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Biggest bass ive ever caught

Caught this nice bass that weighd in at about 7.8lbs fishing at a lake behind my friends house. I was fishing with her along with another one of buddies who caught one about the same size no more than 10 minutes before i landed mine.
Congratulations!!!! Going on the wall I presume?
yessir, actually it will probably be finished within the next week.
GI...ary you an undercover PETA agent or something? Don't pay any mind to negative comments buddy...nice fish.
Congrats. Very nice. Bigger than my biggest.
Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I'll bet everyone on here, with the possible exception of GI has fished in a private pond and everyone on here has kept fish either to eat or mount. I know of a few who have kept them that big or bigger and ate them. You didn't put a dent in the population. Again congrats.
Guys, I think there was a little bit of sarcasm meant by GI Specks and Reds' posts. Sounds like he was intentionally throwing out the normal insults used on this site before anyone else could.

Beautiful fish by the way! I know you said you caught it in a pond, and I'm sure you won't say exactly what/where the pond is, but roughly in what area of the state did you catch it & what did you catch it on? The bass in my pond in Livingston Parish have not been biting at all lately.
guys guys??? surprise. surprise!!!
gi specks and reds, guys guess who that is??? do you remember this condesending person, who always knew better, was smarter than everyone and we was stupid and was always negative to everyone?? he also said he would never post or comment on lsm again, i think that was a L--I--E!! think, think, yep thats right, ole DREW-B BACK AGAIN, BUT HE IS TRYING TO HIDE HIS TRUE IDENTITY!!! drew u can try to hide by changing your name, but when u post or comment, its a dead give away!!! welcome back drew-b, we all knew u couldnt stay away, just got to bash people, its just in your jeans!!!
i dont care if u caught it in a toilet, ditch, pond or wherever, it must have been some fun, great fish, be proud!!! what does gispecks and reds mean, dont count for nothing, so stupid??? dont worry about gispecks and reds(ole drew-b), just jealous as heck and condecending and useless as usual!!
gispecks and reds??
please comment and tell us why, u aint drew-b or just stay in hiding and admit u are drew-b!!!! aint this so embarrassing, you being so intelligent, being caught by much less intelligent people, u got to feel ashame!! shame, shame on you!!!
Congrats again
Like has been mentioned, just disregard anything GI is saying. That is an awesome bass and I would not have tossed it back either.

GI is just jealous I guess. Bitter or something!

I have never figured out how when someone is proud of what they have done, and you should be, that some people jump at the opportunity to bash them or tell how superior they are. Crazy world we live in. Congratulations!
gi specks and reds?
its actually, peledet not pledete and he said u are drew-b!! sounds like to me, he is right!!!