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tim tibow?

tim tibow, fla. gators, hope he gets his teeth knocked out tonite!!! he is a good college quarterback, but will never make it as a quarterback in the pros!!!
Who you pulling for?
Alabama or Texas!
I dont care if Bama is an sec team i just really cant stand them that much
I added the photo to your post. We saw this license plate on a Mini-van while traveling home from Florida New Year's weekend. Maybe it was Tim's ride!

Little Timmy is nothing but a cry baby.

As far as the game tonight, I'll just watch and pull for neither.
I thought I had started a new thread with my post... oh well getting old stinks. haha.

I will be pulling for a never before seen miracle. Both teams lose.

Actually here is how I feel. You try and guess which team I am pulling for.
A. Can't pull for a coach that waits till Christmas morning to announce he is leaving your team for another team.
B. Can't pull for a coach that leaves my team and then ends up at a divisional opponent and waits until the Basketball game between the two schools for him to be announced as head coach.
C. Can't pull for a team that the coach has left town never to return and the sends off emails to his assistant coaches to let them know he has already jumped ship.
D. Can't pull for a coach that says he thinks he made a mistake shortly after taking the job at my favorite school. OK to think it but why would you SAY it and let the press get hold of that???

Figure it out yet?