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Bass Fishing in Central Louisiana
I notice there aren't very many fishing reports from Red River Pool 2. Here's mine to help everyone out.

Went fishing in Red River Pool 2 from Alexandria last weekend on the back side of a front. The water temp was about 70 degrees at 5:30pm. I was catching bass on a 1/2oz chartreuse spinnerbait and silver shad 6-8ft crankbait along the rocks in the main river. I tried a few oxbows....  Read More
November 06 at 1:31pm
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Bass Fishing in South Central Louisiana
Made a trip to bayou black this past Saturday. We put the nitro in at Bob's and made the run straight to the brady canal and surrounding areas. We picked up a few small bass and 3 rat reds fishing the last part of the outgoing tide, but the switch came on when the tide shifted and started coming in. There were huge schools of baitfish everywhere and we were throwing silver/black lipless cranks....  Read More
November 10 at 11:26am
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Bass Fishing in False River in South Central Louisiana
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I fish false river a lot but this may have been one of the better days ive been there. Caught 11 on tuesday with the best five going for 12.6lbs.

Really starting to like this whole draw down thing
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November 05 at 7:45pm
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Bass Fishing in Louisiana
Ok I fished old river for the first time this past weekend and I don't know if I like it or not. I started off right beside old river landing throwing buzz baits around the docks with no success so I went straight across from the landing where there is a stretch of cypress trees in about 5 foot of water, well I caught two nice bass on a spinner and then threw a berkley powerbait curly tail (my....  Read More
September 17 at 8:50pm
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Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Eagle Claw Bass Club of Waggaman, LA looking for new members. We have been established since 1975. We are members of the ALBC. We also fish the best six every year that is in Toledo bend we also have a husband wife tournament If interested please contact Neil 504-201-2019 or John 504-312-3775 our email is eagleclawbassclub@att.net

May 06 at 4:14pm
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Bass Fishing in Outside Louisiana
Anybody have any reports from Lake Okhissa?
September 24 at 4:02pm
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Bass Fishing in Chicot Lake in South Central Louisiana
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Was curious to see how many of yall have fished chicot lately. Me and a buddy fish it every thursday and have done decent but nothing to brag about and very few good size fish. He has been fishing it for some time now and said its a lot different then it use to be.
October 31 at 11:53am
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Bass Fishing in Southwest Louisiana
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This boat was stolen from Sulphur 09-26-2014. Xpress 1546VJ. Dark grey factory paint, red Xpress decal with grey stripe down each side. Boat inside has beed sanded and prepped for new paint. Back deck has been cut out for fuel tank and battery storage. Motor 1999 Yamaha 25 3-cylinder 2 stroke. Nice motor new Yamaha paint with no decals. Ezloadr trailer. Reward if found. Call Bobby 337-764-5534
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October 02 at 12:54pm
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Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
wanting to know if the bass are doing anything right now in lake Des Allemands went their the other day not a bite in the bay
October 29 at 12:43pm
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Bass Fishing in Louisiana
River Champs is having a tournament this weekend Sunday November 2HD on the Tchefuncte River.

Safelight to 12:30
4th street Ramp in Covington
$35.00 per boat
100 percent payout

Remember to adjust your clocks! Take off will probably be around 6:00. It will get light earlier.
October 28 at 4:31pm
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Bass Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
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  • 11.27 caught at Toledo Bend on 10/10/2014.
I made a two day trip this week to toledo bend. Friday at approximately 8:30pm, I caught a new PB. I ran to Fin and Feather where the official weight was 11.27. I will attach picture tomorrow. The fish was tagged and released.
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Response by Pat Bonin, Louisiana Sportsman
October 13 at 3:34pm
Read the full story here
An article on Marcel's awesome night at Toledo Bend can be found here: http://www.louisianasportsman.com/details.php?id=7231. So check it out if you want the details on how he caught the 11-pounder!
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October 12 at 3:50pm
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Bass Fishing in Central Louisiana
How is the bass fishing at any of these 3 currently? Are they all at full level and not in drawdown? Any grass return to bruin in the last few years? We are considering one of these for our next tournament but have no idea how things are lately at any of them.
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October 24 at 9:31am
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Bass Fishing in Louisiana
Every bass anglers dream is to fish at Toledo Bend. I've always wanted to go but the problem is i have a 12 foot jon boat with a 8 hp motor and a 30-Ib thrust troll motor. You think i can survive out there?
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October 24 at 9:03am
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Bass Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
Quick GoPro Video from an October Toledo Bend Trip
October 23 at 8:24am
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Bass Fishing in Louisiana
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Fall fishing fun

Trophy Bass Haven Center Point LA

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October 21 at 9:00pm
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Bass Fishing in Louisiana
Anyone been doing good in pigeon. I been the past 5 weekends and the last two I've been it's seems to have fallen off pretty bad. I've caught just a few on points the last couple weekends, what's everyone's eles been doing. And if bass are doing better anywhere eles and you feel like speaking the word let me know
August 30 at 3:36pm
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Bass Fishing in South Central Louisiana
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Our bass club is having our annual Open Team Tournament Saturday October 18, 2014 out of Belle River Public Landing. $1,000 guaranteed first place prize!!! See the flyer that I've attached. Cone on out and have a GOODTIME!!
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October 07 at 11:45pm
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Bass Fishing in Mermentau River in Southwest Louisiana
I'm new to river bass fishing and I'm kinda stuck as far as what areas to fish and really how to fish them. I've caught fish but nothing consistent and nothing with size. Is there a certain time of the year that is more productive then others? Not looking for anyone's secret spots I enjoy trying to figure it out on my own just looking for some kind of guidance as far as what to look for and....  Read More
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October 14 at 5:06pm
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Bass Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
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  • Toledo angler, Nathan Wright, with a big south Toledo largemouth that was part of a 30 bass day last
Hello, Anglers. Outside is 'where it's at' now-a-days and anglers and hunters who I know are happy campers. Last week brought cool mornings and warm, pleasant afternoons that made the lake and woods awesome places to be. This week's weather is forecast to be a little warmer but still no higher than 80s which is nothing to complain about. The cooler temps made my favorite fishing hole....  Read More
October 07 at 10:28am
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Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Local bass club in the Des Allemands area (west St. Charles parish) looking for new members for the 2014 season. Established in 1997, our club is dedicated to the art of bass fishing and has a competitive, but friendly atmosphere. We are a member of the Assoc.of Louisiana Bass Clubs and fish the Best 6 tournament in Toledo Bend every year. We fish mostly SE Louisiana but do travel to other areas....  Read More
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January 16, 2013 at 4:24pm

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