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Buck Buster Seeds

Anybody ever tried buckbuster seeds? We are trying the fall mix on our land this year just wondering if anybody on here had tried them and what the results were?
Use it
We have been useing buckbusters for the past 4 years. All I can say is it works. You will pay more money, but it is well worth it. Big plush food plots.
Ok, big plush food plots, but the million dollar question is: How many bucks did you see or kill on your food plot???
I have seen more deer on our food plots with buckbusters than just planting wheat and oats!!!
Louisiana fall mix , or La. Spring mix both exelent for louisian
I got a mix i use especially for louisiana fall and spring. it works very well , they have several different varities ,,, some foe clay mud , and some for sandy soil ,, both spring and fall crops ,, i can attest it is very good ,, last for the full 6 months intended. it called La food ployt mix. i believe he's expanding to turkey and ducks this year comming up.
uncle jo
I have used it in St. Helena parish, it did well but the plot needs some sun. I also added winter peas to it. Observed quite a few deer grazing in it, Bucks and does. Turkey's seem to like it too.
Where can you buy it in the Lafayette area?
I use it on my plots in Wilkinson county. Works great. I do add about 10 lbs. of annual rye grass to it. Send me an email and I will reply with a picture of one of the plots of it with a utilization cage.
Can you buy this product around the Lafayette area, or do you have to order it from the internet?
Where 2 buy
I hunt in mississippi so we buy it there. Just call some local co-op stores, and I am sure they can help you out.
Buck Busters Fall Blend
This stuff is great. I suggest you follow the recommended fertilizing for it. If not, it will only produce mediocre tonnage, and wont be as palatable for the deer. I still have brassicas growing from last fall and the cereal grains are great for the quail and birds in the early spring and summer when they mature.
Fertilizer will make deer eat almost anything! If you have 100 acres of green briar they will eat the ones that have been fertilized first.

For your Buckbusters seed
St Landry Lumber Company, Opelousas LA

Talk to Kenny
what is the reccommended amount per acre for this the fall mix
Fertilizer recommendations
Fertilizer recommendations: Fall

13-13-13 at planting .................... 100 - 200 lbs.
and 30-60 days later
Ammonia Nitrate ......................... 100 - 200 lbs.
NOTE: Do not mix seed and fertilizer in the hopper together. Broadcast seed, fertilize, and then cover.

If you have east west fence rows plant on the North side as the moisture will always be higher. Plant just outside of the overhanging canopy as that is where the feeder roots of the trees stop. This will ensure the best possible stand and growth for your plot.