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Ethanol Free Gas Station List

Hey can now find all the info you may want and need relative to ethanol gasoline on the Louisiana Sportsman. The great staff at the Sportsman have nearly finished the setup. All that is missing is the "icon link" on the Home Page, which will take you directly to the ethanol page. This should be completed this week. Meanwhile, you can click on this link to take you to the "Ethanol Gasoline" page:

I will be adding more ethanol "blogs" from time to time. Let me know if you have any questions by commenting at the bottom of each blog or at

We still need every fisherman and boater to look in your neighborhoods for gas stations that sell non ethanol gas (those that DO NOT have the State required decal that reads "Contains up to 10% volume ethanol") and let me know by e-mailing me as indicated on the ethanol page.

There will be an article in the upcoming January issue of "The Louisiana Sportsman" informing readers about the new ethanol gasoline information on the Sportsman web site.

MANY thanks to Tony Taylor, Publisher of The Louisiana Sportsman and his great staff for helping me help all fisherman with this effort. I am no longer providing the updated "Ethanol Free Gas" station list or other information on the "other" web site. It's all on The Louisiana Sportsman now.

"Pete" Landry
Please don't post stations
Folks, please don't post ethanol-free gasoline stations on the forum: Instead, e-mail the information (station name, location, parish, city) to Alton "Pete" Landry at

That will allow Pete to add the stations to the database.

Pete, welcome to Louisiana's PREMIER outdoors website!! I can promise you the days of drunken phone calls from the site owner are gone for you my friend!! This here is a first class, people oriented forum. I got the email last week about that other stuff, and have been looking forward to seeing you here.
Avoid Ethanol Gas in outboards
Since I blow a motor due to Ethanol GAS, I have tried to use as little as possible. BTW, Yamaha was good enough to stand behind their motor.

First, you can still get ethanol free gas. Usually, the first sign is the price. Often it is 15-20 cents above average price. Ethanol gas is cheaper and you get less miles per gallon with it. A sticker is not a good indicator because it is an “up to” notice. The gas may or may not have up to 10% ethanol. The state is behind in enforcement of the stickers, too. One certain way to know is to use a test kit. You can do a google search but below are a few links. The kits are easy to use and economical. You should go to the extra trouble to find ethanol free gas for you lawnmower, chainsaws, outboards, etc.

J Bruhl
Derrick, go to the ethanol-free section and read the main article: It provides a contact name and number for the state official charged with enforcement of the decal-display requirement.

Shoot Pete an e-mail if you find out the fuel is, indeed, ehtanol free so he can add it to the list.
gas station
the gas station on highway 57 in houma next to the wendys sells 100% gas. bought it once and went 200 miles on 10 gallons of gas in my truck. pretty good.
Ethanol Gas Test Kit
Guys, I strongly encourage everyone to buy an ethanol test kit to be sure you're getting ethanol FREE gas. We have found that a few station attendants either don't know when asked, or just outright lie. They, there are a few stations that are knowingly selling E-10 and don't have the decal posted. Report these to Mr. Williams in Baton Rouge. The ethanol page tells you his phone number.

With a test kit, you can be sure. I bought one on E-bay that is very simple to use. It cost $10 and free shipping. The link is:


You just add water up to the test tube line, then gas to the top indicated line, Then put your finger over the top and shake. It is based on the principle that the ethanol will leave the gas and go into the water layer. The tube is calibrated so you will be able to see what % ethanol is present. Try it......but, be careful, a friend told me that the ink on the calibration lines on the outside of the tube will dissolve if you spill gas on the outside of the tube. I bought an eye dropper to transfer the gas from a little bottle I bought. I also keep a bottle of water in my truck.

I'll post a "blog" on ethanol test kits after the holidays, and also one on fuel additives. Much more to come on ethanol gas. The guys at Louisiana Sportsman are so professional to work with. Very happy with their great help on this. Plus, the readership is soooooooo much higher on Sportsman that the "other" site.

Tight lines and Merry Christmas to everyone! Headed to Atlanta to spend Christmas with our kids.

PS: Please send me an e-mail at to report ethanol free stations instead of posting here if you don't mind. Just click on my e-mail address on the main ethanol page and it will bring up the e-mail form. Please be sure to give me State, Parish/County, City, Station Name and location as clearly as you can describe so others will be able to find the station.

"Pete" Landry
don't ask the clerk, they don't know or even care and defitently don't go by no stickers on the pumps!!! some stations, switch back and forth, depending on the price, so they don't put stickers!!!! you have to call the owner or the distributor!! and just because they have 100% gas this week, don't mean, they won't have ethanol next week and still no stickers!!! this will be an ongoing problem with these stickers, law or not!! what good stickers do anyway, it says this fuel may or may not contain ethanol, da-aaaaaaahhhhhhh, it absolutely means nothing, but that's our government as usual!!!!!!!!!
Can you tell us what happened to your engine?
"Bassinbruhl", might help all of us if you could share with us what the mechanic said caused your engine to "blow" and what parts were damaged? What type of engine is it - brand, size (Hp), carb or HPDI or 4-stroke?

Any info you can share may help others.

"Pete" Landry
Gas caused boat motor damage & $7,333 rebuild.
My engine just had to be rebuilt due to gasoline-caused damage according to the Service department at Duvic's. I lost compression in two cylinders of my Suzuki 225 Two-stroke causd by "detonation." This occurs when the gasoline is unstable, has low octane (despite purchasing manufacturer recommended octane), or octane is artificially boosted by additives like ethanol. Cost was $7332.95.
Avoid Ethanol
I had it clog my carbs in a Yamaha 115 (2-stroke)

The problem comes in letting the fuel sit for a while (I was using my other boat) $400 later, it was running fine again. I guess I'm lucky as it could have been worse.

I now make it a point to never use Ethanol blended gas in anything other than an automobile engine!
250 hp HPDI Yamaha- I not a mechanic so I do not know exact issue. One of the piston was bad is all I know. Dockside Marne in Bogalusa did an excellent job on repair and service. I have tried to use as little ethanol gas as possible since. The motor runds great, cranks right up every time. I fish plenty of tournaments and put about 50-60 hrs a year on a motor. Thanks.
be aware?
first, i am not a mechanic!! i think now, a lot of mechanics are using ethanol fuel as an excuse to problems with engines, especially, if its under warranty, because, warranty doesn't cover damages from ethanol!! if the ethanol fuel collects water and the octane is lowered, then when when you crank up your engine, in my opinion, it should not run right from the start!! it should be running rough, spitting and sputtering!! if it seems like its running o.k., and you take off and its running at the same rpm's like usual, it can't be the fuel??? no matter what brand engine you have, sooner or later, you will have some problems!! it has to be something else went wrong, but they blame it on ethanol, cause that is easy!!! pour one quarter a tank of water in your fuel tank in your truck and i bet it will give you trouble right away, think about this!! remember, you have good mechanics and you have bad mechanics, just like politicians???? but, i absolutely agree, ethanol sucks, it will eventually give you problems, unless you use your boat really regular, like a truck or a car, refilling it up every week or so!! just don't let it sit up too long, with ethanol fuel!! my boat sat up for 4 months with 100% gas and i went fishing and no problems, ran like a champ, with no additives in the fuel!!
ethanol blends
Some ethanol fuels sold are nothing but 85 octane with ethanol to boost the octane to 87, we've had some issues with shell and exxon(br) but supposedly they are working to get it right (ha)

Most ethanol blended 87 octane though, the alcohol is just a filler.

Someone stated that normal gas is 15-20 cents are fooling yourself. At this point in the pricing cycle, both types of fuel are priced almost the same except for the 4.5 cent tax break that the blends get. The real price difference is the margin the retailer wants to make. I am sure some mark it up higher since it is a better product.

The real problem with this blended fuel is when it sits up for a period of time. Most of us learned long ago to fill our fuel tanks so they wouldn't "sweat" and put water into the gas. When blended fuel sits in your boat's tank for a month or so, with our humidity levels, can "phase out". A Phase out is when the water content is high enough that it grabs the alcohol and pulls it to the bottom of the tank. Cold weather helps this process along. If you have even a little water in your tank it also helps the phase out process.

Sometimes, a tank wil just phase out on its own. This is normally due to a crappy blending process.

What you wind up with is a layer of water/alcohol in the bottom and gas on top. When you start your engine, you suck from the bottom, the alcohol water mixture. Your fuel/water separator may work too, and feed just the alcohol into your engine.

Blended fuel also is a very good cleaner. It will pull any and all gunk our of your tank. That is why when most stations switched, they had to clean out their tanks. Using blended fuel will clog your filters quicker. It will soften gaskets and seals on older motors and it will clean all that varnish out the carbs.

If you only have access to blended fuel, I would suggest not filling your tank until you are leaving to get the boat wet and not top it off if you know about how much fuel you are going to use. If you have a small amount of phased-out gas in your tank, you may be able to mix it up enough.

Oh, use seafoam when you add the gas too
I checked out the list and it looks Great but it looks like the Majority of these Stations are in the South East part of the State, I was just wondering if there are any Gas stations without Ethanol in the South Central and South West Regions. Or is the list still in the development process?
Still building the list
The list is still being developed with the aid of you, the users. The list is based on reports sent to Pete listing stations not displaying the legally mandated ethanol-warning decal on pumps.

So if you come across a station not displaying these decals, email Pete ( the name of the gas station, the address/location, city and parish (or in the case of Mississippi the county).

Pete will add it to the list, and it'll show up on the next update.

Also, if you suspect a station is selling ethanol without displaying the decal, there is contact information for the state official responsible for enforcement of the law in the ethanol-free section.
Please Read my "Blogs" Under Main Ethanol Page
Guys, from the comments I'm seeing here in some posts, it appears some of you may not have read my "Blogs" on ethanol gas under the Ethanol main page? Check these out. I've been researching ethanol gas issues for over a year. The blogs will tell you most of what you need to know on why ethanol is a problem to marine engines and precautions you should take to minimize problems (don't believe can totally prevent problems) if you are forced to use ethanol gas. One poster suggested using "Sea Foam" additive. I've spoken to a chemist at the company that makes Sea Foam and the thing I don't like about it is that it DOES NOT contain an anti- corrosion additive. I've researched 4-5 different additives that boaters asked me to check. Although I do not put ethlanol gas in my boat tank, I use the new Sta-Bil Marine formula (blue color) because it contains a large amount of fuel stabilizer (because ethanol gas does not have a long shelf life-about 2 months) and because it has a large amount of corrosion additive. Some boat dealers and Wal-Mart sell it. Run about $19.95 + tax for a 32 oz bottle. Need to add 1 oz/10 gallons of gas, so a bottle will treate 320 gallons of gas.

I plan to add a few more "Blogs" on the main ethanol page after the holidays. One will be on fuel additives.

I encourage everyone to read my Blog titled "Is E-15 gas coming". If EPA approves 15% ethanol, this would be disastrous for the entire marine industry if we cannot find a source of ethanol free gas. I will need everyone's help when my State Senator and Representative introduce a bill in the April, 2010 session of the Louisiana to require gas stations to carry ethanol free regular gas. The blog gives you all the details....

PS: The Ethanol Free gas station list now contains over 100 stations throughout Louisiana and a few from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Due to the much larger readership of The Louisiana Sportsman (as compared to the "other site" where I originally started this list), I've received over a dozen new stations in the last 2 days since Andy Crawford put his article about ethanol gas on the Sportsman "Home Page". These will appear on the next update of the list after the Christmas Holidays. We especially need reports of ethanol free stations in the southwest part of the State - the Lafayette and Lake Charles areas. Keep them coming guys.

Wishing everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Great New Year.

"Pete" Landry
building list
Oh Ok, i will try to keep a look out for stations and try to help out if i can.
Ethanol Free Gas List Growing Rapidly
WOW.......since moving our "Ethanol Free Gas Station List" to The Louisiana Sportsman, I've received 12 new stations reported to me in less than a week. The readership on The Sportsman is obviously MUCH larger than I thought! Thanks to all fishermen for sending reports to me. BUT, please remember to send me the State, Parish, City, Name of station and location - if you don't know exact address, please describe the location in such a manner that others will be able to easily find the station. E-mail me this info at Please don't post station you find in the forum as it will clutter the site. E-mail me instead. The next update of the ethanol free gas station list will appear later this week. Did you notice the Sportsman web site front page with the ethanol gas decal symbol? Just click on that symbol and it till take you to the main ethanol page. From there you can find the station list. I am EXTREMELY happy at how fast the very professional staff at the Sportsman got this info up and running.

I've FINALLY gotten a few stations reported from the Lafayette area. Still none from the Lake Charles area yet. All fishermen and boaters in the Lafayette and Lake Charles area, along with Baton Rouge and St. Charles and St. James Parishes are asked to e-mail me if/when they see a gas station that does NOT display the "Contains 10% volume ethanol" decal on the pump. I'd also suggest you ask he station owner to verify they carry ethanol free gas. I'm finding out that some station owners and even gas dealers are not aware that it is a State Law that requires the decal on the pump if they sell ethanol gas. I'll contact Mr. Richard Williams, Director of the Fuels Management Program in Baton Rouge tomorrow and ask that he take steps to increase the awareness of this law amongst gasoline dealers and service station owners.

Meanwhile, I urge all readers to read my "Blog" titles "Is E-15 gasoline coming soon?" on the main ethanol page. We will ask our St. John Parish State Senator and Representative to introduce a bill in the April 2010 session of the Louisiana Legislature to require gas stations to carry at least one pump that sells ethanol free regular gas. In that Blog, I give directions on how to find who your Parishes State Senator and Representative is, and how to find their address, phone number and e-mail address. When the bills are introduced, I'll post on Louisiana Sportsman the name and bill numbers of both the House and Senate bills. Then we'll ask each and every fisherman, boater, fishing guides, marinas and everyone concerned about ethanol gasoline to call, write and e-mail their State legislators URGING them to support these bills. This may be our only chance to deal with this problem, PARTICULARLY if the Federal EPA approves 15% ethanol gas. Each and every marine engine manufacturer I've researched warns users "not under any circumstance to put gasoline with over 10% ethanol in your marine engine or it will be severely damaged and the warranty will be voided".

100% gas - maybe
Son's on Barrow Street, a few blocks east of Hwy 311, does not have an ethanol sticker on the pumps.
New Update of Ethanol Free Gas Station List is UP

The December 30th update of the Ethanol Free Gas Station List is up on the Sportsman. Man, they posted that quick for me! Just sent it to Andy yesterday. I'm impressed with the Sportsman Staff! GREAT JOB guys!

The new list contains over a dozen new stations fishermen sent me. For the first time, there is a station reported from the Lafayette area, along with a few from Assumption and Ascension Parishes. Great job guys........keep 'em coming. BUT, please check the main "Ethanol Page". PLEASE DO NOT post new stations in the Forum section. I may not read this everyday. As indicated on the main Ethanol Page, send notices of new stations to my e-mail address.

Wishing you and yours a very HAPPY, SAFE AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR! Can't believe 2010 is here already!

"Pete" Landry
"Foward Progress"
...what we need is our own WWLS radio station w/a 600 ft tower dead center at Manchac...w/ a mumbl'n rabbit say'n "our Tony who art in Heaven..." ???

P/S...(bet 'ya all didn't know I used to say the Rosary 32 years ago on radio) ???...cheers
This site needs to be educated !!!!!!!!!
If you depend on this site for buying Ethanol free gas, all i have to say is "BUYER BEWARE". This site is wrong and the information they are providing is based on the labels that are on the gas dispensers. As most of you know, labels are required at each dispensers letting the public know if it has a 10% ethanol blend. That is what this site goes by--If it has a label, this site says that station has ethanol, if it does not have a label, this site says it does not have ethanol. Folks, I'm in the business, and can assure you that some of the sites they show as not having ethanol, indeed does!!!That is a fact!
By 2012 the whole United States ia required to have 10% ethanol, so get educated!!!!! Its not a big deal and stop letting your boat service providers blame your problems on ehhanol.
"Henslayer" - Where do you get your info from?
I have in my computer bookmarked the actual EPA Ethanol Gas Regulation. There is NO INFORMATION in this Regulation that mandates all gas stations to carry 10% ethanol gas by 2012. Can you tell me where you get this information from? I spoke with EPA Region 6 in Dallas last week. I asked that question, among others, to the EPA agent I spoke with. She told me what you are saying is "rumor". The EPA issues a new "Renewal Fuel Standard" memo yearly which spells out to gasoline manufacturers how much of their total gasoline sales must be "renewal fuels" - can be either 10% ethanol (E-10) or 85% ethanol (E-85) or "biodiesel". We do not have E-85 in South Louisiana at this time that I am aware of. The 2009 percentage says gasoline manufacturers must sell 10.21% of their total gasoline sales as "renewal fuel" (mostly ethanol E-10 gasoline in our area). That's NOT CLOSE to all gas stations I can assure you. They (EPA) have not yet issued their 2010 memo. This information is on the EPA's web site. She also told me that Congress can "overule" them regarding the annual required percentage. I'll give you the link to the EPA web site if you'd like to read it. Just e-mail me your e-mail address at

You make the following comments about the ethanol free gas station list:

"Folks, I'm in the business, and can assure you that some of the sites they show as not having ethanol, indeed does!!!That is a fact!
By 2012 the whole United States ia required to have 10% ethanol, so get educated!"

As to your comments about the gas stations on the "Ethanol Free Gas Station" list, you will note the "disclaimer" on top of the list, which states: "CAUTION: Gas station that currently sells ethanol free gas may change and sell ethanol gas in the future. Louisiana State Law requires that the "Contains up to 10% ethanol" decal be displayed on the pump if it sells ethanol gasoline. ALWAYS check for decal before fueling".

In past postings, I have reminded readers that some gas stations on the "Ethanol Free Gas Station" list that were originally reported as selling ethanol free gasoline, basis the absence of decals, MAY change and start selling ethanol gas in the future. I've already removed a dozen stations from the list for that reason. I ask that if they run into such a station to e-mail me so I can take that station off the list. I will go back and add this to my main ethanol gas page. I apparently omitted this comment from an earlier page. The link to this page is:

On that page, I also give readers the phone number of Mr. Richard Williams, the Louisiana Department of Agriculture Director of Fuels Program in Baton Rouge (225-922-1380) and suggested they call him to file a complaint if they suspect a station is selling ethanol gas (either by decal or actual testing) and does not display the State Required Decal. He told me that his inspectors test for ethanol when they inspect stations, and will send out an inspector to a station to test it for ethanol if a complaint is filed. I've also suggested that all fishermen and boaters buy an ethanol gasoline test kit. This is the safest and surest way to assure you are purchasing ethanol free gas. We understand and realize that some stations are not installing the decal, either intentionally (fraud and subject to a large fine) or out of ignorance of the requirement to do so. I am currently working on a new "Blog" on Ethanol Gas Test Kits. I hope to have it on the site in a few weeks.

If you have not yet read my blog on "Is E-15 Coming Soon", I suggest you read that.

Sir, if you can suggest a better way of locating and identifying ethanol free gas stations other than by observing the presence/absence of the State required decal, I am certainly open to suggestions. And, I'll be happy to "debate" you on this entire ethanol issue anytime. I only suggest you get your facts correct first. My source is the Environmental Protection Agency, which promulgated this Federal Ethanol Gas Regulation (RFS), and the Louisiana State Department of Agriculture which is the agency in Louisiana that manages the fuels program in the Sate. What is your source?

You say you're in the business so you know this information. I have received several e-mails in the past week or two that tell me that many not only retailers but also distributors don't even know the Louisiana State ethanol labeling law! I have spoken to Mr. Williams and his boss about this and encouraged them to conduct additional awareness and training program on this issue for both gasoline retailers and distributors. I recently put a post on the Sportsman regarding a rumor that labels would no longer be required in 2010 and thereafter. If you haven't read it, go to the Louisiana Sportsman Home Page and click on the "Louisiana - New Hunting and Fishing Forum" and click on the Fishing window. Select "View All", then click on the "Fishing" forum folder. Scroll down and look for the post titled "Rumor that Labeling of Ethanol Gas No Longer Required".

In your post, you also suggest that marine engine problems are are being blamed on ethanol, but are not ethanol related. If you're in the gasoline sales business, I suggest you may be more interested in getting your 5 cents/gallon tax credit from the sales of ethanol gas than the impact it has on the marine industry. If you don't believe ethanol gasoline is a MAJOR marine engine issue, I suggest you call Breaux & Daigle Marine in Pierre Part (985) 252-6411 and ask to speak with Mr. R.P. Breaux. They are one of the largest Yamaha sales dealers in the State. I also encourage you to call Mr. Hank Johnson, aka "The Boat Doctor" (that is the name of his repair shop) in Harahan (don't have his phone number handy). They two shops have been in the marine engine repair business for a total of 100 years. They have both told me that their repair business in the past year or more since ethanol gas has become prominent in South Louisiana is "their worst nightmare", ALL related to engine damage caused by ethanol gasoline! Don't believe me, call them.

Are there any other questions I can help you with? Do not hesitate to e-mail me at if I can help you with any questions.
Way to go Pete
Pete, I think that slaying was Boone and Crockett scoreable. Way to go and thanks for all you do. Fight the good fight. Wayne.
Many Exxon Stations Still Sell Ethanol Free Gas
"Henslayer", there are many Exxon stations in the New Orleans, Chalmette, Slidell, Mandeville and Covington areas that sell Ethanol Free gas. That is because they are supplied from the Exxon/Mobile refinery in Chalmette. In the event you are not aware, small refineries (those that process less than 155,000 bbls/day of crude oil and employ less than 1,500 employees) are EXEMPT from the EPA Ethanol Regulation. They may choose to add ethanol if they want, but they are not required to do so. A person who submitted some of the Exxon stations to the list works at the Exxon/Mobile Refinery in Chalmette and has confirmed with the distributor that supplies these stations that they are being supplied ethanol free gasoline. Just about all Exxon stations in the Baton Rouge area are ethanol gas. Part of the reason for that is the Baton Rouge area is in an EPA air "non compliance" region.

I realize there may be some stations on the list that may have switched from 100% pure gas to ethanol gas and I have repeatedly asked fishermen and boaters to be on the lookout for that and let me know if they see a station on the "Ethanol Free Gas Station" list that has converted to selling ethanol gas so I can take them off the list! Again, I ask if you can suggest a better way of developing a list of ethanol free station? Would you volunteer to actually test all 100,000+ gas station in the State? I contend that MOST retailers are honest and do install the State Required ethanol decal. I also know that some are not doing it. I have asked the Commissioner of Agriculture to add more "teeth" to the labeling law by inserting a "stiff penalty" directly in the labeling law for failure to comply.

In order to assure boaters/fishermen of an ethanol free source of gasoine, and in anticipation of the possibility of EPA approving the Growth Energy (lobbist group for the ethanol plants in the midwest) request to increase the ethanol content of motor fuels from the current limit of 10% to 15%, I have asked my Parish's State Senator and Representative to introduce a bill in the April State Legislative session a bill that would require gas stations to supply at least one pump at each station with ethanol free gas station. It can easily be done. Hardly anyone buys "mid grade 89 octane" gas anymore (validated by a friend of mine who manages a very large gasoline distribution plant in the New Orleans area). It would be simple to convert the station's mid grade tank and pumps to supply ethanol free regular gas. That way, Louisiana consumers would have a choice like the people of Nebraska have. In the event you are not aware, all marine engine manufacturers who sell engine in the US warn users NOT to use gasoline with greater than 10% ethanol or it "will severely damage their engine and void their warranty".

Regarding your comments on "older marine engines" are the only ones having problems with ethanol gas, you obviously have not spoken to any repair shops lately. Many, many of the engines they are seeing problems with are 2000 to 2009 engines. The carb engines are the ones most affected. One shop told me that on several engines he's had in his shop, the carbs (on big 200-250 Hp engines) were so badly plugged with "gunk" that he could not clean them and had to throw them away and replace with new carbs. Not cheap! He also told me that he had one large HPDI engine with burnt pistons due to "gunk" plugging the injector filters, causing the cylinder to run ultra lean and burning holes in the pistons.

You are probably correct in your comment that some other states don't "appear" to be having as much trouble as Louisiana boaters with ethanol gas. I spoke with the fuel manager in Nebraska last week. Consumers in Nebraska are given a choice of buying either regular gas with or without ethanol at their stations. I saw this when I attended the College World Series in Omaha in June of 2009. He confirmed that this is a fact in Nebraska and is voluntary, not a State law. He also told me that Nebraska has only about 10,000 or less boats registered in that State. According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Louisiana has 316,593 boats registered in Louisiana at the end of 2008 (latest date they had figures). Plus, Louisiana has a very large percentage of it's registered boats that are in regular use, like fishing guides, crabbers and crawfish fishermen. Other states don't have that.
"goug'n ourselves" feel'n is not to run a full tank about half full mix it w/the opposite blend, it could possible streach any repair bills...cheers
ethanol free?
i don't understand, you can't go to a station and look for a sticker on the pump, if there is none, it don't mean they have 100%gas!! you have to talk to the owner themselves to be sure, if he don't lie to you, which i doubt he would? truly, this is a big problem and only will get worst!! as far as not running your tank down to the bottom, it don't matter! you're pickup tube is on the bottom, and pickin up the water and trash on the bottom, because the water from ethanol settles to the bottom, water is heavier than gas!!!!!!! the problem is, if possible, don't just let your boat sit there with ethanol fuel in the tank!! you have to burn it out quick! try to put only the amount of fuel you need to make your fishing trip! i know thats hard!! and don't fill it up on the way home, for the next fishing trip! fill it up, when you are going fishing!! and if it does sit up a few weeks, siphon it out and put fresh fuel!!! just make sure, no matter what size motor you have, you have a 10 micron fuel water separator and change it, they say every year, i think more often?? also, carry a spare in your boat!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US, WITH THIS BIG PROBLEM!!! the truth is, the only ones, that can help us, is our honorable, caring politicians!! LIKE I SAID, GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!