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Duck Hunting

Lafayette will host Louisiana Waterfowl Alliance Meeting. Did any one know they out come. It was held April 16. Some of discuss on duck hunting to take hunting pressure on ducks and duck hunting. Restricting hunting to morning only,increasing the size of areas on public hunting grounds where combustion engines are prohihibited, liminting the number of days during the week when hunting is allowed,establishment of more small refuges and rest areas in prime waterfowl habitat,discussion of the option for waterfowl hunting zones and splits.
I am on a hunting lease with a guy that heads up that committee. His name is David Boudreaux. I will ask him how it went. He always seems to have good input on waterfowl and regulations.
Duck Hunting
Duck enticer did you here from David.
Waterfowl alliance

I called him this morning. I will post as soon as he calls me back.
Pertaining to hunting pressure:
1 Hr and 15 minute discussion.

Flyway advisors wlf&fisheries for the whole mississippi flyway were there....Larry Reynolds and others.

Different options:
A. Hunting ends at 12:00-2:00 (Lot of support for this)
B. Limit the amount of shells per hunter (Cut out skybusting and time in field)

Budget cuts:
Feds thinking about cutting out Waterfowl surveys. (This would hurt determination of open seasons and bag limits)

Alliance sent letter to Feds regarding this. Alliance sent out letter about whistling duck limits (2 ducks/day).

Zone changes:
Three zones....Coastal Zone (Intracoastal canal from Texas line to Mississippi line)

Probably will stay the same.

Talked about moving back West Zone one more week. Birds are arriving later. Second cut of rice is being cut later now.

Next meeting:
Will have booth at outdoor expo in July (Will hold duck and goose calling contest)

2nd or 3rd week in August for the next meeting.

Extra info:
This is not a fundraising club, ducks unlimited and delta are on board. 20$/yr. membership. All proceeds go to support projects in Louisiana.
Hunting Pressure
Duck enticer Thanks for the Information. I like the hunting ending at 12:00 every day it wood take pressure off the ducks and coots.
Welll all we have too get rid of in louisiana is the federal refuges and everyone will have good a good duck season, and is the time '12-2:00' going to be for private also or managment areas? duck hunting isnt like it use too be in the state, and what there trying too do right there isnt going to make it any better.
Green head hunter 5
I could see the stopping hunting at 12:00 to be beneficial for duck hunting. If we chose to do this Ducks wouldn't have to stay offshore during the day and come feed at night. That might keep them around the area more.

I live in SouthCentral louisiana, and remember when I was younger ducks all over flooded rice during the day. I don't see that as frequently anymore. I think you see birds migrating away from pressure these days....They hole up offshore and in big bays to rest and then feed in the rice at night. They migrate to Louisiana when Texas season opens, only to migrate away from pressure when Louisiana opens. I hear a lot more birds being killed around Central Louisiana than I used to. Is it possible that there is less pressure there? A buddy of mine gave me an X map of hunting locations in Vermilion parish the other day. You wouldn't believe the blinds! Birds have to be given a chance to rest. Yeah, I would be for no hunting after 12:00 for private and public.
welll thats were i hunt in central louisiana, around marksville. we have by far some of the best timber hunting in the state, at certain times of the year though... like you said when ducks get too pressured they move away which is natural for almost anything. the ducks all migrate to the refuges were theres no hunters which elimates hunters from seeing and killing ducks like they should be, when the ducks fly, which we call a 'flight day' everyone kills 'ducks'...also probally over 60% of the ducks are holding up in moissouri and kansas places were no one hunts, and were theres no pressure. and when it freezes people circulate there pond too keep them from freezing.... theres more true duck hunters have too worry about