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My Biggest Yet!!!

After we got out of school early on the first day ofChristmas break, me and my two buddies went to go fish a local pond we fish all the time. We fished it all day long and due to the terrible weather conditions, we didn't have a bite. They kept saying to go inside to play video games, but I wouldn't let them. They kept saying we weren't going to catch anything, but I kept fishing. Having lost this big fish twice in the same spot in the last week, I fished there. 4:30 came around and this 5 pound 7 ounce bass smashed my KVD 2.5 crankbait. When he got stuck on a weed I had to jump in the water to catch him. I pulled him up on to the bank............and there began the story telling.

This was no doubt the best way to start the Christmas break!
nice job!!
great catch!! yep, if u give up, u wont ever catch a big bass like that!! be proud, your buddies jaws must of hit the ground when they saw that big ole boy???