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Bayou Pigeon Landing

I made a trip to the Atchafalaya Basin this past Saturday (yes, even with knowledge of high water and the torrential rains early Saturday morning). I chose to go to the Bayou Pigeon Landing to scout some of the areas that I go fishing once the Basin returns back to normal pool. Right now the water is roughly five feet (5') higher on the Bayou Sorrell gauge for optimum fishing...but from the forecasts, is predicted to fall over the next several weeks.

There were a number of boats at the landing; each patiently awaiting their turn to launch...EXCEPT the commercial fishermen. Commercial crawfishermen would pull up straight to the ramp and start backing down the ramp ahead of others who patiently waited their turn. Then, these highly impatient commercial crawfishermen even parked their vehicles immediately along side the boat ramp and in the Handicap parking areas. One even backed his boat trailer all the way up to the access walkway that leads down to the floating dock. And to add insult to injury, commercial crawfishermen had made a public dump out of the trash bins along side the Bayou Pigeon boat ramp...the large paper crawfish bait bags, dead crawfish and garbage stunk to high heavens.

Don't get me wrong, commercial fishermen have every right to the same access...just not MORE rights over everyone else nor the right to turn a public ramp into their private dumping ground.

I hear that LADWLF and/or Sheriff Deputies are writing tickets for boat trailer inspections...perhaps they need to write some tickets for DUMPING and parking in Handicap Parking areas too.

FYI - Crawfish are everywhere you look in the Basin. On bushes, trees, stumps, along the banks...its a bonanza of crawfish.
Stop with the profanity
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Yep Yep
Couldn't agree with you more. I like the commercial guys that have homemade trailers that don't even have lights. Not that they are burnt out, they just don't exist!
I will give you an abbreviation, I will let you try and figure it out;
They will not clean up their mess
I grew up fishing and crabbing off the seaplane ramp by the New Orleans airport. People left dead fish and trash all over the area so the closed it down. Just could have thrown the fish heads in the lake. In Lafitte there are several places people fish from the bank you would not believe that one or two fisherman could have that much trash. Just drive along the run outs along the old Hwy by Middendoffs and you will not believe the trash they leave. And people ask why would you want to have fence around your pond or hunting area this is the mean reason.
^5 Goggle Eye..... My Dad Crawfished there&
i know for fact he not one to trash up the launch or anything else for the fact....The ones that do it are Local&they have every right to launch as every1 else But as to making our landing Trashy thats how there are And until Law steps in they gona keep doin it
I never said that your father did this for I don't know who it actually was. What I did say and firmly stand behind is that commercial crawfishermen are most certainly the ones who trashed up the Bayou Pigeon boat ramp. Their crawfish bait paper bags are piled up in HUGE piles along with other trash. commercial crawfisherman after another broke into the line to launch their boat ahead of everyone else. This was not just an isolated incident either. I've witnessed the same rude behavior on many other trips to the Atchafalaya Basin.

PLUS...these same commercial crawfishermen park their truck and trailer immediately along side the concrete boat ramp...not where everyone else parks. Many of them also parked in the Handicap parking area completely insensitive to others. One even parked his rig directly in front of the fixed steel walkway down to the floating dock such that you had to walk completely around his trailer in tall wet grass then squeeze between his trailer to get on the steel walkway.

Certainly not all commercial crawfishermen are impatient, arrogant, self appointed boat ramp hoodlums...but a certain number in obvious commercial boats are sending a clear message that nobody else matters but them.

If I see someone dumping their piles of trash, I'll record and report them. If your father is a commercial crawfisherman and knows who is doing this, then he should report them too.

PS: I enjoy eating boiled crawfish as much as anyone...but not at all costs...and in this case, the hidden cost to our public boat ramps is way too high.
I know you didn't i just wanted to clear the Air, Have a Happy 4th
Cry babies.....
Why would you complain about this ? You are complaining about people that depend on that boat landing to make a living !! You are complaining about someone jumping ahead of you for what, because you have to wait and they don't ? Sounds just like the typical BUTTHURT Baton Rouge recreational fisherman, always whining about someone or something that doesn't go your way. I speak for myself....I don't like whiners, but out of the simple fact to tell you, if you don't like it go somewhere else, I promise I wont catch the fish you came there to catch and if you think I will wait on your slow self to jam up the landing while you get your boat ready to launch instead of getting it ready as you move up in line....Wrong, I wouldn't wait on anyone to go make a living for me and my family, would you....? Complain about something else, LDWF will just make a recreational only lane at the ramp, then you will really be upset !!!
Seems to me by looking at all of your recent post you sure ask a lot of questions on how to catch req fish ( I.E Where the trout biting? What hook should I use? Can I come kill one of your hogs??)The man was just giving you his honest feelings. and I promise you us weekend warriors dump a lot more money into your little community then you do. Alot of us just want to bring our kids fishing in the Basin and when you have to explain to them at 5am why some jack-leg is cutting you off at the landing it gets aggrivating. Have a great day!!!!!
Zani01....judging by your response you want to know more about other people than you really think you care too !! You just see one page of the whole book...that's all you will see ! I know who owns the landing, it's his decision how he keeps his decision who uses the landing !! Your bitching will do you no good, you should take time to explain to your kids why that jerk is cutting you off at the landing ! It's not about how much money you put into my community, it's about how much money I put into my pocket and you don't do that !! Why do I need to wait on people that drag their rear getting their boat ready right there in the middle of the landing when you should be ready to dump your boat....Time is money to me and obviously you have no consideration of that fact....again I speak for myself, I have no time for you to be an idiot at the boat landing....if you don't like it go somewhere else !!!
There's an old saying...'The hit dog always yelps first'

Why the hostility? Why do you feel the need to lash out?

I agree with you on one point. People should have their boat ready to launch when they get up to the ramp. I always do...and most others do too. There's no excuse for pulling up ahead of others who have waited patiently to launch at a PUBLIC boat ramp. There's equally no excuse for parking in a Handicap parking area, parking on the embankment immediately along side the concrete ramp, parking to block the walkway or dumping obvious commercial mess in HUGE piles at the boat ramp. Either you're a part of the problem or just like to lash out at others.

I don't know what you're talking about when you say that you know who owns the launch. The public owns the launch...PERIOD. No one person, commercial or recreational, owns it more than the other.

If your hostility is any measure of the 'commercial' mentality, its no wonder why you take offense to someone pointing out the misuse and abuse of a PUBLIC boat ramp. You should take a real long look within to find the burr that's causing your distress. Not one of us so-called 'weekend warriors' has done a single solitary thing to you or anyone else to deserve such a thrashing. Get over yourself already.
sparky - you are right. Commercial fishermen make their living out of the swamp. You should not have any rules because of this. Go ahead, cut in front of everyone, who cares? Throw all of your trash on the ground, who cares? While your at it, don't bother with just running your traps, run everyone's traps. After all, it's how you make a living...
We are just piddly ole weekend people. YOU are the important one...oh, wait, WE are the ones that BUY your product, hhmmmmm.
Sparky quit whining about people not being ready to launch until they get to the water. I hate whiners. Take the whining somewhere else. Especially people whining about other people whining. Those are the worst.
Simple facts !
Call it what you want, whining, complaining or whatever, but the truth is the truth, if you don't like it find another landing !! I don't condone the trash piles either, I take mine home and burn it myself !! For a cop to assume that I break the law doesn't look very good on you JB....and you're a police officer....shows your attitude towards the ones you supposedly serve and protect ! Others traps you say, LOL, I have enough of my own !! You don't have to buy the product I catch, it can be shipped out of state all day long !! We all know you could boycott crawfish all by yourself and hurt the pocketbook of the commercial fisherman.....JB your nothing but a bag of wind, don't come here and make assumptions about someone you don't know or know anything about, you don't represent your profession very well at all ! Goggleye, no hostilities here buddy, no lashing out, no hate in my heart, again just stating simple facts about what I also observe at that boat landing also !! So because you weren't accommodated in launching your boat and curb side service, and weekly trash pickup you want to bring the law in and bash commercial my typing GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IF YOU DONT LIKE IT !!'re going to whine about me stating true facts about that boat landing, including yourself....hmmmm go figure that one WHINER !! The truth hurts gentleman don't attack people when you do not know the guilty party !!! Have a good one !!
A little help may solve these problems
Maybe if you found out why it was taking so much time to put in it would help both parties. May be your father are some one his age. Could be a family with kids that lost a toy in the truck or a wife that is reluctant to back the boat down. A helping hand would help them and make you feel better the rest of the day as you fish. I always ask can I help you and sometime even back their truck down for them. Boy helps them and makes my day when they can't say thank you enough. The word is courteous and cutting in front of someone sure is not showing courtesy to them.
Courteous ???
You're absolutely right about being courteous and I agree with you's terrible to say, but there's always a but, isn't there ? This problem has existed for a very long, long, long, time at this boat landing and will never go away ! Hold up now, wait just a minute, the world should be put on hold because of a man or woman or both being stupid at the boat landing ! There is a quote by a very famous gentleman and it goes as such.....Life is tough, it's even tougher when you're stupid ! So I have to interrupt my day because you can't keep control of your kids....if you were in a bind I would help you in any way I could but don't show up to the boat landing un-prepared !! Simple to understand......but when recreational fishing season rolls around the world must stop because the rich guys from out of town come to fish and cause mass chaos !! You guys keep whining about this but the facts is facts....guess you're right about this just like you were right about the 14' size limit too.... this keeps getting better and better !!
Yes Sparky, Courteous
'when recreational fishing season rolls around the world must stop because the rich guys from out of town come to fish and cause mass chaos'

One thing that you and I can both agree on, there are a very few who pull up to the boat ramp unprepared. But that is the exception, not routine as you would have us believe. When I am 'held-up' by someone adjusting their boat, loading and unloading, etc on the boat ramp...I walk over to them and ask politely that they pull to the side. Sometimes this works; other times it invokes a myriad of cursing and threats. I've seen some very tense moments at Bayou Pigeon that have nearly come to physical altercations...and this is a great unwarranted problem.

When I get to the boat ramp, I pull way around to the far north end,, get out, get my boat ready, quick-start my motor, undo my boat winch, make sure the plug is in and do a general once-around...all of this BEFORE even approaching the ramp.

Once I'm sure that I'm ready to launch, I pull up and sit patiently in line, waiting my turn to launch. What is galling is to have a commercial crawfisherman come shooting up over the levee going the wrong way (enter on the exit side) because the entrance roadway is backed up...then pull ahead of everyone else and even back in front of others who have already begun to launch.

I watch as this commercial crawfisherman backed down the ramp, got out, pulled his boat over onto the side of the ramp then pulled up over the curb and parked directly along side the ramp for easy access to cut in front of others when he returns.

Worse are the commercial crawfishermen who pull up and park in Handicap parking area and even worse yet are the ones that back up their trailer and block the walkway down to the floating dock.

You say that recreational fishermen should go someplace else. I beg to differ. The Bayou Pigeon boat ramp is owned by Iberville Parish; as is the Bayou Sorrel boat ramp that is about to undergo major renovation. Iberville Parish is spending $750,000 to improve the Bayou Sorrel boat ramp. Tax money pays for it all; from Parish, State, Federal, Atchafalaya Basin and LDWF funds.

The true reality is that continued abuse and misuse of our PUBLIC boat ramps will likely lead to restrictions and regulations...because a few can't seem to realize that this is a PUBLIC boat ramp.

On any given morning, the scenario that I've outlined above is repeated over and over and over. Impatient commercial crawfishermen intentionally run rough-shod over recreational fishermen then throw their trash in HUGE piles on the bank.

I'm hoping that the Iberville Parish Sheriff Departmetnt begins writing tickets for entering through the Exit the wrong way, cutting in front of others who are waiting in line, parking in Handicap parking, blocking the walkway and parking along side the concrete boat ramp. Maybe this will send the right message to those that abuse our PUBLIC boat ramps.
My brother once told me he liked to watch cartoons on Saturday morning now instead he goes to the boat ramp. I think there should be two boat ramps one for the I have nothing else to do today but go fishing and one for the ones who have there boat ready to launch and are probably from the area and know exactly where there headed and what they are going to do. P.S. some of these people are recreational fishermen that know what to do at the launch.
sparky - Ever hear of the word 'sarcasm'? You seem to think that the recreational people should bow down and alter their plans to accommodate the commercial guy solely because he makes his living in the swamp. You act like commercial guys are above being courteous and patient so please, go right ahead, do whatever you want to.
As for representing my profession? I think I am doing a fine job of representing. I am taking up issue with the few people that think they are above rules and laws and have no respect for the general public. The one who is not representing his profession well is you.
If I fish on Saturday or Sunday, I do not go to the Pigeon Landing because of all of the problems but I do not ask everyone to go elsewhere simply because it will make my life easier.
Maybe you can tell us who your friend is that owns both Pigeon and Sorrel Landings, I would love to know who he is.
Hey guys:
I've been following this thread for a few days and figured it's time to put my 'two cents' in.
I'm turning 62 in a couple of weeks and I guess in my old age, I've decided to just slow down a little. I've rushed all my life and it's usually caused more harm than good, now that I look back on it. Now, I choose not to run my boat at full throttle but back it down 500-600 rpms and just enjoy the ride and the scenery. I get to see that big gator on the bank or the eagle in the top of a tree and even that partially submerged stump that I might have hit if I were going faster. After all, I'm out there to enjoy myself. It's not a job or a race. It's supposed to be fun and relaxing.
I've never commercial fished, but have family and friends that do. I realize that is their living and that time really is money for them. It's hard work and I appreciate that. That being said, there's no excuse to be rude to anyone. There's always 'one' in every group so just live with it. For the most part, these guys and gals are hard working and hard playing people with families to support. Away from the landing they are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet and will do most anything to help someone out and are generous to a fault. If you're really in trouble on the water, they will be one of the first ones to stop and help also. As an added benefit, if you take time to talk to them, you might just find out where they're biting today.
As a side note, YouTube is chock full of things not to do a landings. Some are hilarious (to us, not the owner) and some are downright dangerous. But we could all learn something from watching them. In fact, when I bought my boat in 2011, I took the Safe Boating Course as a refresher since I sold my last one after Andrew. Come to find out, I wasn't as smart as I thought I was. Maybe EVERYONE should take it. Education is the key to any success.
Slowing down at launch time might just keep you out of trouble later on. Like making sure the plug is in and that all the batteries are hot, etc. What's another 10 minutes? You're not punching a time clock!
So if someone (anyone) cuts the line, just relax and watch. Chances are if they are in that much of a hurry, they've forgotten something and you might get a good laugh out of it. And if they're really good at it, you might even learn a few tricks to make it easier to launch and retrieve yours.
Who's fault is it ????????
I think the blame for all this is the LW&F. If they had not dropped the 14' size limit, this thread would likely not be here. Now you have an influx of boaters who couldn't catch 14' fish flooding the landing. It's all the WL&F fault,hehe.
My turn
Although i realize that the commercial fishermen have to make a living. If i see anyone's vehicle parked in a handicapped space w/o the proper tag or plate. I won't call Iberville Sheriffs office. (They won't cite their own) I will call state police and get them to write the citation. 1st one is $250 fine and it goes up from there.
This goes for boat landings ,grocery stores , the mall etc.
Well my first reaction to what you have said so far is simply wow. Like the op has stated numerous times.....its a PUBLIC boat launch. Its NOT a launch for commercial fishermen first and recreational second. If YOU have a problem waiting in line like everyone else who has common courtesy maybe you should go to the launch down the road. People with attitudes like yours are the reason EVERYONE from pigeon and sorrel get stereotyped. Goggle eye i will say this about the trash problem. They need multiple dumpsters there instead of a few trash cans but thats still no excuse to litter. Sparky keeps saying the facts blah blah blah. The fact here is you think because your a local commercial fisherman you should have special rights that recreational boaters dont. You want to launch and not wait go build your own launch or use a private one. But as long as you use the PUBLIC launch follow the rules and stop acting like your above everyone else.
'The Balance of Appreciation'
'Never Give a Chimpanzee a String of Pearls'

(go figger)
It seems as though we are going to need the national guard out at the Pigeon Boat landing according to Goggleye King....My whole point to you sir was that, I was merely trying to tell you, JB, and Mike...before you rudely attacked the entire commercial fishing community, was to watch what you say and how you say it to others...that was all....No, but instead you used the ploy of the recreational fisherman and the fact that it's your boat landing to use also....Keep in mind gentleman it is how you stated a PUBLIC BOAT LAUNCH....I don't ever hear any of you complain about the nasty piss smell in Interstate Rest stop Bathroom facilities do we ?? Along with a place being for public use comes the fallout...We all know what this is now don't we ?? Because Goggleye King is butthurt over being cut in front of a 50+ yr old man is gonna go wah,wah,wah all the way people are amazing , have a great day !!!
Immaturity on Display
Ever notice when someone cannot engage others without expressing themselves with immature displays...

National Guard? No. Someone to enforce PUBLIC use of a PUBLIC boat launch...YES.

Unfortunately, no amount of rational exchange of ideas, conversation or the rule of law will make a difference for the chosen few that 'decide' this world only exists for them.

Good fishing and best of luck...but horrible attitudes expressed towards others will solve nothing.
Tisk Tisk
Sparky.....You just summed up the character of every 'professional' crawfishermen i have come into contact with out there. I am glad the true colors are flying about this launch, and most of the people in this 'job field'.

I have never met a group of people that are so oblivious to other sportsman in my life. Ya'll own the land, the launch, every slough, and the crawfish. The few times i have went out there, i had issues all day. I was accused/asked if i was cutting lines, checking traps, stealing bait, and fishing too close to other traps. All i can say about the people i have met out there is trashy. Bottom of the barrel. I have no business going back out there. The last time i went, punches were thrown over set nets. Not by our boat, but between a local and another.. Absolutely ridiculous.

Do not believe you are 'entitled' to any benefits out there. Since when dose being a crawfisherman make the world bow to you or attain respect?

'''Your bitching will do you no good, you should take time to explain to your kids why that jerk is cutting you off at the landing ! It's not about how much money you put into my community, it's about how much money I put into my pocket and you don't do that !!''''

What would you like me to tell my kids?

He is a crawfisherman son. We let him launch whenever he feels like it because he has to go to work. The 5 minutes we would have taken to launch could be the difference in life or death for his family.


That is what happens if you do not go to College...You turn into an insolent crawfisherman who obtains no respect for others.


If someone takes more time than you see fit, you can always jump ahead of him.

What genuine sportsmen your children will grow up to be.....
Easy Ricky Boy !!!
Don't be Superman for the rest of the world....Obviously you were doing something wrong if you were being accused of all those things that much !! You like everyone else on here are very quick to judge....bash the commercial fisherman because alllll of us are poor un-educated trash and you guys are rich !!! Typical of what I see so far !!! I clearly stated my intentions toward Goggleye King, open your eyes and see the hate you're spewing dude......ricky Boy you may need a diaper change young kid....You come here telling me how to raise my kids now....grow up little boy !! I explain to my kids about how the world should be and how they're people in this world that expect to have things their way and how you should make your own way and respect others along the way !! If you would read all of my posts, you wouldn't have opened your mouth to begin with Ricky last post along with Goggleye King would have ended this whole deal, but I guess some people cant see the forest because of the trees...! I wont say any more....this will never end because some people have to have their arms/legs, kicking, screaming 3 yr old fit on the floor because their tax dollars aren't being represented properly.....LMAO !! It's been entertaining gentlemen !!
You certainly are the one who started this thread, correct ?? you come on here and bash all crawfisherman because the landing wasn't to your preference and someone cut you off at the boat landing.....Now all commercial fisherman are the same class ?? You need to look in the mirror and see that you don't bas everyone and get away with it....I could care less about what you think of me, my world keeps turning without you or the rest of the conceited sportsman (if the shoe fits) regardless ! No need to get butthurt over what I said because it was the truth and facts about what happens there at that landing....I've been fishing there at that landing for over 30 yrs and it's the same old song and dance every year with the recreational matter how much police presence their is they will conduct traffic as always half for commercial fisherman, half for recreational fisherman....not a damn thing you can do about in the meanwhile stop insulting people with your insults and deal with it....I said nothing insulting to LDWF/SHERRIFF for inspections.....writing tickets for throwing trash in the trash ben....insulting people because of sir need to look in the mirror and see/listen for yourself with your own 2 eyes what you are saying !!! I can on the other hand be insulting if you would like but that's rather childish don't ya think....oh wait you beat me to it !!! You have a great day and life and by the way.....5' over pool you couldn't dynamite those fish.....You need to wait a bit !!
I don't care who you are commercial, recreational or whatever, if you cut in front of me without my permission, we're going to have a problem. Gas pump, convenience store, grocery store, or boat launch, we're going to have a problem. That's just being a jerk. The only reason people like that get away with it is because other people let them.
Boxing ring ?
When I was a kid 25 -30 yrs ago we would put in at a launch next to a bar with a nice outdoor boxing ring right next to the launch too . It was around the spillway or Verret somewhere .

I can't remember what launch that was but I used to always wonder why in the world that boxing ring was next to the launch like that . Now I know !!
Sparky I speak for Myself too
Hey Sparky,

I speak for myself too, I bet if you cut in front of me and ran off at the mouth like your doing on this website,

I would say a word to you, I would just get out of my truck and slap the SHIZNIT out of you in front of everyone at that launch.

Then I would gladly stand there and smile while being handcuffed .

Then I couldnt wait to get back on Louisiana sportsman and tell everyone you got your wig busted for running your mouth.

Have a nice day sparky, cant wait to see you at the Pigeon Launch.
I wont preach to you MOMMASBOY...I will tell you this.....Don't ever judge a book by it's cover and you better be able to take as good as you give whether it's physical or with your big mouth ! So this is the kind of person you are ?? Making threats to people on a public forum...You must not be very smart, I think you better stick to being an outdoors sportsman MOMMASBOY....just giving you what you give according to your reply !!! I never threatened anyone why am I being threatened, because of the replies I'm giving to the hate that yall are spewing about a trash pile and some rude ass crawfisherman that cut you off in line..... you gentleman don't hurt my feelings in the least bit.....this is the part about being a bully momma and daddy warned you about of being a bully....
Sparky's Intelectual ability

you should think twice, read twice before you pop off.

The man just stated what he saw at the boat launch, and you readily admitted that you didnt care and that you would continue to do that.

So my statement to you, be careful of how you act. Sometimes you will get more than you can chew.

By the way, my momma always told me to handle my business like a man.

So be careful at the launch.

Have a great day sparky.

Sparky. Hmm
More threats ??
HAHAHA....keep showing us how you really are !! My bad I did say I would cut anyone off.....IF THEY WAITED TO GET THEIR BOAT READY WHEN BACKED DOWN RIGHT AT THE LAUNCH !! So now you try and twist what I said and make it seem like I would do this on purpose because you stuck your foot in your mouth....that nasty foot tastes bad huh....You better stick to what you do best and it's not making threats sunshine !!
Buy Tickets now
Get them while there hot
Ticket funds ??
I'm sure with the ticket funds we were to raise if you were to do such a thing at a boat landing, we could pay to get the trash picked up and some Valet parking for you and GoggleEyeKing so you could be convienienced at a public boat launch....! Keep making threats MOMMASBOY....I'm entertained...LOL !!
ooooh i see
So now its a public launch? Didnt you say you know the owner. And that the owner could do what he wanted with it? You stated earlier you could care less about the 'rich people' from baton rouge and only 'cared about putting money in your pocket'. Let me ask you this. If practicing common courtesy and having respect for others isnt something your willing to do. Which you obviously arent because you have already said commercial fishermen have a right to not follow the rules. Then why dont you use the private launch down the road? Then everyone willing to accept the fact that it is a public launch (and sometimes you do have to wait) can use it in peace and not deal with scum bags like you who think they own anything and everything.
Pigeon Landing
I commercial crawfish, hunt, fish and have a camp out of Bayou Pigeon. I don't cut line at the landing and nobodys gonna cut in front of me. I hear all the whining about I'm here everyday, I make my living this way and all the other bull. My answer to my fellow crawfisherman is get your butt out of bed earlier in the morning and beat the traffic. Just like the rest of the working people in the world, if traffic is bad and you are gonna be late for work, you leave EARLY.

Rec. Fisherman and everybody else quit turning your back and grow a set and you can make some people do the right thing. Cause I can tell you I made 5 or 6 last year carry there boats back in line or they launched off the bank. All I can say is cut in line sparky or your buds, try me, I'm there every weekend EARLY.
Bayou Pigeon Boat Ramp Trash
I spoke with Iberville Parish about Bayou Pigeon boat ramp and all the trash. They told me that it is a REAL problem to them and they regulary have to pick up dumped trash/etc that fills a huge trash bin with all the garbage dumped by disrespectful commercial crawfishermen. This costs the Parish $$$$$$$$ to clean up behind one group who runs rough-shod over all others.

As far as the incidents at the boat ramp, the Parish is aware of the situation and may increase patrols at both PUBLIC boat ramps. It was not news to them of commercial crawfishermen cutting into line, parking in Handicap parking areas or just parking whereever they choose including on the embankment along side the boat ramp and also blocking with walkway.

I hope and trust that increased patrols will result in tickets with appropriate fines that just may improve otherwise brash behavior by a few who look at PUBLIC boat ramps as their very own.

Good luck and good fishing.
Keeps getting better and better !!
First let me say Capt.Ron you're right I was wrong....don't happen often that I am wrong, guess I should practice my own medicine !! Second, JCat you think you can make people do what you obviously have never run across the wrong person before to be spouting off like that...keep up the empty threats guys you show others how great of a person you are....I promise the only way you make any individual...including me..... do anything you want is by force......that's not a good road to travel down with some individuals !!! And last but not least GoggleEyeKing glad you called the parish, they will show you just how much they will care...Look at how often they pick up trash at the landing !!! They have some rough tough unique individuals on here to threaten someone they have never run across before !!!
Sparky trust me I am not spouting out idol threats, They are not threats at all, yet words of wisdom. Sparky I can tell you now, I fear no one when it comes to standing up for what is right. I have stared down the barrel of a big LONG revolver and boy did it make me mad. I am still looking to run into him at the landing. I know many people from Pigeon/Sorrel area some very good people that would not treat people wrong or trash the landing. I burn my pile of trash on spoil banks when it dries.

Good luck with the Sheriff's office! They are good people that look out for there people. They might surprise me but more than likely just get some warnings out of it.

Sparky chill! If nobody get out of line and everyone acts like grow men, everything will be fine. Others out there have your boats ready to go and stand up for what you think is right. I get mad to when I get there late and people are cutting in but I get just as mad at the people letting them.
Chill is correct !!
I'm glad you finally realized what I've been saying all along......I did say I would cut in line if it came down to waiting on a guy who pulled up at the landing un-prepared and you JCat finally realized 1 of 2 things !! The first and most obvious is I would stand up for what is right, but I wont be bashed by anyone because I am commercial fisherman !! All of the violent threats towards me from others because I believe in standing up for myself and some other good people !! I will tell you now I don't take kindly to the threats and would defend myself if need be, but don't openly make empty threats because I got butthurt about a stupid boat landing !! I hope you do meet the punk that stuck the barrel in your face, I would pay to see the fallout myself !! I know a bunch of good folks there too and the ones I do know wouldn't trash the landing because they feel the same way as you and others....what a lot of the outside crowd doesn't realize, that boat landing gets traffic from many, many, other areas and those individuals do not care if they trash the place up !! We've probably run across one another at the landing before and just don't realize it...thanks for realizing what I've been trying to say all along JCat...some people just cant look past themselves and smell the point...have a good one and we may meet one day...I'm all good..
Sounds like a crawfisherman, crawfishing to me.
commercial fisherman
How many commercial fishermen does it take to screw in a light bulb?...............One..............He holds the bulb still and expects the whole world to revolve around him.
Posts are evidence of tension at our PUBLIC boat ramps
Guys...I made my original post to point out problems as I saw them first hand at the Bayou Pigeon PUBLIC boat ramp. My post is my own opinion of what I observed. Since my original post, numerous comments have been made...some in agreement; some egregious. Even the comments are evidence of the tension that exists at our PUBLIC boat ramps.

As Sportsmen, THIS is a problem. Life itself is difficult without making it difficult upon ourselves as outdoorsmen/commercial fishermen. If this continues to escalate because of the actions of a few then what will we be left with? Anarchy? Fisticuffs at sunrise? Makes one wonder why a chosen few can spoil an otherwise enjoyable outing into our cherished Atchafalaya Basin.

What will it take? Who will shoulder their share of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY? Or will it continue to deteriorate until the 'Gets Mines' take over completely?

If you enjoy the FREE use of our PUBLIC boat ramps then you have the responsibility to be courteous to fellow sportsmen, observe posted Handicap parking areas and park where you're supposed to park. Be sportsmen, be men, REAL men and leave the chip on your shoulder at home.

Good fishing and Good Luck!
Culture Clash
I've got to find out where this launch is. Sounds like it would be more fun than going to Wal-Mart after the first of the month.
fishes - if you have never been to the Pigeon launch on a Saturday, when the fish are biting, you really do owe it to yourself to go. Don't bring your boat, just your truck and an ice chest full of your preffered beverages. No better entertainment out there....
SPARKY's New Glasses or Contacts
Well first, Im glad others are paying attention to the orginal post.

THE MAN SIMPLY STATED WHAT HE SAW. Unless Im wrong, and please anyone tell me Im wrong, the man DID NOT attack nor point the finger at anyone. He simply made an observation and gave a description of a particular person.

Now, obviously SPARKY'S prescription glasses are expired or no longer affective, because he does not see from all the post, that no one agrees with him and his behavior is compelling evidence as to the type of outdoor sportsman and business man he is.


Forget People of Walmart, Lets watch PIGEON SPARKS
What about us that are in the line, that are ready to launch without messing around? There are plenty of people that can launch quick, but have to wait behind those people too. We do that because it's the right thing to do. Should I cut in front of them too? If you have ever driven in Baton Rouge,or Lafayette, or New Orleans, you will understand that there are people that cause 45 minute delay in me getting to work. Should I cut in front of them? You know I'd like to side with you but I just can't seem to find the reasoning. If I don't want to be late and hit traffic, I leave early.
blocking the launch
What is your (commercial fishermen) excuses for pulling your boats up on the middle of the launch blocking everyone and talking with one another while people are trying to put their boats back on the trailer.

I have tried to be nice and ask people to move to the side only to be given evil stares and completely ignored.
I have met several friendly commercial fishermen; however I have met just as many if not more real high and mighty jerks.

I have been in situations where my truck was in reverse and backing down the ramp and some knuckled in a commercial boat zooms over the levee not knowing if someone is walking in their path whips his boat around and cuts me off.

Their are children and wives out there are and I'm sure you would have a real problem if someone did it to you.

Putting someone in danger is not worth the few dollars that goes in your pockets. I can tell you that if because of you arrogance you damage my property or injure my loved one I would own everything you have.

It's bad enough that half of the commercial boat trailers I see out there do not have any lights of any sort and you are driving these around before daylight where anyone else would be pulled over and given a citation. This in itself is dangerous and puts lives at risk.
Louisana Swamper
Leave early as a lot of us do. Don't stop the store and drink coffee all morning. It makes all us fishermen look bad when yall come across the levee the wrong way and cut everyone off. I am at my traps just before day light. Plus, you beat the heat a little.
once again
Louisianaswamper ill tell you the same thing i told sparky. It is a PUBLIC boat launch. If you dont like waiting in line either get there sooner or go use the private launch down the road. But this whole logic of 'i shouldnt have to wait 30-45 mins on recreational fisherman ' argument is the most arrogant disrespectful thing ive heard. I dont care if your the parish wait to launch out of respect for other people. Once again if you dont want to wait to launch GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IT IS A PUBLIC LAUNCH!
louisianaswamper 'Late for Work' & Handicap Parking
'Late for Work' in your opinion, because someone else has gotten to the boat launch ahead of you and there is a line, because you're a commercial fisherman then you are entitled to cut ahead of everyone else because you may be 'Late for Work'??? With logic like that, I guess that Red Lights and Stop Signs don't apply either. How about School Zones? Would you share your same disapproval of the School Crossing Guard for making you stop to let kids walk across the street? And while you're at it, why not just drive 95 MPH everywhere you go so you're not 'Late for Work'. Your theory that you are entitled to run rough-shod over everyone else at a PUBLIC boat ramp is seriously flawed...and therein lies the real problem isn't it.

And as for your comment about those trucks parked in the Handicap Parking, they do not have Handicap Tags or Handicap Parking Permits either. Tell me how out of 30 or so parked vehicles that the dozen or so parked closest to the walkway were ALL authorized to park in Handicap Parking. Explain why I saw with my own eyes a commercial crawfisherman park his truck and trailer in the Handicap Parking. Explain to all of us why there were no Handicap Tags or Handicap Parking Permits displayed.

I will readily admit that I do not know if ALL of the trucks parked in Handicap Parking were commercial fishermen or recreational fishermen, but I can report what I saw.

The real rub here is that a chosen few (commercial AND recreational) are causing problems at our PUBLIC boat ramps. Discourteous and aggressive behavior is unwarranted and can only lead to unfortunate incidences that have absolutely nothing to do with commercial or recreational fishing. Both commercial and recreational fishermen lose when the actions of a few take away from enjoying our Sportsman's Paradise. Then where does that get us? Think about it.
Yes, I think everyone should be experienced in the whole 'boat launch' process. Have everything unhooked, etc, and ready to go. But it can't always work perfectly everytime. Now having said that, it's very apparent that these 'Crawfishermen' haven't cut in front of the right person yet. Perhaps when they are jerked out of their truck and choked, they will see the light.
go figure
Goggleye heres one for you. Just talked to my uncle. He is a disabled vietnam veteran and has trouble walking. He NEEDS to be able to park in handicaped spot. He went fishing last week and launched at bayou pigeon. Guess where he had to park? On the levee side about 75 yards down. He then told me out of all the vehicles in those spots one had a handicapped plate/tag. And THAT is just one example of how these losers mess people over.
1 trip back on here and I remember really quick why I don't come on here much any more. In fact why I avoid popular areas all together Jeez give me the 60,s again.
As I said......Typical !!!
Been sitting back keeping quiet !!! There are a ton of whiners and tough guys out there and just plain ole trouble makin wind bags......I see every time you recreational fisherman see something you don't like out in public, you whine and cry about it until you get the whole world on your side !! When you finally get things the way you want it, 15-20 yrs later you are bored with the change that you whined about in the first place !! Does the restocking of the Basin and surrounding areas with a non native species of bass remind you of anything !! Yall keep complaining and you'll have to have a paid membership to launch at that landing !! And to the guys just joining the thread read all of it before you state your opinions.......Back to the sidelines, CYA !!!
ole sparky
The sad thing about this is if it werent for people like you no one would complain. We follow the rules you just try to make them up as you go along. One day your arrogant ways will get you in a real bad spot and i for one will sit back and laugh. How many times do i have to tell you buddy if you cant follow the rules then dont use the launch.
Survey says....
Here's the tally...there have been 60 comments thus far. Of those, only 57 are showing...meaning at least 3 of these have been deleted by the Louisiana Sportsman's editor and having to place the following note on this post:

Stop with the profanity
Profanity is against the rules here. Masked, miss spelled or otherwise. I will no longer politely edit post in this thread that contain profanity. ALL post with profanity will be deleted.

Of the 57 remaining comments, there is but one single commercial fisherman actually posting in favor of the abusive behavior at the Bayou Sorrel boat ramp.

Fellow sportsmen, commercial and all of this really necessary for a PUBLIC boat launch? If a single group needs special accommodations (besides the truly Handicap) and cannot be bothered with general public...then perhaps commercial fishermen should get themselves a co-op to generate your own funds to build a 'commercial only' boat ramp. Until that day comes, get in line like the rest of us, wait your turn and learn to 'park' same as anyone else.

Meanwhile, just let the rest of us tax-paying recreational fishermen go about our business of enjoying our tremendous natural resources in the Atchafalaya Basin.

Good Luck and Good Fishing
You must be illiterate or just plain STUPID !!
Once again you totally take what I said and twist it to plead your case !! Go back and read what I said in my first post !! I clearly stated that I wouldn't wait in line for someone to rig their boat AT THE LAUNCH your eyes you old crybaby and stop stirring hate and discontent !! You ask people to re-read the moderator's post about this, but you say nothing about all of the threats of physical beatings from people on here, what's the deal with that ? Guess I deserve a beating for saying what's on my mind ? I got news for all of you self righteous egotistical yoyo's, you will never lay a hand on me.....won't even get the chance !! Where is that ban hammer at Mr. Moderator, you people bash me for speaking my mind and get your feelings hurt when I say what's on my mind, then you want to physically harm people because you may get cut in front of at a boat landing......WIND BAGS....It makes me mad as ever to get cut in front of too, but I show up early with the smart people. This is not new news about this boat landing, it's been going on for a very long time guess all the new comer weenies have to have something to complain about......Do some of you ever listen to Walton and Johnson, they have a phrase about how people are becoming in America about the opposite meaning of the word being tough, cant say profanity on here may get banned, but use your imagination.....Have a Great day each and every one of you !!!
sparky - you have mentioned numerous times about the threats and name calling against you. Have you read your own posts??????? You have called people more names than everyone combined has called YOU! And just so you know, when you cut in front of that 1 person getting their boat ready on the ramp, you are also cutting in front of everyone waiting BEHIND THAT PERSON!!!! Just because 1 person doesn't know proper etiquette does not mean you can screw over everyone behind that 1 person.
keep stirring
Sparky's just stirring the pot. We can just add him to list of pot stirrers. Not cooks. Pot stirrers.
JB you're wrong friend !!!! Go back and read the posts I made.....I don't give a rats behind about name calling....if you cant take some name calling you don't need to be in the fight....I see a lot of you wear your feelings on your shirt sleeve...However I will not take the threats at all and if the Moderators don't dish out some punishment for this then they re just as wrong as the threat makers too !!! How do you call me stirring the pot when I'm trying to defend get on here and bash me I wont take sit and take it, so sounds to me you have issues....JB read the title to my last post, it fits you well I normally wont cut in front of anyone, but if a guy in front of me was dragging his tail, how does that put me cutting in front of stuck your foot in your mouth and I hope it tastes real good. I wont cut 20 people off, that's a pretty crappy thing to do. but as usual just like I've been trying to say the whole time this nonsense has been going on, you Recreational fisherman don't.....lemme say it again......DON'T.....have the knowledge or the etiquette to conduct yourselves properly at a boat're still turning and twisting my words way out of line to make me be the bad guy......JB, if you're a cop you sure don't have any investigating skills....keep up with the threats it just keeps getting better and better......everyone has a right to there own opinion, that's just what I gave and I'm getting bashed and threatened for it !!!
Simple as ABC, 123
I didnt notice any threats. Not directed at you personally at least. I think some were just saying what they would do if this 'scenario' happen to them. I think if they met your step son, they would change their mind???? Big ol boy..

As far as your argument, 'everyone has a right to an opinion/this is a public forum.'

You are absolutely 100% correct on those assumptions, however, everyone else has these same privileges. Which everyone on this site that gets ''''butt hurt,'''' seems to forget. Then they start sending emails and begging mods to do something about it. Stupid is as stupid dose.

Very. Simple. Concept.

You gave your opinion, and many gave you theirs.

You walked/ran yourself off a cliff when you made your first comment on this thread.

This was a thread about the misuse, abuse, trashing, and examples of disrespect that are present at this launch.

You basically plowed in and stated why it is 'okay' to do what the OP and other readers were so passionately against.


You are a gazelle. Doing your gazelle thing, running and frolicking in the grass (surfing the LASM site) . You see a water hole (this thread), and your thirsty, but you also see a pride of lions(the comments/other readers on this thread) at the same water hole. You think to yourself, 'hey it's a public waterhole, i can do what i want.' You make your way to the hole and begin to drink (make a controversial comment).
Then you get eaten.(butt hurt)

You should have known this was going to blow up. Very simple.
How did I miss this thread? Golden I tell ya!
it sure has been a barn burner! if i had never met a commercial fisherman before i would think they were bad people from reading this post.
rice n gravy
I started the comments with my original post. The reactions have been varied; some reporting what they're seen or experiences; some ranting and raving and just wanting to argue. The Bottom Line here is that our PUBLIC boat launch at Bayou Pigeon is not PUBLIC in some people's seems to be theirs to misuse, abuse and trash in any way they see fit.

In my posts, I referenced commercial fishermen because that is what I witnessed in person. I'm sure that there are recreational fishermen who dilly-dally around at the boat ramp that provoke the commercial fishermen (and others)...but the real tragedy here is that some people feel entitled to run rough-shod over others at a PUBLIC boat ramp.

Sad...truly just sad.
Comment removed
I commented on this and it disappeared. It didn't have any vulgarity in it. Don't know what happened to it so here goes AGAIN...
I believe we as commercial fisherman (I also hold a commercial license along with a charter license) should be held to a higher standard than the 'weekend warriors.' We should be setting an example for others out there.
Not everyone had fathers, grandfathers, uncles, etc. to teach them about boats. Some people had to work their ass off to save up to buy their boat. They are entitled to use the launch just the same as everyone else. Sometimes they may need some help and be taught 'boat launch ettiquite.' Remember we were ALL ignorant at one point. Someone had to teach us to have all of our stuff together before we get to the ramp.
Instead of yelling (believe me I've done my share) or cutting in front of people, take 2 minutes and offer some help. Explain to them the importance of being ready by the time you hit the ramp. If they're by themselves offer to he their boat. Who knows.... Maybe that person may see you if you were in trouble and lend a hand. Think they would if you cut in front of them and yelled at them?
Also from helping people at the launch I've made shrimp sales not to mention one gentleman, whom I gave my card to after helping him get on his trailer, called me a week later to book a trip with me. 'Do unto others' and Karma really do go a long way.
Again we should be setting an example for others out on the water and at the launch instead of bashing them. Remember without them we would have no business.
Admin here is very biased !!!
I never used any profanity in my last post why would you delete it ?? The last post was no worse than any of my other posts !!!can't say tail end??? that's profanity ??? keep on whining like babies guys it suits I said in the beginning, stop in front of me at the launch and prepare your boat in the middle of the launch, I will cut in front of you and launch my boat, if you feel you want to physically harm me because I cut you off, then you deal with the consequences !!
Both post that were deleted were deleted by me. Both post had profanity. Both post were in violation of the Louisiana Sportsman forum terms of service.

I posted a reply to the original post that all new comments with profanity would be deleted.

Remember all profanity even masked by abbreviations and special characters is against the rules.

Follow the rules and your post will not be deleted or edited. Really pretty simple.
you're blind !!
There was no profanity in either post that you deleted !! I see you must need glasses !!
All I know is that Sparky has me so scared at this point that I'm going to my doomsday shelter for a couple of weeks. Anybody know where I can get some MREs?
Scared ????
Don't be scare of me, you have nothing to fear.......Be scared of yourself, that's the one you need to be scared of !!!
Why was my first post deleted? There was no profanity in it at all?
Both post had profanity. Remember ALL profanity! One of the post had a common abbreviation used on messageboards. But think about what the letters stand for. Abbreviated profanity, no matter how common, is against the rules.
Mike shoot me an email. My post had NO profanity in it.