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Opinions on Zones and Splits

I would like your opinion on zones and splits.

As you probably know, we set zones and splits every 5 years. Whatever we choose, we are stuck with for that time.

In the past, the USFWS has allowed us to choose between 1) 3 zones with straight seasons, 2) 2 zones with split seasons, or 3) a statewide season (no zones) with 2 splits (3 season segements). This year, it looks like the USFWS will offer: 1) 4 zones with straight seasons, 2) 3 zones with split seasons, or 3) a statewide season (no zones) with 2 splits (3 season segments).

Of course, we can choose anything more conservative …… like 2 zones with split seasons (our current structure) or 3 zones with straight seasons or a statewide season with 1 split.

One option that was NOT approved was 2 zones with 2 splits (3 season segments). That is NOT an option.

It is my opinion that we are using zones and splits about as effectively as we can with the current 2 zones with split seasons while still allowing us adequate flexibility should the regulations be restricted to 45 or even 30 day seasons. But I would like to hear the opinions of other hunters in addition to the feedback I already have from the 2005 and 2010 hunter-opinion surveys.

I'd also appreciate your passing this request around to anyone that might want to comment.

Please send your comments to me at


Larry Reynolds
LDWF Waterfowl Study Leader
Thanks for allowing us to comment. I will email you my suggestions. I currently hunt the west zone. Regardless of the framework of the # of zones and splits, I would love to see our season go to the last weekend of January. This has always been my suggestion.

I like it the way it is I hunt both zones and it works as long the season last to the last weekend end in Jan.

Roland(Duckman ) Cortez
Thanks for lisening
I would like the that would push the season a little later in the year. I think it opens to early and closes to early. When it opens we are fight mosquitos and the big ducks are just starting to come down when the 2nd season opens
season dates
The seasons absolutely cannot go past January 31. Mature ducks are pairing for breeding season at this time. Once a pair has paired off and one is shot there is a chance the survivor will not pair off again. This was told to me by a biologist from the USFW. Hope the information helps.
West Zone duck season
Spoke about this many, many times with the late Robert Helm. Would like to see the west zone season stay as is. We ALWAYS bag more birds in the first split here. ALWAYS. Robert agreed.
My opinion still the same
I posted on this issue a few years ago and still think we could create an ideal season with 3 splits covering all of the holidays seasons. The post is here...
I personally like both zones because we get to hunt an extra week on the wma's so season is longer really by having two zones
I think the current set up is about as good as it will get given the restrictions from the feds. That being said, I would like the season to run later.

Larry, I think it says alot about you and what you guys really stand for to post this question on an open forum like this. I appreciate it.