up the great work you do for all of us sportsmen and women in the grand state, Henry. You will get my vote every time.------------JLT

This was the front we've been waiting for, guys and gals! The trout will be right behind it as the winds quit blowing and the water comes back in bringing much shrimp and bait with the trout right behind all of that! I am expecting that the YCB areas will start to 'light up' by early week and on into the weekend if the 3rd front doesn't make it down by then. We are in the front pattern now and you can expect one probably every 5 to 7 days now. It only takes a couple of days after to have excellent fishing, especially for speckled trout, so now is the best time to fill your freezer for the cold winter months and we have some great dates left to book. Why not give us a call at 985-397-4383 and let our guides take all the hassle out of bringing your boat down here, filling up with $2.05/gal. gas, $15 oil, $25 live shrimp, $40 of new baits from Academy, and no knowledge as to where to go to catch these fish. Just drive down one evening, sit in front of the 62' big screen TV, have a cocktail before a lucious dinner, sleep the night in your personal bed(no bunks), get up to a full breakfast, climb in one of our experienced guides' boats with new Shimano rods and reels, and just enjoy catching fish!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll even clean and bag them for you at no cost! Just the knowledge you will get from our guides will be worth the small price as compared to what you would spend hauling your own rig way down here and not catching anything. Think about it-----it only cost a few more dollars to go first class! Have a great day---------------------------JLT

Got Brian Dickenson's party of 12 here at the lodge. They are from Mississippi and are galant troopers to fish in the nasty weather today. The boats are just now coming in and all crews are elated with the size and number of fish caught and released today! The bite could not have been better for all 4 boats out today that went downriver. Only the 5th boat, which went here behind Buras, didn't catch all they wanted to catch, but had some nice fish to clean, too. Plenty dates toward the end of November and December to book here at the JLT lodge. All you have to do is call-----985-397-4383-----to have a bed to yourself and some of the best grub you can possibly eat! The guys last night had a massive courtboullion with redfish, shrimp and DownHome sausage along with their 50 honey/mustard and Greek chicken wings and huge salad! They went through dinner like the Indians took Custer and the Little Big Horn! And while we are on history---today is the anniversary of the largest inland marine disaster of the century, with the sinking of the Edmond Fitzgerald and it's total loss of her 29 crew. It is also the anniversary of the lowest recorded atmospheric pressure inland as another Noreaster came across Minnesota on this same date. Dem 'gales of Norvember' are pretty tough, they say! |C-ya all out there on the pond---------------JLT

Ted. Don't know where you got your information, but let me clarify it for you. You will need a freshwater license and a saltwater license anywhere below the East to West Intercoastal Canal no matter what you are fishing for. You cannot buy just a saltwater license. You must buy a freshwater license first.

Mr. Ted. When are you going to understand that if you are in a boat below the Intercoastal Waterway and there are 3 people in the boat and there are 3 rods, the Wildlife and Fisheries WILL ticket you if you do NOT have a saltwater fishing license whether you have caught a bass, bream, white perch, goo or NOTHING!! If you want another OPINION on this, give Captain Brian Clark a call at the LDW&F. 504-568-5616

Sure glad that 'license' debate is over with. Just remember to make damx sure you have a saltwater and a freshwaterlicense ON YOUR PERSON with a current driver's license when fishing below the Intercoastal Canal. And while we are on the fishing subject, the winds are finally backing off before the next scheduled front and the trout bite is back on. Some limits of smaller trout have been reported from the middle of YCB on drifts with livelies. Plastic is still the bait of choice among most all the guides, though. Across the river the trout are schooling like they did in June and in the basically same areas. Bobber rigs such as the Speckulizer will catch you a mess over there. With the river back up to 7' and trying to still rise, the reds don't quite know what to do. Just as we were about to see a mass run to the river and it's tributaries as she went below 4' and was clearing, Mom Nature threw us yet another curve and shut that down. Now it's going to take some very chilly nights to cool down the marsh water to get those fish back on the move to deeper water again. Duck hunting down this way has been totally awesome from the reports I have been getting. Limits from the Fort areas as well as Babtiste and below are being reported as these areas are harboring lots of ducks right now. I am going to make my first hunt this morning with Capts. Brian and Patrick Dickinson and O.J. down the river across the rocks in a fresh water pond off the reserve. Will report tonight or in the morning as to what I saw. Have a great day out there and thank all of you who emailed me with the Kudos on the recent posts. Your thoughts are definitely appreciated and your questions are forever welcomed. Thanks.-----JLT A brief note to my closest friends and some of you want-to-be friends. A new Bungle is being planned here sometime soon. Stay in touch, those of you who know what the last two Bungles were.

Went downriver(with my current saltwater license)and set up just inside the rocks below the 2nd Spillway with Capt. Patrick Dickinson and his dad, Brian. O.J. went as well. Didn't take long until the ducks came. Two boxes of shells later(just from MY gun), we went back to the lodge. More ducks down here now than I saw all last year! River was up and rolling and we all know what that is doing to the fishing!! C-ya out there-----------------------JLT