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Hunting in Southeast Louisiana



I am looking for a set (4)of the old school Gateway Buckshot Mudders. Not the radial Buckshot Maxxis mudders. I am building a Toyota hunting truck and can't find these tires anywhere! If anyone has a set of 'P's' (33 inches tall) let me know, or a set of narrow Super Swampers TSL's or LTB's will work also. 15 or 16 inch rims will both work let me know.....225-921-7125 I will buy or possibly trade
August 08, 2011 at 4:27pm
AllisonXR-01Profile Photo
Posted August 08, 2011 at 4:46pm

Used to be able to go to your local friendly Co-Op and buy them puppies all day long.... days of old are hard to forget in these times,,, wishful thinking or dreams I guess..

You may want to look into a set of Dunlop Mudkings. I bought a few sets of them and was really impressed. I've run the TSL's, super swampers, etc on a big lift chevy for quite some time. I put a set of the Dunlops on a chevy x-cab 1/2 ton SB, and was super surprised at the traction and the way the tires cleaned out in some snotty clay/mud out west. Other guys in camp had various mud grips, I could run in 2wd easy where they could not.They sorta resemble the old buckshots. Compare them on Tirerack.com.

They are long lasting, aggressive and cheaper than most other to boot.The only reason I don't run them today is because they are not load rated for my F350 4x4....dangit !
Best buy I find on tires locally to Gonzales/BR area is treads and care on hwy.30, ask for Miles.


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Posted August 09, 2011 at 12:20pm

I have a brand new set of the Co-Op's on it now. They just aren't as tall as I would like. I bought them rite before they stopped making them.

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