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They only have ONE Fed Gamewarden on Atchafalaya Refuge! My point was, us non-land owners, non-lease holers, non-hunting club members should be happy to have these guys working in the area trying to keep it safe for us. these guys have to deal with the accidental shootings, boating accidents, etc. because of DUI's (alcohol/drugs) all the time, so is a little preventative LE so bad? but getting everyone on the hate the GW feenom .... just sounds like a bunch of outlaws taking a stab!

December 02, 2009 at 9:42pm

Hey! What happened to just saying thank you!!!! these gamewardens are working for no pay at all. these guys work day in day out protecting those resources that all of ya'll enjoy hunting!!!!! so what if you get stopped FOR SPEEDING! and with your consent he searches your vehicle! I'm GLAD to hear they are checking for drugs. I don't want to be sitting or walking in the woods with some weekend hunter dope head sitting in a stand with a high power rifle in hands anyway! Don't forget if you weren't SPEEDING in the first place. NO STOP takes place. I've been checked by this Officer before and he was nothing but professional, courteous, and respectful!!!! but I wasn't breaking any laws (SPEEDING) !!!!!! Mad about getting stopped or mad about getting a ticket!!!!! everyone is innocent until caught then it is the cops fault. BTW what is the rest of the story? blood shot eyes, slurred speach, little suspicious odor????? always another side to the story!!!!!!!!

December 02, 2009 at 7:48pm
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