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Bass Fishing in Lafitte in Southeast Louisiana
We are the Eagle Claw Bass Club of Waggaman. We are located on the West Bank of New Orleans, about 3 miles west of the Huey P Long Bridge located in Waggaman. We are a spirited club, who likes to fish all waters from Venice to Morgan City, as well as North Pass to the Pearl River. We have openings for members with boats and for those with no boat. We welcome member that fish salt water, as we....  Read More
December 27, 2014 at 8:43pm
coontail99Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Does anyone know any good bass fishing spots in the BR area? Any info is appreciated.
March 26 at 8:54am
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Bass Fishing in Outside Louisiana
Lake Eddins, MS Annual OPEN Bass Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, May 9, 2015. Payouts $500 per hour; $500 largest Bass; $250 2nd Largest Bass; (based on 100 boats). Lake Eddins is approximately a 2.5 hour drive from the Coast. Overnight accommodations are available in Quitman, MS at the State Park or Western Motel. Also in Laurel, MS (30 miles) or in Meridian, MS (30 miles). Call the....  Read More
March 24 at 12:32pm
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Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Hey guys I have a question. I'm mounting a 115 mariner to my 17' bass boat. I have the jack plate already mounted to the boat and I was just curious if there was any specific bolts I would have to use to mount the 115 to the jack plate? Thanks. I'm going to use nylok nuts
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March 23 at 9:22am
catfish2123Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in Louisiana
I think I have made my last trip to okhissa lake in Franklin county mississippi, the past 3 times I have been I have caught a total of 2 fish and both of those were very poor looking. This place used to be great but something major has happened or I just don't know what I'm doing anymore. I fished deep points yesterday, ledges, shallow and deep banks and even tried punching in the trashy....  Read More
March 09 at 10:58am
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Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
We had 14 boats come out on Saturday to fish out of North Pass in Manchac. The weather stayed good all the way through weigh in, and no one ended up getting wet. We paid out top 3 places and big bass. Topping the leaderboard in 1st place was Darren Welch / Ryan Soto with 9 lbs - 5 oz anchored by a 4 lb - 9.8 oz lunker. Coming in 2nd was Paul Paille with 7 lbs - 5.4 oz. And rounding out the top 3....  Read More
March 23 at 6:32am
Predator101189Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in Louisiana
Anyone know of any upcoming open bass tournaments? Thanks
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March 22 at 9:27am
joshua0131Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
Photo Album
  • 6lbs 13oz
  • 4lbs 9oz.
Made a trip to Toledo bend Mar 10-13; raining, rising water, we were only on the water for a total of 16hrs, but we still caught fish every day. We were dragging soft plastics, and caught a few throwing a crankbait. Water on the South end was clean, and the North end was muddy, muddy. Here's a short video.
March 18 at 9:20pm
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Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Putting together a Manchac tournament out of the North pass public launch on Saturday, March 21! The hours will be safelight to weigh-in at 3:00. This is a team tournament, although you may fish alone. Payout and entry fee will be on a per boat basis, not individual. You can have no more than 2 people in a boat. We are keeping it cheap at just $25 (cash only) per boat (includes big bass) and....  Read More
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March 02 at 11:51am
d-boyzsProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Miller's Lake in South Central Louisiana
Does any one have any reports on millers? Just curious how the water looks and if anyone has fished it in the last few weeks.
March 20 at 10:32am
C DerangerProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Northwest Louisiana
Photo Album
Anyone know the water conditions in Lake Concordia or St. John? Thinking of going there on March 28th. I'm from south LA and just don't want to make that drive if the water is messed up. Bass fishing, so any information would be greatly appreciated.
Caught these two there last year.
March 20 at 11:45am
deb@trophybasshavenProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Louisiana
Photo Album
  • 6 lb 3 oz
  • 5 lb 4 oz
Caught February 28th 2015 Trophy Bass Haven Center Point LA

1st picture is 6 lb 3 oz Bass
2nd picture is 5 lb 4 oz Bass
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March 11 at 7:53pm
catfish2123Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in South Central Louisiana
Ok it's the time of year the big ol mighty mississip is high and now the spillway and all the places I know to fish are flooded. So I'm asking where does everyone fish when the water is high that's not 100 miles away I went to pigeon last week and everything is muddy and high and didn't catch a fish.
April 28, 2014 at 4:58pm
dnealsProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Northeast Louisiana
I just recently got into bass fishing and would like to find someone around the area that knows the ropes and is looking for some company on the weekends. I'm 27 years old and live in West Monroe.
March 11 at 3:30pm
BassinjeanProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Good ones!!
Couple good ones from bayou black
March 07 at 10:52am
Gray GooseProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Morgan City in South Central Louisiana
Cajun Hawg Hunters is hosting it's fourth annual open Bass Tournament March 14th 2015 at Doiron's Landing near Morgan City. Entry Fee is $80 per boat with big bass included. The top 20% will cut a check. If you would like more information you can call or text me @ 985-381-1596
Or Email me at bjbergeron81@live.com for the entry form.
March 06 at 7:45am
Capt. Anthony--Cajun Fishing ChartersProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
What a day in the marsh south of Houma .. Loaded up
with Capt. Chris Venable and James Calliouet..We wanted Sacalait but made a stop for bass and found them stacked

up!!!! Beautiful fish .. eating up a spinnerbait. They were on the bank in a foot of water on beds.. You could see

them chasing perch off the bed. Throw in there and hold on tight. Booyah 1/4 oz spinnerbaits in....  Read More
March 04 at 8:58pm
whitetail0827Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in South Central Louisiana
Has anybody fished Warners Lake? It may be silted in. Any info is greatly appreciated.
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March 03 at 6:48am
CaptJSProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Lafitte in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Last spring bass trip
Been checking in on the classic this week and if you did not believe bass fishing is tough just look at the results. Most of the bass have been caught in the first hour and then these best of the best can only catch one or two. These guys have been on this lake for some time and have the best equipment an info you can get. Like I have posted many times no limits needed on bass only during the....  Read More
February 22 at 3:17pm
whitetail0827Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in South Central Louisiana
What stage at Butte Larose do you use to gain access into Cow Island Lake? How do you get in there? I haven't been in there in years. Any help is appreciated.
March 02 at 6:23pm

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