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Lost Dog - Help Needed!
by duckillr
27 0 Lost Dog - Help Needed!
by  duckillr
36 minutes ago     36 minutes ago
First banded duck This report contains photos
by DerickJohn
40 0 First banded duck
by  DerickJohn
1 hour ago     1 hour ago
Another great hunt for FFGS This report contains photos
by Proud Pop
186 1 Hunt
by  Rolandc (The Duckman)
6 hours ago     2 hours ago
Great second split opening in Delaroix This report contains photos
by Proud Pop
90 0 Great second split opening in Delaroix
by  Proud Pop
7 hours ago     7 hours ago
Cocodrie hunting info
by Joshsnap51
23 0 Cocodrie hunting info
by  Joshsnap51
23 hours ago     23 hours ago
frying a duck?
by abeastandasavage
576 13 frying a duck
by  abeastandasavage
November 28 at 1:36pm     December 19 at 7:00pm
Benefit Duck Hunt in Delacroix/Reggio Area
by capt-mike
802 2 Charity work
by  Hit_Man
December 09, 2013 at 4:22pm     December 19 at 5:02pm
Ducks finally showing up This report contains photos
1,328 2 area
December 15 at 7:48am     December 19 at 3:01pm
Arkansas Hunt This report contains photos
by southladucker
342 0 Arkansas Hunt
by  southladucker
December 18 at 11:19pm     December 18 at 11:19pm
South East Arkansas Hunt This report contains photos
by southladucker
212 0 South East Arkansas Hunt
by  southladucker
December 18 at 11:14pm     December 18 at 11:14pm
considered baiting?
by xplode143
665 2 Thanks
by  xplode143
December 17 at 12:29pm     December 17 at 1:07pm
Any Duck?
by Addicted to Feathers and Fins
8,111 34 Scouting
by  lanco1
November 06, 2013 at 1:11pm     December 17 at 1:03pm
Reggio area
by Ccampo1129
70 0 Reggio area
by  Ccampo1129
December 17 at 11:44am     December 17 at 11:44am
Best duck season in years This report contains photos
1,167 1 Glad to see success
by  DuckDownWaterfowl
December 07 at 2:19pm     December 16 at 4:24pm
Got to go on the wall This report contains photos
by king-quad
5,027 9 mount
by  BRduckhunter
December 08 at 2:21pm     December 16 at 11:04am
December Survey
by diamond18
1,000 12 Ducks
by  jjoojj
December 14 at 5:36pm     December 16 at 7:59am
house boat for rent in venice marina This report contains photos
by davidson
289 1 Timberland 6 Inch Custom Boots Mens White Blue Outlet Store [Tim
by  udeniuskeit
December 09 at 4:14pm     December 16 at 5:10am
Duck Hunting Richard K. Yancy
by chandlerbadeaux
87 0 Duck Hunting Richard K. Yancy
by  chandlerbadeaux
December 15 at 9:40am     December 15 at 9:40am
by bloodandguts
154 2 wasn't clear
by  bloodandguts
December 13 at 7:08pm     December 13 at 8:16pm
First mallard drake This report contains photos
by Louisianaswampboy
371 1 My old stomping grounds .....
by  Lreynolds
December 13 at 12:17pm     December 13 at 6:54pm
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