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HiTechRedNeckProfile Photo
Trail Cam Photos in Outside Louisiana
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  • The freak
Got a picture of this strange looking buck on my trail camera in north Mississippi, has anyone seen anything like this before? He was hanging with all the does, never saw him with another buck.
4 hours ago
Capt. ChristianProfile Photo
Site Sponsor Capt. Christian
Fishing in Louisiana
Fished the lights along Lake P. Friday night. Moved from light to light and only the ones where no one else was already fishing of course. Picked up 24 keeper trout and a few reds. Had a couple gar attack the bait as well. All fish caught on Matrix Shad shrimp creole. Don't forget to take advantage of our Who Dat Special. 14 months for $169 (2 Free months) Just call us locally or sign up....  Read More
24 minutes ago
new2saltProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Louisiana
I have never fished the intercoastal before and looking for a little help.
I live in new orleans and plan on launching at bait inc is that the best launch or is there another im not aware of. I would like to buy live shrimp if possible. are there closer marinas?
To fish the wall it looks like i get into the mrgo and take a left headed towards the hot water canal and then taking a....  Read More
46 minutes ago
Chrisb1112Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
Photo Album
So here is a pic of Ducks Unlimited projects completed in Louisiana as of December 2012. I don't recall anyone complaining about ducks in northern or western Louisiana.... Share the wealth DU!
September 13 at 9:10am
Capt. Travis Miller, Millertime Fishing ChartersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
After two days of tough fishing, KBR Construction came down and got in on a great day. The day started off slow as we were met with a roaring incoming tide. These deep bayous we have been fishing is all about timing of the tide. As the tide slowed we started with some big nasties and then the reds started to bite. We put a handful in the boat when the tide went slack. We waited for the tide to....  Read More
1 hour ago
BulBob01Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Two 3' Prowler Planers in package
Prowler Planers are slowly becoming popular with shallow water salt water fishing. In the past they were typically used for river fishing or trolling fresh water. They plane to the side and flip direction when given a POP or can be set to only go left or right.
1 hour ago
HBerryProfile Photo
Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
Please beware of the Jayco camper scam via the classifieds on this site. Jayco campers listed for $1900-$2000 with contact information listed as zoestea@gmail; laura77parks@gmail; or clrrkoffc@gmail are scams. When you respond to their ads, they all come back with the same form letter response and when questioned as to a location, they all want you to send funds via Google Wallet. BUYERS....  Read More
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1 hour ago
504225BOYProfile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in Louisiana
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  • Gator with Squirrel in his mouth
Went fishing in the Spillway yesterday with a buddy from work. We saw a gator grab a squirrel on the bank in front of us. He swam right up to the boat like he was showing off what he caught then turned and went toward the bank so we wouldn't steal his food. Never saw anything like that before. He wouldn't allow us to get close enough to take a good picture but you can see the dark object in....  Read More
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Yesterday at 12:26pm
ProudCajun70Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Just looking for some opinions, this spike came on camera right outside the area I hunt; was on a family members camera, not mine. My question is , is he a shooter or not? This is a small area that we hunt and is natural area so to speak; what I mean by that is it is not an area that is really food plotable and such, lots of hard woods etc. Just wondering if he were to walk in front of my stand....  Read More
Yesterday at 10:54am
topshotfishingProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in Outside Louisiana
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  • Mixed
Fishing Fort Lauderdale on Happy Day Today with Capt. Zsak

Corey Hilliard and his wife, Carol, along with friends, Brady and Amy from Illinois decided to do some big game deep sea sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale, FL with the Topshotfishing team. We had winds running out of the east, southeast at 12 mph and seas running 3-4 ft.

Fifteen minutes after leaving the dock lines were in....  Read More
2 hours ago
emmett gallowayProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Does anyone have the directions and physical address for this marina near chef menteur hwy and chef menteur pass?
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Yesterday at 11:22pm
TR-22_TritonProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Henderson Lake in South Central Louisiana
With the draw down in Henderson that is going on does anyone know which landing would I be able to use to launch my boat? Also at what stage of this draw down will we not be able to launch anymore or will they not let it get that low? Thanks
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September 08 at 10:11pm
Honey Island Swamp BatmanProfile Photo
Public Lands in Louisiana
Is it any wonder, after reviewing the facts regarding the fees Louisiana charges compared to Mississippi, why Mississippi is the leader of the two states in so many Wildlife Management Areas?

From first hand experiences, Louisiana WMAs, like the PRWMA (Pearl River Wildlife Management Area), have always struggled through low budgets, and Rangers claim they cant afford to put rocks on....  Read More
4 hours ago
duckhunter_89Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Arkansas 2014-15 duck season dates: \r\nNov. 22-30 \r\nDec. 4-Dec. 23 \r\nDec. 26-Jan. 25 \r\nYouth Hunt: Jan. 31-Feb. 1\r\n\r\nOnce again they open later to the north and we open earlier to the south even as hunters in Louisiana request later opening dates for duck season. I just thought it might be in the realm of common sense to believe that if you....  Read More
September 17 at 12:52pm
Rebel311Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Or any other hevi products.. what are your goto shells?

I stick to Hevi Metal 3' BB's for everything from puddle ducks, to honkers, to snows. For me, it's just easier to stick with one load and not have to switch around for various hunts.

What do you use?
September 17 at 8:16am
Fishing MagicianProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Shell Beach / Hopedale / Reggio in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Three good friends who visit as often as possible. You did a great job guys!
  • Looking out over the marsh is a great way to relax.
  • Beautiful dock shot of the fish that we are catching in late September.
Fishing Magician Charters , LLC Capt. Jason and I had the pleasure of fishing with some good friends Greg, Rene, David, and friends.Today the wind was blowing real good. So after stopping by Campo's to pick up some of their famous live shrimp, we headed to the Biloxi Marsh. The temperature has been cooler and nice to fish in. Capt. Jason's boat had their limit of 100 specks and 1 red. My boat....  Read More
14 hours ago
critterkillerProfile Photo
Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Yes, the the top piece is easily removable. The bottom 3ft piece is welded in place.
September 14 at 6:28pm
mileypopProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Pointe a la Hache in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • 9-20-14 Hunt
Date hunted and picture taken 9-20-14:

Extremely high tides for the weekend changed the game for the worse. The wind never let up keeping the mosquitos down but the price paid with high water is no Teal. High tides always seem to be a huge factor for us coastal marsh duck hunters. As it stands now the ducks still have access to feed but it doesnt seem to matter. 6 guys went out....  Read More
15 hours ago
Dr. SpotProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Shell Beach / Hopedale / Reggio in Southeast Louisiana
A couple of reports. Yesterday my Father-in-Law Jerry joined me for a trip out of Hopedale. Some rain was moving through the Biloxi Marsh and the east wind was kicking, so we headed south to Bayou Bernard marsh and Lake Robin east side. The keeper trout are starting to show up on the inside, as we finished with 9 keepers. We focused more on meatfish on points, ponds, and Lake Robin shoreline....  Read More
September 20 at 11:02am
KayakBrianProfile Photo
Fishing in Venice in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Kayak Fishing is great in Venice Louisiana.
KayakVeniceLa.com Great trip Saturday Morning. It only took one hour to catch our limit of Rendfish and through back at least 15 others.

KayakVeniceLa.com offers guided fishing trips, inshore fishing trips and Mothership kayak charters, as well as Eco-Tours.
Call Captain Brian Sherman
18 hours ago

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