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Home Land Security & 4th amendment

They can take you phone, GPS, Laptop etc. And you have no rights to get it back. 4th amendment free zone. Check this out.

Are we in the USA?

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.

Thomas Jefferson
4th amendment?
homeland security, secret service, fbi, cia, corp of engineers, kkk, black panthers, naacp, aclu, irs, and our own useless government, what is the difference??? congress what a big ole joke, republicans and democrats alike!!! probably will be misunderstood?? just trying to make a point!!! what has happened to us???
They want the ability to check if you are a citizen but they darn sure don't want any of the states doing that! hmmmmm....

Many of you think that the USA is changing. I contend that it has now already changed. I did not grow up in this country, I grew up in the United States of America... not this country we live in now that goes by the same name.
We the people
We did it to ourselves. We vote for the wrong people over and over and over again.
sometimes i think, nomatter who we vote for is the wrong people!! if it would only be possible to get a middleclass person, that really understands what life is about to be president, instead of these silverspoon people that dont have a clue about nothing!!!
votes count?
I use to believe in the system. Now im not so sure of our voting system. This last election sealed the deal with me. I dont think we will ever have another fair election. Media, fraud and plain our right lies. Did I say fraud. :)
this country is so worried about voting fraud in all these other countries, what about our own country??? who counts the votes and who watches the people counting the votes??? where do they count them at, i havent got a clue, do you??? so who do we trust??? who checks on the people checking???
Who is in bed with who
Who is in bed with Obama?
Who laid with G W Bush?
Who is with Rep. Charles B Rangel?

General Electric chief executive, thats who.

Who actually runs this country??

New York Times column about these guys. Looks like a bunch of hijinks to me. It is an older one but still relevant.
lets just face it!!
believe me and you know it, we aint got a clue whats going on in this country with this government!!! whos in bed with who, they all in bed with each other, republicans and democrats alike!!! money, money, money, thats what its all about, not we the people and our freedom and our constitutional rights!! money, money, money, can anyone argue with that??? you got 4 or 5 hundred people making decisions for what, 40, 50, 100 or more million people??? the supreme court, another big joke!!! all these people think they are GOD and we are nothing!! just my opinion!!!
Doesnt matter! If you are right w the Lord,He is coming!! For those of you that are not,I suggest you get right!You will never see another election,America as you knew it is over.They will take your guns along with all your other rights.Youll be lucky if thats all they take!!