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Kayak Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
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4 hours ago
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Kayak Fishing in Southwest Louisiana
Any Kayakers going out in these areas this weekend?

I was thinking about some spots on Calcasieu or maybe heading down to Cameron?

I just dont know the areas that are Kayak friendly...

I am willing to explore...

Hoping to catch some nice trout/reds/flounder...
April 24 at 4:17pm
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Kayak Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Hi guys and gals! New to this forum. I'm originally from Texas, born and raised. Attending college at Southeastern Louisiana in Hammond. I have been here now for about 3 years. I have yet to soak my line in some saltwater. When I am back home I do a lot of saltwater fishing both kayak and wading. My question is what area is best for someone to go do some saltwater fishing (kayak or wade) when....  Read More
April 20 at 10:48pm
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Kayak Fishing in Louisiana
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Offshore fishing charters on a 31Ft Catamaran Tuna wahoo mahi-mahi Cobia and bottom fishing In Venice Louisiana We supply all the gear, experience And clean all your fish at the end of the day. Up to 6 passengers $1,000+ Fuel. \r\n (504)329-Five19Five
April 22 at 9:49am
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Kayak Fishing in Southwest Louisiana
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My name is Keith Fussell. I am an avid Kayaker and Lure maker. I am the owner of Red Alert Lures.

I have some products that I think you guys will like.

Check out the video I put on youtube.


If the link doesnt work go to facebook.com/redalertlures


admin if this is in....  Read More
April 20 at 2:29pm
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Kayak Fishing in Louisiana
Hope you folks enjoy the adventures on the water. We catch tons of species and enjoy relaxing on the islands :)
April 18 at 12:01am
PoppinCorksProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Looking for information on fishing these two lakes with kayaks. Any reports, spots, techniques is greatly appreciated looking to head out next weekend with a buddy! Didn't see much recent on BCKFC on this area either
April 10 at 1:57pm
SomeFishingGuyProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Louisiana
Hey guys im new to saltwater fishing and would like to find someone or some people to go fishing with, text me at 225 933 8818 if you would like to go saltwater fishing
March 18 at 10:45pm
bbeakl@lsuhsc.eduProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Louisiana
Going to orange beach for family vaca and thinking about bringing the kayak. Any info on how to safely fish the area. Fishing in a pro angler but will be by myself.

Thanks for help
April 10 at 10:58am
BrantaDrProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Yesterday morning (28 March) I was headed down to Delacroix/Yscloskey with the Jackson Cuda 12.0 to see if the reds & trout would be cooperative. I stopped at the Race Trac in Chalmette around 7:30, Yscloskey bridge to check it out about 8:00, before continuing down to Bridgeside Marina where I eventually launched.

When I got home, I realized my lifetime hunting/fishing license &....  Read More
March 29 at 11:06am
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Kayak Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Decided to make a short pirogue trip down Scenic Cane Bayou Good Friday and figured I would have some company and ran into a few folks fishing Cane and made the trek to the Lake where Lady P lied down for me and another gentleman in a yak who would become my newest buddy!I was tossing a Berkley Gulp,Swimming Mullet,Chartreuse on 3/8 oz unpainted jig head and finally connected with a decent....  Read More
April 05 at 10:12pm
Jason NProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Shell Beach / Hopedale / Reggio in Southeast Louisiana
Went out this morning at dawn. No live shrimp at Campo's, so we used frozen shrimp, gulpers, and spoons. Strong outgoing tide and very clear waters. Trolled gulpers from launch through the pass to the fort, and along the edge of the shoreline westerly from the fort for about 100 yards-- nothing!

My pod-nuh stayed in the pass and hit a couple of throwback reds. I joined him in the....  Read More
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April 03 at 6:01pm
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Kayak Fishing in Louisiana
I normal fish out of my 21ft bay boat. I always fish by the salt ditch or my turners bay, places around that area. My camp is around Hackberry Gun and Rod. I was wondering if someone could tell me some good spots i can dock my kayak around where my camp is or other places not far from my camp. Please help me im new to kayak fishing and all the help will be appreciated
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March 22 at 10:05pm
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Kayak Fishing in Venice in Southeast Louisiana
5 of us spent 4 days in Venice, just going to give a report.

Thursday- Stormed all day. We managed to fish from shore first thing in the morning, but came up empty.

Friday- Fished in canal cover for most of the day, but did get out in the bay off Tide Water for a bit. It was rough fishing. The weather forecast was 15-18 mph winds, but constant gusts had us struggling to fish. We....  Read More
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April 01 at 9:43am
LIL BUCKProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
I have heard so many different stories about it being illegal to launch a kayak off of la1, just wondering if anyone can please verify this for me. I would like to know where this info can be found. Thanks alot. DON
February 24 at 6:20pm
Learnin2FishProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in The Rigolets / Lake Catherine in Southeast Louisiana
Fish 1 - Fishermen 0

First time fishing out of Rigolets, so I thought I would post a report.

Lady at the marina was really nice. $6 to launch, but let me park right beside the ramp in a 'No Parking' area because as she put it 'you guys have a lot to unload'. So true lol.

Not a big fan of the ramp though. I only had to slide the yak about 2 feet to get it in the water,....  Read More
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March 15 at 2:27pm
Learnin2FishProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Venice in Southeast Louisiana
I am working on setting up a trip with Capt. Brian at kayakvenicela.com and most likely will have at least 2 spots open.

Your cost would be your share of the $150 charter fee. So if 4 people go $37.50, if only 2 people $75. If you do not have a kayak, he has them available to rent at an additional cost (your responsibility).

The trip will either be on April 6th or 8th (leaning....  Read More
March 19 at 8:51am
Learnin2FishProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Venice in Southeast Louisiana
Anyone willing to point me towards a good area in Venice (where to launch, what area to fish etc).

I normally fish out of Port Sulphur but would like to give Venice a shot one of these weekends.
March 18 at 1:29pm
504FishermanProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Louisiana
I guess sometimes it don't matter out in Texas
March 18 at 2:10pm
bpjordan13Profile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Myrtle Grove / Port Sulphur in Southeast Louisiana
What is the best bait to use for catching reds? I went this weekend and used dead shrimp and didn't have any bites. Any help would be great.
March 17 at 1:11pm

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