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Let's talk a little football. 10 days until Saints training camp opens and I'm so shocked--NOT!---the World champs are still getting no respect or at least not nearly the amount they should. I have not found one publication who says they will repeat. check out this article:
Larry Fitzgerald hopes Brett Favre retires, disses the Saints

July 8, 2010 9:36 AM ET
Count a former Vikings ball boy among the folks who hope that a current Vikings quarterback decides to call it quits before a 20th NFL season.

Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald would prefer to come home on November 7 and face a team without Brett Favre.

'Honestly, if he didn't come back I wouldn't mind,' Fitzgerald said, per Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. 'You look at the NFC right now, you think of the Cowboys, you think of the Green Bay Packers, you think of the Minnesota Vikings. Those are the three juggernauts in our conference and if Brett wasn't back I don't know.'

Um, Larry? How about the team from New Orleans? You know, the one that kicked your team's butt in the playoffs and knocked out that 80-year-old man who used to quarterback the Cardinals?

Meanwhile, Fitzgerald thinks Favre will play. 'He will be there for sure,' Fitzgerald said. 'Who would turn down $13 million? Would you?'

That's a point that previously hasn't been raised this year. Apart from trying to pull a John Elway and leave the game with a Lombardi tucked in the belt of his Wranglers or hoping, Jerry Rice-style, to set the all-time records so high that no one will ever break them, Favre gets $13 million -- $812,500 per game -- to play this year.

So, yeah, he'll play. And he'll get the first crack at the team that Fitzgerald potentially has stirred up by leaving them off the short list of elite teams in the NFC.
After reading your post, I think im gona go re-watch that game!!! Have you ever seen a Saints game where they dominated like when they gave the Cards a good ol fashioned butt whooping!!!! I was so hoarse after that game, and enjoyed every minute of it!!!!
Who dat!!!!!!!!
deer huntin
i left my mid day/afternoon hunt early that day to go watch the saints push warner into of the most exciting games of the season! only thing that sucks is that my buddy's brother killed a nice 9 point out of that stand the next afternoon!!! mabey i shoulda brought a radio.......
good news
The good news is that the Saints have more 3:00pm Sunday games this year, won't mess up my deer huntin' too bad!! I passed on a legal doe last season, cuz I didn't wanna be late to watch the game.
I know what you mean
I have the Blu Ray disc of the highlights of the Super Bowl and recently got the full game package of the Skins game as well as the the Cards, Vikings and the Colts. I have watched the Cards and Vikings game in their entirety recently. Still gives me chills. I didn't realize that we were so close to losing the Vikings game at several points. As to hunting on game day, I am fortunate and close enough to the Delta, to be able to sneak in a quick bowhunt after the 12:00 games before the time changes.