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Ducks to a Buck!!

After what was a very good duck season for us that just passed I got an invite to make a deer hunt. Not ready to call and end to the hunting season I was ready to go. We hunted Friday evening, Saturday morning and the last hunt was to be Saturday evening.

I set up in a box stand and saw nothing Friday evening. Changed stands for Saturday morning and a spike stood in the food plot in what would have been an easy shot but I let him go and saw nothing else the rest of the hunt. After the hunt we checked out the food plot and there were a lot of deer tracks, some were big hoof prints. That made it a easy decision where to hunt Saturday evening.

Saturday evening comes and I saw nothing until 4:30 when a 12 point comes out at the end of the food plot and walks on the right edge toward my stand. Then at about 100 yards out he decides to peak out to eat in the food plot which allowed for a good shot at him and the rest is history. One shot and he fell on the ground right where he stood. That was a very hectic two minutes. That was like 100 grey ducks coming from a mile high right over the decoys many times. What luck I had and what a thrill as it could not have worked out any better for an avid full time duck hunter trying to be a part time deer hunter.