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monster catfish

Everybody has seen these shows on tv where the noodlers jam their hands in a hole and pull out a monster catfish then they cradle them like a 50 lb labrador. My question is, do these monster cats still have the poisonous fins and if so, why aren't these people getting stuck? Seems like the fish do a lot of flopping without causing the noodlers any pain. Just wondering. Thanks
monster cats
when they get bigger ther fins arnt so sharp. dont be fooled theyll still getcha.
my dad noodles all the time. only freshwater cats and blue cats and channel cats have posion in their fins. the yellow cats or flatheads that they are noodling on there do not have the fins that poke u. flatheads are the ONLY catfish that does not have fins that will stick u
I've only dealt with the smaller cats, up to 7 lbs. Thanks for the replies.
All these catfish have fins that can stick you, but they don't have a poison in them. It is a bacteria on the outside of the fin that causes the infection or swelling of the punctured area.

hard heads
marshrat is correct, freshwater catfish do not have venom or poison in or on their fins


salt water catfish known as hard heads, do infact have venom in their spines

all catfish have sharp spine fins, but the bigger and older they get the more dull and rounded off they get.

i still wouldnt advise pushing your luck either way tho, a spine in the hand will ruin your day
not poision
all catfish have sharp fins that can stick you. however the flatheads fins aren't as long nor sharp as most other cats. no catfish has poison, there slime is highly consecrated with protein, that's what causes the burning and swelling.
2thebream, i disagree, Venom is the general term referring to any variety of toxins used by certain types of animals that inject it into their victims by the means of a bite, sting or other sharp body feature.

venom is an umbrella term that goes from everything from snake bites and bee stings, to gila monster and komodo dragon saliva, to sting ray barbs, their not all the same venom, but they are all just strands of protein, hell even the lowly humble fire ant has venom

and scientists have done studies and found venomous catfish, as sited here