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come on people

Okay so we know not everyone gets along and that yall have yall diferences, but can yall cut the crap and get back to the outdoors? It's amazing how much bs the actual Louisiana sportsmen on the site have to go thru to read a report without all the nit picking and get actual info.
i read that
I read what he had to say and I sont believe people like that should b allowed on the site but commenting back only fuels his fire. He pretends this is high school still but we all need to just get over this bickering.
No i would not Ignore it, but you've made attempts to contact him personall and he hides behind a computer screen like a coward. Now you should take it to the hands of the administators of this site. He's never going to face you except for on this site because he feels like he has power. Let him has his power trip.
Some of us actually post fishing reports which contain information about weather, tide, and water conditions, generally area fished, and bait used. They sink pretty quick below the silly posts which generate comments.

And I just contributed to the nonsense again.

I have suggested several times in the past that posts which generate comments should not automatically go back to the top. To no avail.

I'll get out of the way now.
Yeh I duck hunted early morning Sunday was very spotty, but I already knew it would be with the weather. Busted out the poles caught a few fish but nothing to brag about. The was all in the shell beach area by the way. Can't wait for some cold weather and fronts!!! Was fishing with artifical by the way.
gi specks and reds!!
GI, i agree 100% with you!! when someone bad mouths a posters wife or family, people should get on them big time with no pity!! SO, WHEN YOU GI, made an uncalled nasty comment about my daughter and grandson, does the same thing apply to you, are is it ok you did that to me???
I hunted the refuge with a muzzleloader last weekend. It was warm and I only saw three does.

Heading out tomorrow again for the rifle lottery this weekend. Hot again,but someone in my group should get a chance.
what has anything u jus posted got 2 do with what u said about my daughter and grandson 2 wrongs dont make a right makes no sense!!! i know u havent thought about this why dont u just man up if possible and say u were absolutly wrong and apoligize, none of your cop out jargon!!! did i ever say anything about your family or anyone elses family!!! NO and never would!!!!
noticed one of the guilty jumped right in claiming justification lol

the standard troll will attack then insult only to cry foul when he finally gets a response to the attack he started or claim justification as his excuse.

nobody cares who insulted who first but a simple look at your post history shows who makes it a regular habit to put down, insult, or attack others.

this thread was started as a simple request to KNOCK OFF THE BS and im sure 98% of those here agree its needed and would like to see it happen.

if you want to attack and insult people then go do it on facebook or twitter, thats what they are good for
r u talking about me sir??
i was refering to G I S & R who has decided to delete all his posts in this thread (or maybe a modderator did it for him)
DJ doesn't know how to fish
Lol I dont even remember how to fish its been a while before I could fish a spot enough times to pattern em.
i dont guess in fact i know he aint not man enuf to admit he was wrong and apoligize, went deeper into hiding!!! thats what he does when there is to much heat on him, takes his football and goes home(lil girl)!!!!! he'll be back later when he thinks everyone has forgot about his dumb self!! go figure!!
I've given up on the reports. They should change the name of the site to
I agree 100% with the OP
who is op???
You're right on target!!!
Yes, you're right on target. There exists an 'element' on Louisiana Sportsman that chooses to snipe at anything posted by others...including insulting someone or their family. I posted a fishing trip with my wife, and one of these fine upstanding citizens chose that opportunity to cast desparaging remarks about my wife.

I tried for two weeks to get the offender to meet me in person...but he chose to hide behind his anonymous computer screen and continue his insulting remarks...even had others of his kind come to his defense. After that, I quit posting for quite a while...its just not worth it to expose one's self and family to insults. The screen name was 'sandman' or something like that...and yes, some of those who still post on here know who I'm talking about...and maybe even 'know' who it is.

Thanks to those like 'sandman' who are destroying this website and open should pat yourself on your own back for the great contributions you make to the human race.