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Been doing a lot of thinking lately about all you guys and how much fun an actual fishing tournament would be. if there is one put on by the sportsman, i am unaware of it.

If i or a volunteer were able and had the time to organize something in the warmer months in grand isle, would anyone be interested in that?

I dont know about prize money and all of that stuff. A lot of details would need to be worked out, but its just a thought.

I chose grand isle because i think that would be the funnest place IMO.

Anybody got any input or ideas to throw around?
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Ricky...if it happens, get in touch...we promoted 4 or 5 small ones w/less than 15 boats(and will never do it again)...all I can do is 'suggest' a few 'ways and means' things for whatever it's worth...cheers to'ya
rules, rules, rules
Just be very specific with rules. You have to cover every aspect of fishing, weighing, time limits, fishing boundaries, launching.

Do not assume any thing.

We put one on through work. Something new comes up every year that we miss.

Its best to put in on a few times with a bunch of friends so you can build your rules and regulations, then you can expand.

Just remember once you start dealing with money you usually have to deal with cheaters. Really nothing you can do but be specific in the rules.
I suggested a tournament for last weekend, but no one could agree on rules. I don't have the time or the patience to set one up for this group. Too many egos here.
I would want it to be a legit thing.

I think it would be fun under the right circumstances and conditions. Pending on how many people like the idea, i may go talk to the Vegas' at Bridgeside and see what they would think about it, and if they would help us out. They have tournaments all the time, so they could suggest some things to make things go smoothly.
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If things start to play out for the better, and all of this has a shot at being reality, ill give yall a shout for some advice.

Anybody else has any input on this?
Sounds good peledet. Im surprised more people are not down for this.

JLS, keakar, tigerdave, rucker, fish taxi, meaux jeaux, beast, fishfearme, dr spot, lordbud (i think we get the picture) one of 897 guides Where yall at???? hahaha
Sorry I thought this tourney was for the loudmouths....wait am I considered one of them????

I'm down for the tourney! With my freedom with work i could help organize it. I would prefer we raise money for a good charity! Also a 'special' prize for some that make this site miserable. Something like ban from posting for a year or fish with JLS for a weekend!

JLS- remember just kidding! When my back is healed I'll show you some spots and no it won't be the aquarium!
motorboat is i think just a lil jello like we use to say at work(jealous)!! just cant do the tourney for personal reasons been tuff the past year medical reasons not me(wish it was) but someone in family sorry!!!
I'm in
I agree, I'd be honored to lose to Rucker :)

It'd be nice if it's on a weekend
not sure
Not too sure how this would work out. Look at the 2 bickering now like catholic schoolgirls who wore the same dress to prom. Imagine them together mixed in with some alcohol!
On second thought sure put me down. This will be better than the daytime soaps!
name some names, what school girls r u talking about please???
Did someone say tourney??????? I'm game for it for sure!!! If ya need help with getting it started let me know. Had one goin for a couple years but only had maybe 7 boats show up so I have up on it. I got ideas for ya if u want
Hope the date doesn't get put as the same date as the Ifa redfish tour tourney. Look foward to this!
Sounds good. I'm in.
Unfortunately, my earlier comment got deleted. Please be careful with who you deal with here, especially if there is money involved.
I'm all for that. Popeye's Chicken is gold.
What do you mean by actual fishing tournament? There is a tournament every weekend in the summer in Cypremort point. Are these not actual tournaments? I know you said Grand Isle, but if tournaments in V Bay turn out lots of boats week in and week out, why can't Grand Isle?