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A comment titled: proud dad in response to a report titled: Welcome to the hunting world

thanks for the post bro, and happy b-day once again. we are getting old. this had to be one of the most exciting times Ant and I have spent together. PRICELESS. we have been having pictures of deer Every morning between the times of 6:45-8:30 except for the previous two times that we went. at around 7:45 of the third day we went he looks up at me and syas, dad i dont think they are going to come out again, they must know we are back here. within 10 minutes of him saying that to me 4 does walk out and he says to me daddy im ready! as i talked him through this he puts the youth 243 out of the window and says dad im on the front shoulder so i cocked the crack barrel single shot 243 and tell him that everything is ready to go when you get back on the front shoulder, let your finger do all of the work. so, as this is the very first time he is shooting his rifle he drops the 110 pound doe in her tracks and his eyes are huge when he looks back at me and says 'DAD' i got it! as my eyes water and he gives me the fist bump he says the next one will have horns!!!lol.. PRICELESS. the only unfortunate part about this hunt as everything else was perfect is that my baby girl Alana 7yr old was still in the bed with a bad cough and couldnt make it, as she has been with us every other hunt. i am one of the proudest fathers ever as i truly love my family. thanks Eric for the post. He just relived that great moment when he saw this...

November 07, 2011 at 9:42pm
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