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Hog nest with piglets

Some of you may remember my report a few weeks ago, concerning my experience with a hog nest down at the Atchafalaya Delta WMA. That time the mother hog and little ones scattered as I walked up on the huge nest. the little ones came back to within feet of me as they searched for their mother. This nest was about 200 yards from the previous one and looked like many I have seen over the course of this season. This time I was able to take some pictures of what I encountered. Again the mother vacated the nest as she heard me coming. The first picture shown is just how the nest looked. While listening and waiting around to see if the big sow was coming back to present me a shot, I noticed movement in the nest. It took a while, but eventually I see a piglet poke his head out, then a second one. After that, apparently they went to sleep, because there was no more movement for several minutes. I decided to step closer and see if I could rustle them awake. Sure enough, first one, then another popped up and scampered into the tall cut grass. They didn't go far and were grunting constantly. Suddenly I was surprised to see three more come out from within the nest. All five of the piglets were just a few feet away and they apparently had no idea what I was. They stayed for several minutes allowing me to snap a few more pictures before they sauntered away still grunting. I waited over 30 minutes, but the mama hog never showed herself. This was a first for me, as I did not know the piglets burrowed themselves under the nest. I may have passed nests many times that contained little ones and did not realize it. It was a very cool experience.
you are a better man than me....
That's neat Ricky. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed the read and the pictures.
'I know what'ya all think'n'
...I wonder how many of us would have killed them ??? (I for one would have passed)...cheers
Cool stuff
That is really neat stuff right there . Almost like a squirrel nest !

Admiral , ever hear of baby back ribs ??? A couple of those would have come home with me ! Lol
'Sweet Piglets'
...nah Pic,if I was real close to the boat or had a tree too hang him, I would'a have taken just one...if I didn't have the help to share and drag Big Mamma out...had a old guy tell me once 'never kill more weight than 'ya can carry' !!!...cheers
If it were baby nutria would you have shot them? If you shot the momma do u think the piglets would survive? I for one think a nuissance is a nuissance. The younger the better tastin too!!
I've killed and ate many squirrels and not a one had as much meat as those piglets. Yeah I could see them on my pit. Whole. Dripping fat on the coals. Oh yeah!
And as far as nutria go, they are mighty fine table fare too. Smoked, grilled, fried, nutria and andouille gumbo. Just a bigger squirrel without hair on its tail. lol

Good story and pics Mike. Keep em coming.
...I go along w/'ya Pic and Taxi...if I was solo would have come home w/at least far as Mamma it would be great sharing w/2 or 3 other hunters...just seen to many young 'crusader hunters' want to shoot more than they can carry,prep or freeze ???... 'ya all know what I mean !!! cheers
PO' BOYS is what I SEE when I find piglets like this. Eat 'em all.

I'm all in on some whole piglets and agree with the nuisance stance too. The only thing slowing me down in t his situation is the cost/sue of the broadheads. A .22 and rat-a-tat-tat...that size is hard to catch on foot but a blast to chase.
Hunting Ethics!
WOW! An ethical hunter!! I read so few posts from hunters that actually do the 'right thing'. I am happy that you did not shoot their mother. Even 'nuisance' animals deserve to have mother around to take care of them. What a horrible death that would have been for those babies if their mother had been killed! My husband hunts and gets the occasional hog - but he would never kill a mother or her babies!! I, for one, am proud of you!
Why proud he tried to kill the mother???

It is a personel decision. I wouldn't do it but I wouldn't fault anyone that wanted some little pigs for food.
Depends i guess on how many you have on your land. If you are not concerned with the numbers or damage then it's all up to you as to what you want to do. I would have tried to kill mama as well as the babies, both for food and to remove them. but that stems from my own bad experiences with their uncontrollable growth.

BBBUUUTTTTTTT regardless, those are some very cool pics and an awesome experience no matter how you look at it.
They keep their spots/stripes until they are 6 months old.

Most of those would survive without their mom.