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Waterfowl Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Day 1

Kamakazi 1

Day 1

Day 2 Blastin and Castin

Mad Mike

Day 2 Blastin and Castin

One last limit

Cpt. Al

One last limit

Blastin and Castin in Sportsmans Paradise

Another spectacular opening weekend at the rivers end. Friday evening when silhouettes of whistling wings flew past a huge blood red moon and big reds zipped drag from the reels we knew it would be on. As the sun came up Saturday morning the steel started flying. Pintail, widgeon, and greys crashed to there death one after another until our limit was filled. Thunder from the surrounding marsh kept the sky black with the fast movers all morning. After a good eat we found ourselves back on the water dropping sparkling plastic in front of some tenacious mouths below. The tide was rolling and the big trout bite was on. With 2,3,4 and the occasional 5 lbr the ice chest filled up quick. A little cut bait brought home a mess of reds to top the day off.

A couple handles of whisky and some good stories brought 4:30 AM around quick, but back to the rozos we went. A smaller hole brought the whistling wings right up close in our face for Cpt. Al to put the hurt down. 45 minutes and a box of shells later we where headed back to the truck with a box full of meat and grins ear to ear. Another great weekend!
November 14, 2011 at 12:05pm

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