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Dulac trout

Managed a nice mess of trout yesterday on live shrimp. Smoked em on some structure in lake pelto
Nice box of trout.
Wife and I went to Delacroix Saturday and managed 2 throwbacks and 1 keeper early in the morning. Actually wife managed the fish, I never got a bite.
Had a hard time giving away the 1 trout at the launch being that no one picking up to leave did anything. One boat came in with a 20 or better pound catfish and he took it.
Glad to see you had some fish in the box. We didn't.
I guess I was the only one able to hold down my bile while typing out a ''Nice catch'' comment.

Oh man
Yep Fish Taxi
That's a productive comment. Don't hate on me because you skunked out and because I have different opinions than the rest of you sheep! lol

Let's get serious for once. Who would you rather fish with? Beast or Me?
To be honest motorboat it looks like that same ole played out box of fish that you showed over the summer , just a different angle . Did you pick up that trick from jls ? Lol

It's still a nice box even in January .
Then who would you rather fish with? JLS, Beast or me? It is actually a different ice chest but the same pier, so I could see how you could think that.
Ummmmmmmm .. It's a toss up ??????????
be honest
are all 3 of you best friends? just about every post i see one of yall coment on the other 2 are right after commenting. btw nice catch i would fish with all three of yall. i bet that would be an interesting conversation in the boat!
None of the Above
That should be an option in the voting booth.
I know not you, Beast nor JLS. I will never put myself in a situation where I cannot walk away. The first thing you learn in prison cannot walk away. A boat out on the water is similar to where you just cannot walk away. The ride back to the launch can seem like a life sentence.
I aint hatin on ya. I have posted many of my ''skunked'' days. Aint jealous nor do I give a pile of guano about you. Did have fun pickin though. So don't go crying in your Frosted Flakes. ;/
I am here because it is fun. Not to be the shepherd of the sheep. So grow up boy! Maturity begins when you're content to feel right about something without feeling the necessity to prove everyone else wrong.

Just picking. ;-)
Hey ricengravy
All of us in a boat together would be a Kodak moment for sure!