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Goose Guide

Im looking to book a guided goose trip for a batchelor party, Im hoping someone can give a good recommendation or atleats who to stay away from. Looking to try and book around january mostly intrusted in dark geese canadas and specks, but a few extra snows would be nice. pit blind hunts are ok,but hoping to find a guide that does layout blind style in yo face hunting. Most people going are avid waterfowlers so a good guide is a must!
Got you covered
My brother-in-law runs a lodge in Klondike
check the site out @
he should hook you up but get ready for a great time and a full belly
say no to babineaux
Forgot his first name, but don't go with the babineaux guy. Give it a little time and his name will pop up on here.
guided goose hunts
If you want to shoot lesser canadans go to panhandal of texas they have specks to hunt peanut feilds you will ducks also look up blackfoot outfitters they kill around 7,000 geese a season it not that much just longer drive that will be wroth it
Stay away from David Smiths in Welch, Louisiana. Worst guide ever. We only shot a few geese and had to pick up over a thousand decoys after the hunt.
I can vouch for Blackffoot. He is out of North Texas and also does a Goose/ Duck hunt in Saskatchewan Canada. He is a great outfitter. I ahvent hunted with him in Tx but im sure its just as good. Myself and 5 freinds made that canada trip last year.If you are a die hard waterfowler its worth it. We wore em out!!! Whole trip including Airfare and everyhting was $2500.
Stay away from Cajun Wildlife Adventure
Stay away from Cajun Wildlife Adventure. They Guys name is Kevin Babineaux out of Guydan. Horrible operation
I would also recommend LaCroix. I guided at that camp when it was Shot's Hunting Club. I guided there for about 17 years. Then my daughter decided she wanted to start duck hunting at the age of 16. So I went out a found her a yellow lab pup and I quit guiding. I now just take her and friends hunting.

LaCroix "Bruner Farm" was always a pretty good place to hunt geese. Alot depends on weather and luck. I've had some of my best goose hunts on clear blue bird days. You just never know. I've also had some great hunt late in the season, the birds would just decided they wanted to work that day. You can always have bad days. Any place that tells you they always kill is not tell you the truth. I guided in the 165 acre field up front of the lease for 15 years. This used to be the best goose blind on average. I killed my limit in specks most days. It was far from the best for ducks, but most of the hunters "Sports" I took out did not want to shoot ducks anyway.

Good Luck
i do guided duck/goose hunts and have lay out blinds and prepare our fields to hunt in the pit blinds, or in stubble in the lay outs. truly, in january, that's probably the best way to really get 'em in yo face!!!!! we don't have a lodge, but we're only 10 min. from jennings hotels. we hunt south of welsh near tornwell, and have blinds in klondike also. we havw a web site but you have to type it in exactly to go to it. we will work with you on rates. my cell is 337-304-9230 russell mcnabb thanks and lookin forward to helpin you.
my buddy hunts at that lodge in texas. he's sold on it. the guide actually told them to bring 20 gauges for the canada geese. no kidding, they're that close. i've heard nothing but good things from there. my buddy even shot a double banded canada but shot it with 3.5 inch BB's and shot his head off, making for a poor mount i guess. he also guides duck, pheasant, and sandhill crane.
of course, i also like supporting the louisiana businesses first, so good luck choosing, either way it sounds like a great bachelor party.