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Hello again Cyber Anglers,

The strong Redfish bite continues out of Boudreaux’s Waterfront Motel in Leeville. From close in action at Redfish Point 1 (episode 1528), to action at the Bayou Blue dams (episode 1529), we have had no problem getting our daily limit of nice keeper Reds.

Free swimming, Carolina rigged, and under a cork, large Goo Goo cocahoes along with topwater she dogs and popRs, have produced all of our catches. Even the high southeast wind and tide have not slowed the great bite.

Yesterday, even with wind gusting to 25mph, we ducked into the East Access Canal, anchoring close to the protected bank to ease the wind. Again no problem catching our limit of Reds (episode 1530).

I still have not caught a lunker Speck this year but with the rcecord warmth I don’t think it will Rbe much longer as the surface water temp cont inured to climb. It reached 74 degrees yesterday at the surface however mid level was 64 and bottom temp was still a cold 59 degrees.

I have only been able to check outside waters once when the wind laid and I was escaping gnats. Bull Redfish and large sharks was all I caught. I fished East Tim., Devil’s Bay, and Philo.
Strong winds continue this morning with rain.

More details available at, TV venues daily,and the BTB fishing line at 504-458-9451. In the meantime good luck fishing....Capt. Bob

February 23 at 6:57am

Hello again Cyber Anglers,

Red fishing in Leeville is really on as low water conditions prevail, draining the marsh and corralling the Reds in the main canals.

Thursday was the first time I splashed this year. The freezing weather and maintenance along with extreme low tides had me fishing the pier a lot. The night of the second full moon at the end of January was awesome for 9 nice Specks and a limit of 20” Redfish. When I first got to Leeville, right after the last freeze, we went to the pier to film during the day and could not buy a bite. Out of 11 Anglers, only one 15” Red was caught all day. See Between the Banks episode 1527.

So Thursday, armed with live Goo Goo cocahoes, I headed down Bayou Lafourche a short distance past the Jack-ups, at the mouth of the entrance of the South Texaco Field. Redfish Point one and surrounding structure was visibly stacked with waking, feeding Redfish. A strong falling tide revealed the cluttered banks structures as the tides current created many areas of nervous water holding schools on Reds.

It was some of the best film we have shot illustrating how to catch a limit of Redfish. Check episode 1528 for more details which will be up on shortly and on TV venues daily starting Friday. BTB fishing line at 504.458.9451. In the meantime good luck fishing.

February 05 at 12:31pm

Hello again Cyber Anglers,

Fishing out of Boudreaux’s Waterfront Motel in Leeville continues to be great despite the cooler weather and the falling water temp. Both action at the pier and in the boat has been productive for my guests.

On the water, we are still fishing the East Access Canal when the fronts blow through like yesterday and today. On warmer days we have been working the entrance of the South Texaco Field and D’s Canal. Specks, Reds and Whites have made the fish box with more and more Reds being caught.

All of the nice Trout have been caught in the deeper, oyster lined bottom of the middle of the canals, using large Carolina rigged cocahoes from Goo’s. Redfish have come in fishing live cocahoes under a cork on the shallower water ledges and flats of the canals.

At the Leeville Boat Launch fishing pier, white shad rigs and plastic glow shrimp twin rigs have worked best for us. We usually hit the pier at night especially when the weather is too rough to get on the water. The pier has been a great addition to the Boat Launch project and all of the merchants in Leeville. Bank Anglers from all over the state
along with parish residents continue to enjoy the new facility.

Above mentioned action will be up on Monday and followed on TV venues by next weekend. Between the Banks fishing line at 504.458.9451 for additional info. In the meantime good luck fishing.....Capt Bob

Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for.

November 23, 2017 at 4:43pm

Hello Again Cyber Anglers,

Fishing and catching continued in earnest out of Boudreaux's in Leeville. October proved to be on of the best months of the year as Trout continued to move in and gorge while a few big ones still are at the islands, especially with the water temp and a last gasp of summer warmth heating things back up.

Since the beginning of October, when a front would blow thru, you could find me and my guests in the East Access Canal, anchoring up on the north, protected bank. The bushes have grown high enough that you can hug the banks edge and anchor, escaping the wind. Before the bushes grew, I would refer to the old sofa that had floated on this bank during a storm. This canal was dug when the elevated bridge was built and was cut through an old productive oyster bed on the edge of a shallow pond. We would cast a Carolina rigged, big Goo Goo cocahoe minnow to the middle and ride the tide, allowing a 1/8th oz. weight to work over the oyster lined bottom into the hungry mouths of big Specks and White Trout. If we wanted Redfish, a big cocahoe swimming under a cork along the bank worked fine, producing plenty of 18-25 inchers with the occasional Bull passing through. All of the cuts all the way along the north bank along with both ends of the island in the first cut on the south bank are loaded with Redfish.

When the wind would lay and the summer heat would creep back in, we would let the fog lift and escape a few gnats by heading to the coast. Our most productive area was the Bay Marchand rigs just south of the barges to the east of Belle Pass. Big live cocahoes and cast netted finger Mullet did the trick along with queen electric chicken H&H plastic cocahoe on a 3/8oz. round jig head. The only problem was the Bull Redfish but if you exercised patience and weeded through them, we caught some big Specks and Whites. The closer you jigged to the rig, the more trout we caught. I am sure however, the more fronts that come through and the colder the water temp drops, this bite will end.

All of the above action was caught on film and will be coming up next on Between the Banks after the last fishing pier episode (#1521) which is airing mow. The East Access Canal action follows next (ep.1522) and should be up on by next Monday and follow on the television venues by Saturday. It is really a wonderful time of the year to fish Leeville for not only Reds, but monster Specks as water temp cools and drives the Trout into the deeper canals like the Southwest, Southeast canals and Bayou Lafourche. The migration through Bayou Blue heading north also continues. November is already promising. In the meantime, good luck fishing....Capt. Bob

November 06, 2017 at 5:19pm

Hello again Cyber Anglers,

October and November are probably the best months of the year to Fish Leeville as the fish are close and easy to catch. Just about anything you throw will work.

Most like fishing under a cork with live at artificial and since Specks and Whites are everywhere, catching is easily achieved. Although my guests and I continue to catch on Carolina rigged cocahoes in deeper water, and under cork on the shallows, there is always the legendary “Shad.rig”. A proven success for many years, it continues to fill the Fish box both under a cork or on the retrieve, especially in October in Leeville.

I needed to shoot a show but the heavy north winds and small craft advisory kept me on the trailer. I grabbed two poles, one with a white shad rig and one with a glow shrimp tout tail twin rig. I jumped in the truck and headed to the fishing pier at the Leeville Public Boat Launch.

I was met by locals and Anglers from out of parish and also brimming ice chests. Sure most of the fish were small Whites and twelve inch Specks. Everyone was catching and having big time fun.

I took up position in the middle of the two light pods and cast my glow shrimp rig out, clicked my reel and with my rod top up counted to three, allowing my bate to fall. I then started a slow retrieve, immediately hooking a 14” White. I explained to the Anglers next to me that the bigger fish were deeper and in the dark.

You can see the action we shot at the pier early this past Saturday morning on (episode 1520) now, and on TV venues by weeks end. Now when you Fish Leeville and the wind is humping, no need to go home, just hit the pier at the Boat Launch. In the meantime good luck fishing...Capt Bob

PS A big thank you to Lafourche Parish Government Agencies that raised the money through grants and donations and also District 9 Councilman Daniel Lowriane who “beat the pavement” to raise the two million dollars to complete the Leeville Public Boat/Kayak Launch and Fishing Pier Project.

October 18, 2017 at 10:48am

Hello again Cyber Anglers,

Evacuated Leeville yesterday as Boudreaux’s parking lot was half flooded and water was at or over the dock. LA 1 south of the locks was dry but debris lined the northbound lane from the high east winds, piling the water up against the road.

Up to yesterday, I kept the cover on the boat and had been fishing the pier. White shad rig is all you need. Casting into the dark, click the reel, let the bait fall for 2-3 seconds, rod tip up and crank slowly was the pattern that worked best for me. When one would get on, I did not set the hook but instead would continue to slowly crank until the second Trout would get on.

Our last trip on the water(episode 1519), is up on and on TV venues shortly. This show was shot in Grand Bayou Blue. Fishing Pier action will be next. In the meantime good luck and be safe and prepared for the approaching storm....Captain Bob

October 06, 2017 at 11:42am

Hello again Cyber Anglers,

Fishing out of Boudreaux's in Leeville is great. Specks and Whites are on in all of the deep main canals like the East, West and Bayou Lafourche. The passes like Deep Bayou, Bayou Rosa, and Bayou Blue are also on. Transitioning Trout continue to move in.

My guests have been catching on Cocahoe tipped Plastic shrimp under a cork on the flats adjacent to deep water and Carolina rigged Goo Goo cocahoes in the deep water. Falling tide in the morning and incoming in the afternoon with a sweet range has made catching easy.

If the weather turns ugly or you don't have a boat, you can also hit the pier at night and catch all the whites you want mixed in with a few keeper Specks. I just left the pier and caught some nice whites and Specks as the bigger Trout are biting during the day. Carolina rigged Goo Goo cocahoes during the day and white shad rigs at night.

The fishing pier at the Leeville boat Launch is wonderful! Both the locals and the out of town Anglers are having a blast catching. I know because I have been taking their pics and talking to them and have been monitoring the new 2 million dollar facility since it opened. Life is good in the Leeville neighborhood!

Coming up on Between the Banks, episode 1519, is the action shot at the pink camp cut in Grand Bayou Blue. BTB fishing line at 504-458-9451 for last minute reports from someone who is here fishing. In the meantime good luck fishing...Capt. Bob

September 27, 2017 at 2:51pm

Hello again Cyber Anglers,

Fishing out of Boudreaux's Waterfront Motel in Leeville this past hitch was awesome. The fishing pier was dedicated Monday and when the lights came on Monday night, Turtle and I were there armed with a clear DOA shrimp and a white curl tail grub on a 1/16 oz. jig head. White Trout and small Specks were everywhere. Tide was pouring in and you could see the Trout crashing shrimp and rain minnows. Only two keeper Specks but a ton of Whites were caught in one hour. We returned around 3am, antipateing a slower incoming tide and the result was much better. The Trout were getting bigger and more numerous.

Wednesday we were out filming with guests. Wind was still brisk but decreasing we worked the Deep Bayou area, specifically the pink camp cut in Grand Bayou Blue. Most if the Specks we caught on clear DOA 3-4 feet under a weighted, rattling clip-on cork. I tipped with the smallest live cocahoes in the live well. It did not take long to shoot a show. The helipad, rocks and mouth of Grande Bayou Blue were also productive. When I cleaned the fish, about half were spawned out. Cleaned up and took a break.

Fished again early Saturday morning at the pier with Councilman Daniel Lowriane, Ben Griffin and his Grandson Lane. Bite was on again with Daniel's white shad rig catching the most Trout. Daniel returned early this morning and was slinging them in two at a time with his daughter. He told me his wife had cooked up a big pot of red beans Saturday and he had to make sure the pier was working properly. I think he wanted some Trout to eat with those red beans.

The pier dedication (episode 1518) is up on now and Friday on TV venues. Grande Bayou Blue action will follow (episode 1519). BTB fishing line at 504-458-9451 if you need help fishing. In the meantime good luck fishing....Capt. Bob

September 17, 2017 at 5:57pm

Hello again Cyber Anglers,

Last trip out of Boudreaux's Waterfront Motel, I took my guests, Galla and her son Chase back to Philo. We filmed this episode right before Harvey (ep. 1517) as we continue to feature Philo this outside Speck season.

Greeted with clouds and developing thunderstorms, Chase threw a chrome and blue She Dog while his mom worked Carolina rigged Cocahoes. Shrimp boats were on anchor in the area and shrimp were dancing on the water. While Chase continued to catch on topwater, I quickly rigged his mom under a clip on, weighted, rattling comel cork with a clear or smoke colored DOA shrimp, three to four feet under the cork. It was on!

The storms were getting closer so we sought closer in water, stopping at the Helipad at Deep Bayou. DOA rigs worked again and before the rain chased us in, the mother and son put a nice mess of Trout together.

For more details and pertinent info, check out episode 1517 which should be up shortly on the site and next week on the TV venues. Additional help on the BTB fishing line at 504-458-9451. In the meantime good luck fishing...Capt. Bob

September 04, 2017 at 2:32pm

Hello again cyber Anglers,

Leeville open for business after being plagued with Harvey caused coastal flooding. Thanks to the staff at Boudreaux's Waterfront Motel and the Lafourche Parish Port Commission for posting pictures daily on their Facebook sites on conditions during the event.

Great Holiday weather now and surprisingly the water is fairly clean. Watch for debris and be safe. In the meantime good luck fishing...Capt. Bob

Ps fishing pier power and opening and dedication Sept. 11 10am.

September 01, 2017 at 5:02pm

Hello again cyber Anglers,

According to Lafourche Parish Councilman Daniel Lowriane, Entergy will start work on establishing power Tuesday and should be completed by Wednesday. Thursday at 1030am there will be a dedication ceremony at the Leeville Public Boat/Kayak Launch Pavilion and Fishing pier.

Fished and filmed Monday and yesterday, continuing our series at Philo. Monday the Island was stacked with Redfish, mostly Bulls. Wednesday my guest caught only Specks on DOA shrimp under a cork and blue top chrome belly she dogs.

Both days the southern end was the hot spot for us as clouds and rain with light east to southeast wind made fishing comfortable. Bait, gulf green water, and incoming tide with slicks everywhere and a jam packed sonar predicted our success.

Wind picking up as I am done for the week and on the trailer, in anticipation of the arrival of the holiday Anglers. Full band jamming Saturday night at a booked up Boudreaux's. Hopefully Harvey will stay away. Need help fishing Lafourche or Leeville, Between the Banks TV show,, or the BTB fishing line at 504.458.9451 are available. In the meantime, good luck fishing......Capt. Bob

August 24, 2017 at 11:52am

Hello again Cyber Anglers,

Episode 1516 explains what has been happening with the Speck catching out of Boudreaux's in Leeville this week.

My guests arrived last Sunday and fished the afternoon bite with me at the pink camp cut at Grand Bayou Blue and got into some nice Specks. Carolina rigged, live, large, Goo Goo cocahoes worked best. Monday morning we could be found in the protected, east cove of Philo, hurling chrome and blue she dogs all morning till 10 am. The topwater action even continued when the sun started to cook. Monday afternoon we returned to Grand Bayou Blue.

Thursday we headed back to Philo with another group to film and it was on again but that is another post, episode and story. Conditions were great on both trips. Protection from the westerly winds was key. The water on the east side of Philo was gulf green, moving, and bait filled.

Episode1516 is already up on and on TV venues by the weekend. Heading out again tomorrow and Wednesday. Last minute reports and help fishing Lafourche or Leeville always available on the BTB fishing line at 504-458-9451. In the meantime...good luck fishing..Bob

PS. Leeville boat Launch fishing pier is done but still not open as Entergy needs to run power to the head-in which involves placing poles. Be patient, the end is near.

August 20, 2017 at 3:04pm

Hello again cyber Anglers,

Dodging the showers lately to get outside action. Continue to feature and catch at Philo as evidenced on episode 1515 of Between the Banks television show. My guests, Wayne and Connie, are featured. Wayne opened the show with a couple of nice fish. He tells me not to worry because 'Connie always catches the most when they fish'. He was right!!

'Turtle does the same to me,' I consoled him and explained it was 'the scent of a Woman' and agreed his doom was assured. By.the way Connie caught the biggest Speck of her life. See for yourself on or on television venues daily. Need help fishing Lafourche or Leeville, the BTB fishing line is always there for you at 504.458.9451. In the meantime good luck fishing.... Capt Bob

August 09, 2017 at 12:15pm

Hello Again Cyber Anglers,

Mr. Shark is getting plenty of exposure as 'Shark Week' is also on Between the Banks. The past two trips fishing out of Boudreaux's Waterfront Motel in Leeville have had plenty of Shark action along with the usual dose of big Speck action.

It all started last Thursday. I was heading to Philo but when I got to Deep Bayou rocks a large thundershower was blocking my path so I ducked into the north point of Grand Bayou Blue. The schools of finger mullet were being crashed on the surface as I quietly drifted up to the point. I stuck the power pole and my guests, a dad and 14 year old son, started catching big trout. Once the storm cleared and the sun started cooking us, the Shark started to feed. After my young guest caught a nice Shark and fought him to the boat before he thankfully broke off, the bait and Specks moved out. We could see the smaller Sharks swimming around the point so I jumped over to the rocks and we found more Shark action.

Yesterday we headed back out but this time we had a clear shot to outside waters. A 10-15 knot southwest wind prompted me to the protected east cove of Philo. There my husband and wife guests caught some nice Specks but were plagued with steady shark action and break offs. The protected water in the cove was gulf green and packed with schools of mullet and slicks. By 1030am the heat was unbearable so we beat it back to Boudreaux's.

The common denominator of both trips was the increasing surface water temp as it is well into the high eighties. If the hot, rainless weather forecasts continue, there will be plenty of shark action for everybody as the water temp increases. Both trips all of the fish were caught on large Goo Goo cocahoes Carolina rigged and under a cork. Both trips were filmed and the Thursday's trip is already up on (episode 1514) and will start on the television venues Friday. Yesterday's trip (episode 1515) will start next Friday.

It will be interesting to see if the early start to the outside Speck bite in April leads to abnormally warm gulf water. May have to start fishing deeper cooler water and pray for cloudy mornings. I miss the top water action afforded by cloudy days and cooler temps. Need help fishing Lafourche or Leeville, call the BTB fishing line at 504-458-9451. In the meantime good luck fishing....Capt. Bob

PS Fishing Pier and Pavilion at the Leeville Public Boat Launch are completed except for power hook up. Soon as it's ready for fishing, I will post. Won't be long now!

July 26, 2017 at 1:43pm

Hello Again Cyber Anglers,

Fished out of a packed Boudreaux's Waterfront Motel Saturday and yesterday and was happy to find that the fish survived Cindy and welcomed my return with open mouths. After all the rain, I was eager to get a fresh show shot and was on deadline. Despite all the traffic, I splashed the Pathfinder and joined the holiday crowd facing a flat tide and a southwest wind.

I figured the island traffic would limit my chances of catching big Trout so I ducked out of the parade when I got to Deep Bayou. I picked up a due south course as I passed the rocks and helipad but notice the splashes and explosions of water on the northern point of Grand Bayou Blue. I figured it was a large school of bait being attacked by something so I exited the caravan and went to investigate since, it was only me and the cameraman on board.

I quietly approached by going up wind and drifting to the point, no engine or trolling motor. I was rewarded by not spooking a monster school of 18-31 inch Redfish crashing on several schools of finger mullet. They were working right against the marsh and along the underwater point all the way out to the light standard. Once I got in casting range I stuck the powerpole. Large live cocahoes, Carolina rigged, 1/8 oz. pegged weight on a 30 pound low-vis shock leader, with 1/0 bronze kahle hook at leaders end, worked best. I must admit it was the only thing I threw at them. There were even a few Trout feasting on the wind blow point. Rolling straight footage we shot a quick show and headed back in before we could start sweating.

I had beat the heat, the crowd. and the flat tide. I trailered and rinsed and scheduled a Sunday edit but was devastated among other things, when we sat down a found that we had no useable footage. Wrong setting on the new HD camera spelled our doom. Time was really running out so readied the Pathfinder again and early Monday morning, with the pressure on big time, we tried again.

This time we were greeted with a brisk southwest wind but at least we had a seven tenths of a foot range in tide. The wind was strong enough to scatter the bait on the point of Grand Bayou Blue, so I beat it to Philo. Certainly Philo would not let me down, especially since we have been hammering the Trout there since the first week in April (check recent episodes on We were the first boat there and the protected, east cove of the Island had large slicks near shore and we could see gulls and Pelicans diving. Again bait was everywhere.

I quietly eased in, armed with a blue top and chrome belly she dog, an eager cameraman needing to redeem himself, and the pressure on. By nine o'clock in the morning the show was shot with every Trout caught on topwater except for one, which was caught on the above mentioned Carolina rig when the sun started to heat up the morning. I put up the umbrella, and trolled around the outside of Philo, pulling a large plastic cocahoe while we previewed the footage, happy to discover we had awesome footage. We raced back to the dock and edited episode 1513, which we sent out to the TV venues and should be up on shortly.

Taking the day off appreciating our independence and looking forward to Turtle's arrival on Thursday. I will be around the remainder of the month filming and fishing. If you need any help fighting the full moon this weekend, call the BTB fishing line at 504.458.9451 for last minute info or Between the Banks Television show on both LCN TV Network daily (check local cable listings), and both past and present episodes on In the meantime good luck fishing...Capt. Bob

PS Fishing Pier at the Leeville Boat Launch is complete but not yet open as the Pavilion at the entrance of the pier is still under construction but soon to be completed. As soon as it opens, I will post info here.

July 04, 2017 at 11:52am

Hello Again Cyber Anglers,

Life in Leeville goes on with a small croud of anglers in town with 37 boats at the Leeville Public Boat Launch. It stayed high and dry as most of the businesses did with minor street and parking lot flooding issues. We evacuated on Sunday in anticipation of the forecasts and returned this morning to set back up at Boudreaux's. Anytime rain and a tropical storm, along with a big incoming tide, not to mention strong southerly winds combine, its time to leave. Most campers and boats trailered and drove north of the locks not taking a chance.

I was greeted by a 10 knot southerly wind and a half flooded parking lot when I arrived as the 1.4 foot range in incoming new moon tide was still rolling in, cresting at 11 am. It falling now and the dock is visible as the high dirty water creeps back out. Stopped at Goo's on the way down and they were open and all of the bait shops should be back by tomorrow. Rain remains north of us by 50 miles and the sun has not gone in yet today. It's 88 degrees of humidity chock, alarming heat index beauty and the fish are calling. Plan to answer the call Monday!

Last trip was Friday and it's already up on ( episode 1512)and coming on the TV venues next week. It's more big Trout fishing at Philo along with an attack of a Redfish school. Check out the honeymooners who like fishing so much, they were my neighbors for a week and spent the daylight portion of their entire honeymoon fishing. True Love Reigns! The BTB fishing line is there if you need it at 504-458-9451. In the meantime good luck fishing...Capt. Bob

PS The only thing wrong with Philo Bruce or Brice Island, which ever you prefer, is the downwind smell. Turtle tells me I should be more considerate of my guests and crew and work on my boat positioning skills. No wonder I get crazy looks when I ask, 'Do ya'll smell that sent of watermelon? You know the fish are here!' Turtle says it's the bird crap?/!

June 24, 2017 at 3:01pm

Hello Again Cyber Anglers,

Still haven't had to go past Philo Bruce island to get into the big Trout and now that the wind has laid and clouds are present, topwater action is on the increase adding to the fun. For now the weather has seemed to settle into the normal summer pattern. In the early morning when we leave Boudreaux's Waterfront Motel, a few showers are around and generally moving north and not building until they are out of the area.

We fished and filmed last Friday when the wind finally laid. I headed straight to the southeastern point of Philo and anchored. I counter 24 boats, most moving around, nervously looking for fish. Since it was Full Moon I knew a lot of the action would be later in the day, but once the impatient anglers left, the smaller Specks started along with the occasional catfish. I patiently waited on the gulf green water to arrive, pushed by a light southeast wind and incoming tide. Soon the schools of finger mullet were on the surface with big sow specks exploding on them and it was on! At noon we were back at the Boudreaux's with a beautiful mess of big Trout. We edited Saturday morning on site and posted the action, episode 1511, on The TV venues should start airing this episode soon.

We fished again yesterday, greeted by a 10 knot Southeast wind so we fished the west, protected side of Philo. Again, once the gulf green water moved in with the incoming tide, the big Trout started, all caught on 1/8oz. Carolina rigged, big cocahoes from Goo's bait shop, just like Fridays trip. Like that trip, we were back at Boudreaux's by noon right before our daily shower. That trip was also filmed as tomorrow's trip, edited on Saturday, and up in Episode 1512 on shortly after.

The Leeville Boat Launch Project will soon be completed as the fishing pier is almost done and work has started on the pavilion. Yesterday they were installing the lights on the pier and unloading the material for the pavilion. Tommasie construction has done a wonderful job and has wasted no time in getting the last phase of the project completed despite the rainy weather. Soon no matter what the weather is doing in Leeville, you will be able to hit the pier at night and during the day and catch fish. Leeville continues to build its reputation as a great, convenient fishing destination. Merchants here have enjoyed the added business this project and sport fishing have brought to a town that has suffered from being bypassed by the elevated bridge.

Fishing is on so come get some of this fun. Need help, check and the BTB fishing line at 504.458.9451 for last minute help. In the meantime good luck fishing....Capt. Bob

June 15, 2017 at 1:32pm

Hello Again Cyber Anglers,

Quite the busy time at Boudreaux's Waterfront Motel's fish cleaning station this past week and holiday weekend with a lot of happy anglers. We fished and filmed on Thursday and caught a rare flat calm day. I headed for Philo Bruce island and had to take my guests no further. When we arrived we immediately started to catch hardheads as the incoming tide had not pushed the gulf green water into the spots we were fishing on the east side. I could see boats on the west side of the island chasing birds and jockeying for position and anxiously trolling around. It was not long before wonder struck and they started running around. I advised my guest to take a break from the catfish action and eat breakfast.

Once the tide started to pour in the gulf green water, the catfish backed off and we started catching decent croaking male specks. From our anchored position on the up current side of southeast point of the island, we then started catching bigger fish and the bite was on until the tide slacked and the bottom dwellers and Stingrays took over. I moved to the northeast point and anchored up current and fished the falling tide aided by a northwest breeze. As the water hit the underwater point and rolled around it, the large females stacked up in the nervous water and attacked a large school finger mullet as they rolled around the point. Next the Pelicans joined in the feeding frenzy. Our Carolina rigged LARGE cocahoes from Goo Goo's bait shop were the perfect bait as my novice anglers ended up with 23 large specks, two of which were over five pounds, and two redfish. By the time we left around 2pm., only two boats we left at the island.

All of the action was caught on film and is now up on episode 1510. It will start airing on the television venues next week. Key positioning information and other important details are in this episode as usual. Television venues continue to run about 10 days behind betweenthebanks .com since once the show is edited it directly goes up on the internet. Since the first week in April, as evidenced on past episodes of Between the Banks, I have not had to go past Philo Bruce Island. The island lays north to south and has coves on both sides. With the windy spring, the island has offered safe haven and protected water if the wind has a westerly or easterly component to it. Exercise patience and you don't have to hit the higher traffic areas further south.

Leeville has been packed since the trout run started. Not only is Leeville small boat friendly, but soon it will be weather friendly as the elevated, lit, handicapped friendly, fishing pier and pavilion are under construction and at the rate they are going won't take long to complete. Looks like I will get to see the Leeville Boat Launch Project completed before I move on to those big fish in the sky. It already has increased the boat launching capability of Leeville and has come to the rescue of the trailer parks and camps that do not have a place to launch for their customers. Life is wonderful instead of jammed for Boudreaux's customers since their launch and facility is open only to their guest now. The only way you can enter their property now is with a guest pass, no exceptions.

If you need last minute help or fishing Leeville or Lafourche Parish you can always call the BTB fishing line at 504-458-9451 and soon you will be able to go to the updated Parish Tourism Commission site and get Rodeo and fishing information from Professional Anglers who live in and fish Lafourche for a living. The Leeville Cultural and Preservation Commission will soon have a Leeville Guide available listing all of the businesses and services provide in Leeville. Fishing and catching continues to improve in Leeville and Lafourche. In the meantime good luck fishing......Capt. Bob

PS Retirement is wonderful!!!! Throw Topwater when it gets cloudy.

May 31, 2017 at 3:59pm

Hello Again Cyber Anglers,

The outside Trout bite continues when you can get out but once the water dirties you better have back up spots in protected water. If you have been keeping up with Between the Banks, you know that is exactly what we have been doing since the first week in April. Please excuse me for not posting recently but I have been tied to the Trout instead of the keyboard.

Episodes 1506 thru1509 illustrate my safe havens when its blowing. The Deep Bayou area, the s curve at the mouth of Bayou Blue, SouthTexaco Field, the East Access Canal and Bayou Rosa have produced when we have filmed. Best bait inside for my guests has been live Goo Goo Cocahoe 2 1/2 feet under a weighted, rattling, weighted Comel cork.

Fishing the islands in outside water has been wonderful. We continue to work chrome and blue she dogs early and late and when the sun is up we are fishing Carolina rigged Goo Goo large cocahoes or I am cast netting finger mullet which are already at the islands. The 1/8 oz pegged weight just below a #10 black crane swivel top the 30# shock leader ending with a 1/0 black or bronze kahle hook. Find the Gulf green, nervous, bait filled water and drop the anchor as the big Specks are on. See for yourself and get more details on BTB.

It has also been wonderful fishing out of Boudreaux's since it is only open to motel guests now. Not allowing non guest on the property has freed up the parking lot and Anglers have kept the place booked every weekend since April. It is nice to see the business owners in Leeville happy again.

Even the Leeville boat launch has been busy and construction on the fishing pier has begun. The 18 wheeler carring the material unloaded yesterday and the survey markers are in place. Now when the wind blows or the weather is bad or you want to night fish, you won't have to cancel your trip.

Wind humping again from the southeast with gusts 25+. Tide is flattening out for the weekend and although it's blowing, at least we don't have a big range that could possibly cause minor flooding like last week and the week before. It did not get over the dock today when high tide crested around 1pm today. In the meantime Goo luck fishing.....Capt Bob

Ps Goo Goo also has live shrimp now!

May 18, 2017 at 4:59pm

Hello Again Cyber Anglers,

Been busy fishing and filming out of Boudreaux's Waterfront Motel in Leeville. Fighting the wind has been the only problem as the month of April is traditionally windy. My guests and I have been leaving the dock early and are back at the dock by 11am just as the wind starts to increase. In the afternoons we have been working the Deep Bayou area, Bayou Rosa, and Little Lake and Bayou Blue s-curve.

A typical trip starts at 530 away from the dock. We have been rushing to Philo since its the closest and lays out north to south. Surface water temp is already in the mid 70's despite the cool early mornings and for the last two weeks we have had no issues with fog. We are fishing the protected side of the island where the cleanest water is located and even there its still dirty. Tide has been incoming in the morning so a little gulf green water will usually infect the area depending on the wind. We have been anchoring as close to protected shore where the cleanest water is and bombing with She Dogs until the sun comes up. The high pitch rattle has been the key to driving the fish to the bait in the mostly stained water.
Once the sun is out we switch over to large, Carolina rigged cocahoes from Goo's and finger mullet I cast netted from the dock at Boudreaux's. By 10 am the bite is over as the incoming tide slows and the wind starts to increase. Time to escape the building sea. In the passes we have been working the deep water for Bull Reds and the adjacent flats for Specks and smaller Reds. That action has come mostly under a top heavy, weighted, clip on, rattling comel cork with a cocahoe free swimming on a 1/0 bronze kahle hook two to three feet under.

All the above mentioned action was captured on film and will be airing next on Episode 1506 which will be up on betweenthebanks .com shortly. TV venues will start airing Tuesday. All of the details you need are there as usual. I have also changed my e-mail address. Just click on the button on and remember that this is the slowest way to contact me. BTB fishing line is still the quickest way to contact me at 504.458.9451 especially now that the big Trout outside season is on. Stay tuned and stay on the fish.

It's gusting to 25 here now and for the third weekend in a row Leeville is busy and there has been moderate activity at the fish cleaning station. My neighbors don't even have a boat and are catching off of the bank at the new boat launch. Nice Specks and Reds were caught yesterday afternoon there off of the point on the falling tide. Life is good in this neighborhood. In the meantime good luck fishing....Capt. Bob

April 14, 2017 at 3:50pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt Bob's Leeville Report

A fine example of the 'Leeville Bulies' that I referred to in my last post. The least they could have done was spell my name right. I can't wait to air the Hobie Kayak World Championship which I am editing as I write this post. I will expose them and their associates along with the bully non profit named in Leeville's sake. I hate bullies and refuse to let them bully me or the anglers that come to Leeville to fish. They have pissed me off and stepped across the line. Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Officers are here now dealing with one of them. More details (video and stills} to come including the illegal sale of Oysters that they are involved in. Be sure to stay tuned to BTB and this site......Capt. Bob
PS If you think the pic is something, go to the Lafourche Gazette, Dec 14th, Letters to the Editor, and read Councilman Lowrainne's letter. They break the law at will. For a closer look, find him on the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office site under convicted sex offenders. Talbot Serigny. I see him hanging out at Terry's (Serigny} bait shop of all places. You connect the dots.

December 15, 2016 at 1:04pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt Bob's Leeville Report

Steve Lessard, a Gonzales resident, held on to win the Hobie World Kayak Championship 6, held at the Leeville Public Boat Launch in Leeville. This is his second Hobie World Kayak Championship having won in year four. Lessard held of second place Australian Richard Somerton to win the World Championship in extreme tough weather and fishing conditions.

'It was brutal fishing and I am exhausted,' Lessard told me as he sat on the stage wolfing down a sandwich. 'This was a tough field of contestants and if the weather was perfect, it would have been anyone's win,' he said at the awards ceremony held at Moran's Fourchon Marina last night.

Another big winner was Lafourche Parish. Merchants in both Leeville and Fourchon, enjoyed ringing cash registers, and playing host to contestants and folks from all over the world. District 9 and longtime parish Councilman Daniel Lowriane said, 'Our facilities like the Leeville Boat Launch, will continue to bring groups to our parish. Sport fishermen are key economic drivers in the parish, especially when the oilfield is down.'

Special thanks to all the Lafourche Parish officials and merchants who supported this event. The fishing, the food, and the warm Cajun Hospitality went a long way in demonstrating to Kayak groups and anglers that they are welcome to come and use our state of the art facilities. I am sure that once the Championship airs on local and national networks, even more will come. Thanks again Hobie and hopefully we will see you again in four years when the Championship returns to the USA.....In the meantime good luck fishing...Capt. Bob

PS To the couple of BULLIES and the Bully NON-PROFIT named in Leeville's sake and headed by a non-resident, cry baby camp owner, your true colors are showing in the East Canal and soon on Between the Banks!

December 11, 2016 at 1:05pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt Bob's Leeville Report

Team USA dominated the top ten after day one of the Hobie World Kayak Championship at the Leevillle boat launch. Contestants braved tough conditions but still 42 out of 50 made it to the computerized high tech weigh station, Day two the wind increased and conditions got tougher even though the sun appeared. The top ten reflected the world flavor of the championship, as two Chinese anglers and two Australians joined four USA top the field. Gonzales resident and past champion Steve Lessard, is the top USA angler, moving from third to first place. It's cold and the wind is still blowing but decreasing from 30 to 20mph. We will see what happens.The champion is crowned at Moran's tonight. Final weigh-in at the Leeville Public Boat Launch will be at 2:30 pm. Nice crowd has been in Leeville and the merchants are happy and appreciative. They joined with the Lafourche Parish government agencies to welcome Hobie and demonstrate the benefits of having a facility like the Leeville Boat Launch. Soon the Fishing Pier and Pavilion will be joining the kayak launch in continuing to help stimulate the Leeville Economy. Will post final results tonight.Continuing to film the historic event and will air hopefully after this weeks show. CBS Sports and Fox Sports are also filming and will air in Feb or March, In the meantime, Good Luck fishing Capt. Bob

December 10, 2016 at 11:48am
A comment titled: Re: Capt Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt Bob's Leeville Report

The public launch will be accessible to regular launching. There is heavier traffic and parking there yesterday and today when we were there filming. All of the kayak traffic, stage, contestant kayaks, wash down trailer, etc., are staged in the kayak launch area on the eastern side of the launch. So far both launching ramps have been open and there are no congestion issues. Yesterday we were on the water filming with Lafourche Parish District 9 Councilman Daniel Lorrraine and Parish Tourism Director Timothy Bush. The weather warmed and the wind decreased but was still brisk from the North East and East. There were several contestants taking advantage on the second and last day of scouting. Birds are diving, loons, porpoises are everywhere close to the launch. My guest caught nice Trout at the entrance to the South Texaco field and in D's canal. Some of the anglers must be watching BTB as two groups passed our anchored filming location and were working the same area. Water temp started at 59 degrees and climbed to 62 when the sun peered through the scattered clouds. We Carolina rigged goo's big cocahoes, casted into the warmer, deeper water of the canal and caught.

I should note that neighbors next to me here a Boudreaux's, ran all the way up Bayou Blue and fished Catfish Lake and caught 40 specks but had to cull through a few smaller ones. All of the launches from Bason's to Leeville are busy but the traffic is on the decrease because of the weather, I put the pathfinder on the trailer last night when we returned from filming. Wind here at my station at Boudreaux's is blowing NE at 27 with gust to 39 and barometer is at 30.30 and climbing and air temp is 52 and also falling. Day one of competition will be tough. Anglers combine there weight in Specks, Reds and Flounder and photo/release their catch, You don't bring your fish to the scale, instead you hand the weighmaster your video card from your go-pro,

We will continue to film the event, post updates and air the footage after the Bayou Lafourche episode(1497). In the meantime good luck fishing....Capt. Bob

December 08, 2016 at 12:43pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt Bob's Leeville Report

Captain's Meeting held last night at Moran's Tiki Hut at Port Fourchon Marina. Contestants from all over the world feasted on Craw Fish Pie, Jambalaya, Coconut Shrimp just to name a few food. They were also treated to speakers like past BASSMasters Classic Champion Mike Ickanilie, Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser, Lafourche Parish President Jimmy Cantrelle and Lafourche Parish Tourism Director Timothy Bush and plenty of Cajun Hospitality.

Contestants were grouped with local Captain's and area anglers for assistance in getting familiar with area waters. First day of practice was held today. All launching and weigh-in activities along with Hobie displays and gear can only be seen at the Leeville Boat Launch. If you want to check out these custom Kayaks and contestants, don't pay the toll and go to Fourchon. Every thing you want to see is at the Leeville Public Boat Launch Kayak section.

More scouting tomorrow. Great sight to see. Thank You Lafourche Parish Tourism for hosting the Captain's Meeting. A lot of happy, hungry, out of country faces. More post daily....good luck fishing....Capt. Bob

December 06, 2016 at 6:51pm
A comment titled: Re: cops in golden meadow in response to a report titled: cops in golden meadow

I rarely comment but I could not help it. Bitch,bitch,bitch. When do we fish? Have fished Leeville since the age of 3 with my dad. We never got a ticket on LA 1 or the 4 lane when I pass thru to go to work. Not rocket science, break the law and get a ticket, especially in the park, especially in Golden Meadow. How about we 'give a break' to everyone who breaks the law. And let's punish the merchants in Golden Meadow also? Negative Ghostrider!

December 05, 2016 at 12:00pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville Report

more pic's

March 14, 2016 at 2:56pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville Report

more pics

March 14, 2016 at 2:52pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob\\\\\\\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville Report

Cletus, you get it on charter at 6am daily. LCN is ch.150.

February 01, 2016 at 3:35pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville Report

more pics

December 14, 2015 at 4:28pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville Report

more pics

December 14, 2015 at 4:24pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville Report

more pics

December 14, 2015 at 4:23pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville Report

more pic's

December 14, 2015 at 4:19pm
A comment titled: Re: Leeville trip in response to a report titled: Leeville trip

The best and quickest way to get me for last minute help is BTB fishing line at 504.458.9451. If you would like to see where I have been catching down to GPS #s go to Shows are current or just find me at Boudreaux's when I come in from fishing. Sorry we missed.

December 01, 2015 at 4:37pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville Report

more pics

December 01, 2015 at 3:55pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob\'s Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville Report


December 01, 2015 at 3:52pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob's Leeville report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville report

Now their UPSIDE DOWN. I was standing on my head!?!? My niece goes to voice mail and I am helpless!

October 27, 2015 at 7:45am
A comment titled: Re: RODEO in response to a report titled: RODEO

Dockage avaialble in slip 44 next to me. I have tickets and I will be watching closely for the pre-holloween outfits. See ya'll in Leeville

September 29, 2015 at 1:38pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob's Leeville Report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville Report

Fished Saturday while we took Wilson's LSU Blasier Bay out to check it out after 9 months sitting on the trailer after his son's death. While showing Wilson how to operate his HDS-7 Lowrance, Terry hooked up to another nice Redfish. Back on the water when the wind lays. Dirty water outside due to the strong winds.

September 21, 2015 at 4:05pm
A comment titled: Re: Capt. Bob's Leeville report in response to a report titled: Capt. Bob's Leeville report

Hey Beast
Ch 150 on charter is LCN 6 am daily

September 12, 2015 at 9:38am
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