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We cover your boating and outdoor needs. Service, Maintenance, boat carpet replacement, fiberglass restoration, trailer repairs, as well as having a large assortment of hunting and fishing accessories. Our inventory is starting to grow and will update as more arrives.

3 yrs old. This is his second hunt. Last year he made a season ender with me. Opening day of teal season in Gueydan. Had him in my lay-out blind w/ 3 thermacells around him. Raining and all, he wanted to be out there. Can't say i blame him .

Hunted the front yesturday afternoon in Gueydan. Had a big push of new birds with it as well as the one behind it. Large flocks of Big ducks. comming from the north. @ 5:30+/- Countless flocks of geese clouded the skys. These were new birds just making it down here. They were not here Sunday. All comming in from the north. Blues , Snows ( They had a few down already,but not in these numbers) Specs ( Huge flocks not just a few 5-10s) and even heard a few Canadians (Lessers i'm sure That's all i've ever killed there.).Birds were working the calls and hitting the deeks (again something i didn't see other than opening day w/ teal) I saw not one teal all afternoon. Everything i saw were big ducks.

Went to the blind this morning. Heard/saw tons of mallards & pintails They just had there mind set on the marsh south of me. Got a beautiful greenhead. Other than that it was two black ducks. Geese were flying just out of range, and i can't call worth a cr@p... Reguardless it was an other beautiful morning in the duck blind. Got to love it...

I've never fished the pool before, But was wondering if there are signs telling you where you can and can't be? Are both launches open to fish out of?

I was wondering if anyone here , filled with knoledge, had a map of ,or could point out which pass is which. I've been all over the wax , but haven't learned the names of the passes. (ie Pintail...) Any help would be appreciated. I have aerial maps and such but have come up blank on the names.

Well boys, took out the teal deeks yesturday after noon after running the dogs. Did a little prepin for September. Man I can't wait. It's like time is standing still. I know we only have about 16 weeks till teal season,but i'm doing everything i can to prevent the shakes from setting in lol. May the summer pass quickly and our marshes stay as oil free as possably.

Finally got away from the work at the camp and took the kiddos crabbing. Didn't try to catch any reds as I was too occupied helping the kids catch crustations. Wound up with 10lbs of 30ct shrimp which took a good bit of effort to retrieve and a limit of crabs. Kids had a blast got full of mud then I took them to the gulf and let them clean off in the water. Great time. Can't wait for the tides to change and get the water moving earlier in the day. Water was looking good, but the kids were having too much fun to break away and get a few fish. Maby two weekends from now....

Specs are comming in strong in the Gueydan area. Several thousand aroung the property. Didn't think they were down seeing as i haven't heard any over head at the house. Time is creeping by.......

Starting to see specks showing up around Gueydan. The season is almost apon us. Start practicing your calling now if you haven't already. Cold weather early means warm gun barrols.Good day everyone!!!!

As hunting season begins numerous outdoorsman and women will hit our bodies of water in this great state. Some haven't fired up their boats since the season ended, and others are in them regularly. None the less, we all need to take a moment and caution ourselves to the dangers that cold weather , water, and our passions presents to us. Use the 'What if?' method to determine what you add to your supplies. A few simple items can be the difference between a bad experience and a horrible ending. You are always going to need the essentials that the state requires and I have attached a checklist to this post for those of you that may question a few things. I am here to see what others on the forum can add to insure that we all have a safe and bountiful hunting season. A few things that I like to carry are: a few trash bags (for my mess as well as a few others), a couple extra flashlights , extra batteries ( for all of our gadgets especially if you are relying on a GPS) , fully charged cell phone, Ziplocs, first aid kit (add a little extra to yours when you get it from the store because they don't ever seem to have enough band aids lol) 1-2 extra life jackets, extra paddle, and a change of clothes in a dry bag/box of some sort. These few Items can really be a lifesaver god forbid the Murphy's Law takes into effect. A few other practices that are commonly overlooked is letting someone know (that will notice you gone) an approximant location that you will be in. Check your boat's running lights BEFORE you put it in the water, as well as, your trailer lights before your trip. All these little preventative measures can make you and the others around you a little more safe doing the things we love, and most importantly bring you home to the ones you love. Thank you for your time and enjoy your hunting adventures throughout our state. Please wear your life Jacket