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Events & Announcements in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Hey captain eric is the fishing club meeting still on for friday the 27th at croakers? Just trying to find out so i can go ahead and take the night off from work. Thanks
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February 19, 2009 at 11:58pm
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Inshore Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Hey everybody. I have a small problem. I swithed to the new power pro braided line and need to get a few opinions from ya'll. Since i made the switch I have noticed that when i fish on the bottom with sinkers or jigheads I have trouble feeling when a fish picks up or hits the lure lightly. I seem to only have this problem when fishing on the bottom. Has anyone else had this problem. I just feel....  Read More
May 25, 2008 at 9:49pm
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Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
I am trying to find out some information on seachaser boats. I have seen them in person and also looked at the website pretty good. Does anyone out here have one or had one and if so could you please give me any information you would like to share on this boat. I am looking to buy a new boat and have it narrowed down to either a seachaser or key west. Only problem is i don't know much about the....  Read More
January 19, 2008 at 5:50pm
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Hunting in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
I have a 2 year old lab. For some reason he keeps chewing on his leg down aroung his paw. He will chew it till blood is coming out of the mark and it will start swelling. I have brought him to the vet several times and spent several hundred dollars each time but they cannot seem to find anything wrong with him after running several tests. The vets have given me no opinion of what is wrong. I....  Read More
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January 15, 2008 at 3:39am
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General in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
hey everyone i am looking at getting a new boat and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the following boats and motors. currently looking at cape craft, palm beach, key west, scout, and also trying to decide on a motor. heard a lot of good things about the evinrude etec and also heard good things about the 4 strokes but cannot decide on which boat or which motor. i want a boat that can....  Read More
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October 28, 2007 at 8:51pm

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