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Bayou Black / Orange Grove

Went to Orange Grove Friday. Water was not clear, no other boats, they must not be on yet. Did not get a bite.
Wrong Place
You should have gone to 70mile canal
70 Mile Canal
Not sure where its at but I will find out. Thanks
A bunch of fish have spawned allready in the clear water canals in that area. We were catching fish heavy with eggs on the bank and
then the next week in the same canals they
were spawned out....
When you get a full moon in the last weeks of January and the weather is mild this happens in the marsh. Try throwing topwaters, watermelon red flukes and bubble gum and yellow floating worms in the clear water and you will catch the post spawners that are guarding beds.
There will be some more fish spawning with the next full moon..
I do run fresh water trips for bass and sacalait in that area.
Capt. Anthony
Here you go
here you go buddy
70 mlie?
did you mean coppersaw? thats not 70 mile where that pin is placed. just tryn to help you out thats all.
Wrong canal
yea i got lost for a sec that is the copasaw 70 mile is before the copasaw
70 mile canal!
if you launch at bobs bayou black marina and go down itw toward houma, just pass mile marker 70 the next canal to the right!! i guess thats why they call it the 70 mile canal??