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Click here to discuss general fishing topics.
3,700,943 8,345 I need a fish finder for a specific purpose
by Bigloedude
Moderators:   N/A     February 05 at 10:52pm
Inshore Fishing
Trout, redfish, flounder and other inshore saltwater fish swim in this area.
16,491,127 4,574 G. M. fishing
by speckle_searcher
Moderators:   Chris Holmes ,  meauxjeauxx2     2 hours ago
Offshore Fishing
3,127,763 4,808 Tuna trip
by Dlallder
Moderators:   Chris-H     January 25 at 2:43pm
Freshwater Fishing
Perch jerkers and catfishermen gather to chat.
3,756,637 5,000 Old River Morganza
by csmith8879
Moderators:   N/A     February 04 at 9:58am
Tournaments Fishing
The perfect place to announce tournaments or post results.
427,532 624 32nd Annual Shriners Camel Riders Bass Tournament
by BBQ Man
Moderators:   N/A     January 27 at 4:03pm
Bass Fishing
Share information on the little green fish that drives us wild.
2,519,294 3,536 Lake long fishing
by JLowery
Moderators:   N/A     February 03 at 9:19am
Kayak Fishing
Paddlers unite to swap stories and share paddle-friendly fishing locations.
382,605 703 Cajun Sled Ride
by LaFisherMenKC12
Moderators:   Chris Holmes     February 02 at 4:46pm
Have a general question about hunting? This is the place.
3,753,928 5,999 Freakin Coyotes!!!!!!!!!!!
by crawfisheater
Moderators:   Randy Norred     April 27, 2006 at 1:56am
Deer Hunting
Here’s where to go to talk about general deer hunting topics.
11,231,042 11,420 Should I keep trying?
by stumpjunper85
Moderators:   Mike Guerin     February 04 at 11:41pm
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting
Share your waterfowling stories here.
5,468,591 9,212 Duck lease for next year
by Deerhunter8
Moderators:   Chris-H     February 06 at 9:35am
Other Hunting
Small-gamers and those chasing elk, bears, moose and other species outside of the state have a home.
1,007,568 1,046 New to the area
by Crkeane0610
Moderators:   N/A     February 06 at 2:21pm
Turkey Hunting
The thrill of the gobble happens in this area.
533,018 842 Turkey Hunting Suggestion Needed
by bowhoyter
Moderators:   N/A     January 09 at 10:34pm
Hog Hunting
Looking to share information on hogs? Look no further.
1,024,923 1,073 Looking to pay for a hog hunt
by Scaffold2015
Moderators:   Randy Norred     February 06 at 1:16pm
Discussions about all things archery related.
436,682 369 mathews q 2
by red head
Moderators:   Mike Guerin,  Randy Norred     January 24 at 10:13am
Public Lands
Share tips and locations for successful public-lands hunting.
275,647 219 WMA ATV Question
by mickeygeorge
Moderators:   Ricky Aucoin     January 13 at 9:23pm
Trail Cam Photos
Some truly amazing things happen in front of trail cameras. Post the weirdness that happens while we’re not in the stand
1,314,217 700 some vernon parish bucks
by trappertj91
Moderators:   N/A     August 21, 2012 at 10:59pm
Just want to talk about general subjects? Post it here.
923,106 1,947 Evidences its world as briskly as of strikes
by akaajibond
Moderators:   N/A     February 06 at 5:25am
Events & Announcements
Banquets and other events, along with general announcements, are in here.
716,633 1,432 Kisatchie Fly Fishers Jan. 25 meeting
by Catch Cormier
Moderators:   N/A     January 24 at 12:33pm
Like to cook? Need a new recipe? Look inside.
526,800 207 deer burrito
by WOODYL1001
Moderators:   N/A     October 21, 2015 at 4:19pm
Need technical help for outdoors equipment? Here is the place.
355,377 890 2007 etech 90 hp info
by luvdoutdoors
Moderators:   meauxjeauxx2     November 30, 2015 at 11:06pm
Captain Paul - GPS Info
Everything you need to know about GPS, including specific locations.
530,181 2,747 Looking to get a handheld GPS
by Cajun_Man
Moderators:   N/A     February 02 at 7:38am
Techincal Help For Boat Issues
152,898 380 Where are all the H22B and H24B Xpress guys at?
by pringlecan
Moderators:   N/A     February 02 at 10:18pm
Techincal Help With Bows
2,307 8 Trailers without papers
by tombranch
Moderators:   N/A     May 29, 2015 at 9:24pm
Techincal Help With Guns
32,447 57 Metal shavings doing out ofbarrel
by The Skipster
Moderators:   N/A     16 hours ago
Our current contests
13,656 42 Buy Mdma,JWH-018 ,JWH-250,2ci, 2CP, 2CE ,2CB, 2CD,F,5-Meo-DMT,4-Aco-DMT (4MMC),ketamine
by Global Chemicals
Moderators:   N/A     November 26, 2015 at 8:23pm
Big Buck Photo Contest
Have you killed a dandy buck? Load up a photo here to brag about your accomplishment. Whether it’s a state record, a per
890,770 726 Pin cushion buck
by onewhobringsmuch
Moderators:   N/A     January 18 at 7:14am
Waterfowl Photo Contest
There’s nothing like watching a flock of birds stretch their legs out in front of the blind as the sun tops the horizon.
1,078 1 perfect morning
by population control
Moderators:   N/A     November 28, 2011 at 8:49pm
Big Bass Photo Contest
Hefty bass move the shallows in the spring, and this is the perfect place to show off those big sows.
120,545 65 First Big Bass
by chris.tardo
Moderators:   N/A     April 27, 2012 at 11:12pm
Fishing Video Contest
There’s just some great fishing throughout the summer, and there’s no better way to save those memories than to video ou
784 8 Propose Day Quotes And Greetigns
by Kiss Day Quotes
Moderators:   N/A     January 14 at 2:54am
Deer Video Contest
44,418 19 Sisters' 1st Kansas bucks
by Erin Howard
Moderators:   N/A     February 06, 2012 at 8:52pm

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