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life cycle of a new cutover

we have a 200 acre rectangle in the meadville area. it's made up of 5 40's in a land.
One cousin has clear cut his 40 in the middle.
it's bordered on all sides by mature forest.
what can i expect of the cut-over and how should i hunt it.
clear cut
the clear cut will have 5-6ft tall weeds & plants grow in a year. My buddy clear cut his 60 acres around Meadville as well last year. we went 2 weeks ago to bushog the food plots & disc them. I was bushogging 5-6 foot greenery. we planted tons of sawtooth pines & some hardwoods last year, the weeds has overgrown them & serve as great cover for the deer, I think the deer will use the area now for bedding? I did hunt the edges of the clear cut last year, but only saw a small doe & fawn. I would think, until the clear cut gets some overgrowth on it, hunt the wooded areas. MY 2 cents.
If there is not alot of activity on property I would hang me an exceptionally comfortable loc-on on south edge of cutover. I would line me out a trail to get to stand based on a north wind that keeps your scent from feeding and bedding deer when accessing your stand. I would stay out of there and never go back until second muzzleloader weekend in December and then hunt it as much as possible if wind allows especially from December 20 to 30. Try to sit until at least lunch and if you can all day during this period, the less you go in and out the less you will destroy the place. I would only shoot a shooter buck in there, nothing else. Thats how I hunt my new cutovers and I hunt all around the area your in and it works excellent for me, 2 or 3 nice bucks a year. Them bucks will walk right out across the middle of that cutover as long as no one has been putting pressure on this area prior to rut. Most bucks I see are between 8:30 am and 12:30 then a few in the evenings close to dark. You should get three years of being able to hunt on the cutover which time you will study and learn how the deer use it. Then you will reverse rolls as you will hunt inside woods catching them going to bed in mornings and leaving bed in evening on same trails you learned in earlier years. You only get about two quality hunts where you kill a deer in an area before you trash it out for the year in my opinion. Hope this helps.
Hunt the edge of the woods and the cutover! Be on your toes late in the evenving!