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Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
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  • 4lbs 7oz
Had a good time flipping grass, it was hot so it was a half day trip. The bass were more on the leaner side, but still full of fight. Boated only five with two over 3lbs, and one 4lbs 7oz. No bass were harmed in the making of this video, ALL BASS were released to fight another day.
July 22 at 4:08pm
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Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
During the week it's easy for me to launch the boat and make a short run from Laurel Ridge launch down to Petit Amite, the locks, diversion, or blind river to do some bass fishing. I may catch a small one here or there beating the banks with plastics.

Does anyone have some advice on techniques that work well that I should be doing to catch some more fish. Or certain areas, structure, or....  Read More
12 hours ago
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Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
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  • Look out Lake Crisco...Catch and Release...in the Grease!
Look out Lake Crisco....Release in the Grease!
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Yesterday at 3:36pm
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Bass Fishing in Northwest Louisiana
Looking for a place to fish around Minden. I'm here working and brought my boat just don't know the area. any ideas?
Yesterday at 5:34pm
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Bass Fishing in Louisiana
Opinions are a dime a dozen, but I feel you can't put a price on this one. I'm not trying to get any one mad; I'm not trying to insult any one; I'm not even trying to change any ones ways, I'm only giving my best at heart opinion. Bass fishing is a sport, we spend tens of thousands of dollars on boats, rods and reels, and baits, hoping to catch just five large bass in an all day....  Read More
July 13 at 4:17pm
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Bass Fishing in Louisiana
Tiger Island Bass Club Fishing Tournament #2

August 9

Bob's Bayou Black Marina (Gibson, Louisiana)

Team format; Members ... Fee $50/boat plus launch fee (maximum 2 anglers); Non-Members ... $25 membership fee which expires June 30, 2016 + Fee $50/boat plus launch fee (maximum 2 anglers); 90% payback. We will pay 1 place per 5 boats. Contact me with the “Email This User”....  Read More
July 31 at 4:33pm
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Site Sponsor CajunLures
Bass Fishing in Louisiana
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Looking to catch some big bass? We have got the right bait for you! A great way to catch bass when the water heats up is to punch and flip matted vegetation. A great lure for this technique is our PooDoo Craw. You can rig this lure, with a heavy punch weight, punch skirt, light weight, or jig trailer. Lately we have been punching heavy hydrilla beds with the craw on Toledo Bend lake having great....  Read More
June 15 at 9:48pm
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Bass Fishing in Louisiana
We are searching for new members throughout Louisiana …

The purpose of Tiger Island Bass Club (Baton Rouge) is to promote the art of bass angling with artificial lures and to enjoy fishing tournaments from a recreational and competitive viewpoint. This club is a non-profit organization, with all proceeds going back to the membership in some form, as approved by the majority of club....  Read More
July 29 at 9:40pm
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Bass Fishing in Louisiana
With the atchafalaya spillway being too high to fish. I'm desperate for somewhere I can go to have a chance to catch a few bass with driving distance of Baton Rouge
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July 29 at 7:33pm
bassman972Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
looking for a night tournament on toledo bend this weekend to fish 8/1/15
July 28 at 3:58pm
barsdadProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Louisiana
does anyone know of any bass tournaments at lake Concordia, st. john or bruin
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July 28 at 1:26pm
mcnallyoutdoorsProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Outside Louisiana
This is a 3 pound WILD bass taking a live shiner that's feeding on plankton at the surface. Note the spotted gar to the left side of the bass.
July 27 at 9:29am
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Bass Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
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I have not been on in a while,just thought would post a pic of Toledo Town's salute to our fallen soldiers last week as well to the tragedy in Lafayette.Even though we are here on Toledo Bend,the Lafayette tragedy hit hard here as well.
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July 26 at 9:09am
100dollardeerProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Open bass tournament this Sunday 7/12/15 at Sweetwater. $100 a boat. $90-$10 for big bass. Text Devin 5044603405.
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July 10 at 7:55pm
bshanleyProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Been passing over 55 through manchac area for a while now. Not wanting technique, lures, etc, but can anyone tell if the launch off the interstate in ruddock is any good. Always looking for new places and it looks cool from interstate. Safe water levels things like that is what im wanting to know. Thanks and God bless!
July 20 at 9:54pm
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Bass Fishing in Chicot Lake in South Central Louisiana
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Well I brought the kids to Chicot 7/11/15 to do a little bank fishing, just trying to catch a few bream or sac-a-lait to fry for supper. So I ventured of on one of the trails along side the lake and came to a nice spot. I was equipped with my trusty 5' ultralight bream pole. So I made my 1st cast and I saw the water swirl next to a big cypress tree about 10' from where I cork landed, so I said....  Read More
July 12 at 11:57am
fireboyProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Louisiana
Looking to go bass fishing in pearl river with my kayak. Can anyone give me any info to where I could launch. I know the Pearl is a big area I just never fished it before. Thanks
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July 13 at 11:03am
S.T.P TeamProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Looking to go bass fishing this weekend, wanting to fishing in the marsh, thinking of going to Point Aux Chenes, should I try to stay more north of the wma in the canals or go in the marsh area?
July 08 at 2:30pm
rubymensProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Poverty Point Lake in Northeast Louisiana
Profit's appeal is what pushes substandard items to be produced by these manufacturers. Why, instead of utilizing good quality organic elements which are expensive, they employ additives and chemicals that are offered by dirt cheap rates this is. The end result - more revenue for them and more problems for all of US. This is very easily the most crucial thing I discovered from that antiaging....  Read More
July 11 at 5:55am
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Bass Fishing in South Central Louisiana
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  • This is a monster caught at the Secret Fishing Hole last week. It was returned to the pond after thi
  • This is our haul...10 keepers plus 9 runts
  • 4.5 lb smoked a Pop-R
Made a trip to the pond in Zachary. My son and I boated 25-30 on baby Pop-Rs, swim baits and crank baits in 6 hrs of fishing. First fish my son caught was 7lbs and mine was 4.5 lbs. He missed one over 5 and a second that could have gone 8+. The fish are chasing schooling bait fish in the middle of the lake. Definitely worth the trip. Here are the pictures. We caught our limit by 10:30 am and....  Read More
July 05 at 3:51pm
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Bass Fishing in Louisiana
River Champs Tournament Sunday the 28th on the Tchefuncte River.

4th Street Launch in Covington

Fish as a team or individual

$40 per boat

12 inch minimum

Hope you can make it.
June 26 at 10:01am
Al AndrewsProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Louisiana
River Champs is having an open tournament Saturday the 20th on the Tchefuncte River.

Fish as a single or team.
Launch- 4th street Launch in Covington
Behind St. Tammany Hospital off of 21.
$40 per boat (includes Big Bass)
12 inch minimum
safelight til 3PM

Hope to see all the regular faces and newcomers are more than welcome
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June 19 at 4:13pm
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Bass Fishing in Central Louisiana
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  • Pair of 7 pounders caught spring14
  • Pair of 7 pounders while raining spring14
I caught these 7 pounders off of the bank in the rain last spring14.
June 17 at 7:03pm
deb@trophybasshavenProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Louisiana
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Neil Sandilands fishing at Trophy Bass Center Point LA
June 03 at 8:51pm
MikeL71Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in South Central Louisiana
Been fishing bass last few days from old Houma Firestation launch to Seventy mile canal not much luck. I have tried spinnerbaits,chatterbait,worms,Jigs,just about everything but throwing the tackle box at em. I have not fished the area in a few years and I don't think I have forgotten how to catch a few fish. If anyone has any info that could help would be appreciated. I caught a few small bass....  Read More
June 02 at 7:48pm

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