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My cousin Mike needed to go to the camp to get his boat and motor back to town now that hunting season is over so it gave us an excuse to fish a little. It was tough at first with only 4 fish to show at noon. We had found a bite but couldn't catch so we figured it was small fish so we called it and went get the boat at the camp. Well on the way to the dock I decided to go try again and I found Capt Elton about a quarter mile away. He was catching so I turned the troll motor that way and went. I caught fish the whole way there and put the anchor down when I got into talking distance to Elton. We put the hurt on a bunch of trout very quickly. The Coco Pepper was hot under the cork but the High Life Swimmer Red Head was the ticket for me. The smaller trout would hit the bait almost constantly but when the larger ones would come it was fish on. Want to get in on this fantastic trout bite give me a call, Capt. Tommy Pellegrin 985-851-3304
Oldies Soft Plastic
Haven't seen Specks caught much lately on Ole Type Plastic in awhile Posted Nice!!!!!!