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Dularge Trout Bite On Fire! 11-10-12

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It was nice having David Deshautelle back onboard today. David brought his girlfriend Holly Dauzat to join in on the incredible trout bite we have been having. Our first stop at daylight found the trout in a frenzy chasing shrimp all over the surface. Some of the trout were coming out of the water chasing shrimp. It was on fire every-cast for an hour. Lots of small fish mixed in so we had to weed through them. When the water settled we had 30 fish iced down (caught 75-100 easily). We left these fish biting in search of better fish although my crew was having a blast reeling in all the fish. Our second stop found a slower bite but every fish was solid up to 20 inch's . Patience was key and we filled up the box!! We stopped and scouted a few other areas since it was so early before coming in at noon. High Life Tackle Swimmer Jr's put a big hurt on the fish today along with Matrix Shad Tiger bait under a cork. A very enjoyable day whacking the fish with this couple and I look forward to their return. Thanks again guys.

Capt. Marty LaCoste
On Fire!
A happy fishing couple, I love to see that! That had to be one fun trip! I love to see people get excited about fishing, well catching!

I can't wait to try those Swimmer Jr's!

I heard the 'A' Team Lake Pontartrain Division busted the trout today also.

Capt E
Highlife Tackle Swimmer Jr
HighLife Tackle Swimmer Jrs
Awesome job! After this cold front, it should only get better. I'm already shipping the new Swimmer JRs and Big Eyes all over Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. GET YOU SOME!
Swimmer Jrs
Don't ship them all out, save me some!
New Swimmer Jr's
Capt. Marty,
In top photo with the 5 swimmers, what is the name of the color for the bait on the far left, and the far right? I bought a pack of each color but they didn't have the label with the color. I keep a log of my trips which includes bait and bait color, etc. This helps me to learn what works and what doesn't work.
Thanks for the feedback. I plan on using these when I go out with Capt. Chris Saturday. Looking forward to trying them. I am already impressed with how 'sturdy' or durable they feel. Should be able to use them for a while without having them destroyed by first or second trout. I don't like imitation baits that are found at bargain prices. You get what you pay for.
Purple haze- Left

Bunker- right

I'm with Capt Chris right now. We caught our limit of specks at 9am today while scouting. Dularge is on fire!!!