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Our Right to fish Red snapper is slowly being taken away by the very people that are destroying it.

This is the man Resposable for the Red Snapper Distruction.

Dr. Roy Crabtree head of the National Marine Fisheries Service NOAA

Dr. Crabtree,
It is Hypocrites such as yourself that are destroying this great country. You are telling us the Red Snapper are endangered on one hand and then blowing them up on the other, what the heck is that. I commend the person for getting this video out to the public to expose the blatant hypocrisy that is taking place.
Not only are you allowing the killing of thousands of pounds of Red Snapper; not to mention countless other species but your killing the habitat in which they flourish.
And to top it off we have a Governor that is taking the money from the Louisiana Rigs to Reef program to use as he pleases. It all makes me sick. What a bunch of jerks. God help the generations to come if this is the government that they will be facing.
This is a letter that I sent to our governor Bobby Jindel.
To; Governor Jindel
This video made me sick to my stomach; I canít believe what I just saw.
This was reported and aired on channel 15 out of Mobile Ala. You can go to their website at or see it at the 2 links below.
What is wrong with this picture the Feds want the recreational fisherman to have a 27 day season 2 per person limit on Red Snapper but they are destroying the red snapper habitat and thousands of pounds in the process. And Governor you are using the funds from the oil companies for the Rigs to Reef Program to do as you wish. This is ludicrous such hypocrisy, what a surprise. As a local New Orleanian and a very avid offshore fisherman for the last fifty years I am watching my rights to fish being slowly taken away by the very people that are destroying it, what a shame.
I would normally go offshore fishing 2 to 3 times per month and spend a few hundred dollars each trip (gas, bait, Ice, launch, Tackle etc.) this is money out of the economyís pocket. With the Federal Government continuing to reduce the limits and the length of the season, Iíve cut my fishing offshore 2 to 4 times per year. I would see boats from other states coming to spend their money and fish our waters all the time, not any more. It use to be you couldnít find a rig to pull up too because of so many boats and people fishing, now you will not be able to find a rig or the fish. If you want to keep this trend going keep doing what youíre doing.
I have 2 young kids who love to fish but by the time they are my age there will be no more habitat for the Red Snapper to reproduce and flourish not to mention all the other species. Louisiana has such great fishing resources that attract fisherman from all over the country we could be utilizing it with great success but instead we are destroying it. When most of the habitat is gone and the Government has the limits to zero with no open season, our kids will be asking why we canít fish for snapper. We will then be asking our public officials for the answer and they will be lying to us telling us that we had been over fishing them. What a joke.
I am asking for your help. To stop robbing the Louisiana Rigs to Reef funds, to stop the way in which the Feds are killing thousands of pounds of red snapper and destroying their habitat. You are in a position where you can make a difference. You have to do something to stop the bureaucrats that think they are protecting the recourses for me and my children when they themselves are destroying it. HELP! This must stop!

Very pissed off.
ksoulant1, you sure told the governor and crabtree!! do you think the governor will even see your letter or will one of his aides read it and throw it away??? hope the governor reads it and wakes him up!!! the governor probably dont even know thats going on???
2 pennies
Crabtree don't care! Don't encourge Crabtree to keep doing what they are doing if this is what they want because it IS exactly what they want.

Oh, and according to them you are fishing way more now than you use to. Yes that is right they are using numbers that say you are fishing more now to justify their ESTIMATES of how many fish we are catching!

Makes no sense unless you realize they don't want you to fish so they can sale more interest to big commercial fishing fleets down the road.
Do they care?
A couple of years ago I attended and commented at Gulf Council meetings before they changed the limit from four fish to two fish.

The council could have cared less what was said at the meetings. They showed complete lack of interest.

It is disheartening to travel 60 miles by boat (we fish out of Burns Point) and fish for 30 minutes and are limited out on two fish.

The short season is ridiculous. One or two weekends of bad weather, you have no time to fish.

Join the Fishing Rights Alliance, write your representatives, attend council meetings, and keep on fishing.
I agree
I agree that we are fighting a losing battle but next time you send a letter, please have someone proofread it for you.
Band together
We need to stay focused on what is important, preserving our fishing rights and heritage.

When writing to our representatives, public officials, or the news media it is important to clearly and concisely voice our message. Take the high road and be polite. Of course this does not mean we cannot be unyielding about our position.

Keep the message a reasonable length. Grammar, punctuation, and syntax do matter, but the most important thing is to write and to be involved.
Two hands working against each other
On the one hand the NMFS doesn't want you to kill any snapper but begrudgingly let you keep 7 I mean 4 I mean 2 or is it 1 this year?

On the other hand the Federal government requiring this almost every day!
No point here...
I agree with motorboat, please proofread what you send, you only make yourself sound ignorant.

On the other hand, I applaud you for taking the time to express how you feel to our elected government officials. I am a very avid offshore fisherman and Iíll go snapper fishing any day of the week over fishing for reds or specks. I also agree that these season dates and limits are by far outrageous and Iíve jumped in the water quite a few times and it is unreal how many snapper are on our rigs. I guess the point of this is, it is our right and privilege to say what we want and how we feel, just be smart about what you say cause calling someone a 'jerk' is not getting anything accomplished. Cheers!
He didn't even spell the governor's name correctly. the letters he sent just reek of ignorance and the addressee will quickly dispose of such a letter.
governor jindel?
if the governor did read his letter and really became concerned about what is going on, i very much doubt, that governor jindel(the addressee) would just throw the letter in the trash, because he mispelled his name !!! i dont think he sounds ignorant at all!! sounds like to me he cares and is trying to help!! just my opinion!!!
literally makes me sick what they do
of course
Of course. Only beast would think that letter did not sound ignorant. lol
Its a liability issue, the state doesn't want to mantain it and the oil company sure don't want to mess with it once it becomes unoperational. The first boat that slams into that rig they'll be 10 lawsuits coming from every corner. Sadly, my uncle works for one of the outfits removing these rigs and from the look of things he'll be busy for a very long time.
why do you want to call the man ignorant for trying to help and caring about the problem!!! you are sure sad and condescending!!!! you remind me a lot of this guy who got banned a while back! his name just slips my mine right now bra!! i know yall live in the same town. maybe yall got the same genes and are related or drink out of the same water source??? i would start boiling my water!!!
Beast you're talking about Drew-B, but you know if we fight amongst ourselves they win, instead of fightimg we need to unite and say enough is enough and send all our Senators and Represenatives emails complaining and flood the whitehouse switch board with calls , This will get their attention, as for as Our Boy Bobby he used us to get elected and forgot about us.
i agree with you! but when someone like motorboat(drew-b) places himself above others and calls them ignorant, when they are just trying to help, it just ticks me off to no end!!! bobby, yah is sure disappointing me too!!!
Guys we are going to loose our rights and none of our elected officials give a crap, Beast no matter how we spell it we are going to loose, I have personally emailed Landrieu, Vitter and Cassidy and received no response, so they all used us, and I'am to old to fight the battle by myself, don't forget there is a crucial election coming up, don't elect a Lawyer, nor doctor are carrer politician, vote guns and sportman.
AC I must say that someone must care because the state is extending its control 3 miles to about 10 miles and flipping off the NMFS and implementing its own state limits and season that doesn't follow the draconian measures imposed by the NMFS!
i agree again with you!! the problem is a middle class man cant run for any important political position!! the way it is, only the wealthy can run, thats the problem!!! i only wish all the politicians would be middle class people, that actually understands and cares, what needs to be done to help this country and the people!! silverspoon people aint got a clue!!
Mike I appreciate you bringing these tough issues up on our forum, maybe you should run for one of the upcoming offices, are Beast, I am getting to old to fight the battleand fear for my grandchildrens fishing future, I have fished for 53 years and still enjoy it like it was the first time and hope my great grandchildren will enjoy the privilege
red snapper
the sad part is that if you were in the area being blown up and picked up some of the snapper that were killed you would get a huge ticket for over the limit of snapper.
a.c. man?
just to let you know, i am quiet a bit older than you!!!!
Beast are you having as much fun at being old as me, by the way I'm older than 53 ,my dad was a commercial fisherman and I don't count those years as fishing.
a.c man?
sent you an email. let me know if you got it or not please! having trouble sending emails on this site for some reason???
red snapper
Beast didn't get it, sent you one.
Watch fox 8 news tonight
There is a special on fox 8 tonight at 8pm in this subject