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Turkeys After A Cold Front

For all you guys who hunt the "THUNDER CHICKEN" and wonder how a cold front affects them, I just want to say that on Sunday I kiled a 24# BOSS GOBBLER with a 9 1/2 in. beard and 1" spurs. I set up on this bird at 6:15 am and waited for day light he gobbled once at a bard owl Then I made a couple of tree yelps. The old horny boy couldn't resist he gobbled once more and shut up! I tree called again and an old boss hen answered me a second later she pitched of her limb and landed at my feet. I new it was on then a second latter the OLD MAN PITCHED of his limb and landed you guessed it right in front of me (20'). I put the bead on his head and BOOM the porr old guy didn't have a chance. He had one thing on his mind and it cost him the big one! THE DEATH ANGEL strikes again, man I love it! My hunt was over in 3 min. Thats right I first called at 6:24 and at 6:27 it was all over! Also did I mention that the temp. was 41 degrees. The next day Mon. I woke up to a 37 degree morning and I decided to go the wind was blowing but I went to listen any way. Well after I made the old owl call, guess what? I heard 8 different gobblers sound off. I sat down and started to call after about 5 min I saw movement to my left and hear they came not 8 but 10 huge jakes with 4" beards WOW! They stopped at 18'. They don't know how lucky they were that 4" beard saved there life. But it was GREAT any way! What an awesome hunt! I hope this will inspire all you guys who think cold fronts shut the birds down to get out of bed an go try. You just don't know when it might pay off.

Good Luck and GO GETUMAIR!
Reply to Cold Front Post
You perservered and won. Good deal. I doubt many people had a thought that cold weather shut down activity. I was out there every morning since Wednesday scouting and observing. I do alot of observing with good quality binoculars. Wed., Thurs, Fri, Sat. and Sun. all these mornings I observed several gobblers courting hens. I watch and learn. Point being is Wed. morning it was raining. Saturday morning the wind was bending the trees over. You just have to know what to do in these cases. We've known since the 80's that turkeys resort to sight for protection. They cannot hear in the woods under these conditions, and everything is moving. That is why they go to right-of-ways, powerlines, and roads.

I sat in the truck Wednesday morning on Tensas NWR Crystal Rd. watching two gobblers with their tails open walking in circles around some hens, in the rain. Bad weather will not shut down activity. This may or may not be common knowledge- I don't know. It is good that you point this out for those who do not know.
Good job. My buddy missed one Sun morning sitting next to me. We didn't hear a lot of birds but he was gobbbling every time we hoot to him. Always next time. Post a pic if you got one.