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CajunLuresProfile Photo
Site Sponsor CajunLures
Bass Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
With the cooler weather, it seems like the fish are beginning their fall patterns. We saw a lot of shad moving around in the mornings and late evenings. With bass schooling up to feed on the balls of shad. Some fish are still deep while others are moving up shallow. Big Worms and Crankbaits are producing fish in the mornings and evenings. Soon we will be able to get bites on shad-type lures.....  Read More
August 31 at 7:24pm
LETUMGROWProfile Photo
Hunting in Ouachita River in Northeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Camper door
  • Tag in ear
  • Big Bear
I made it up to my hunting property this past Saturday in Catahoula Parish only to find that a bear had broken into my camper. He ripped open the door like a tin can went inside and ripped down the stove top exhaust cover and fan from the wall. He then proceeded to open up the cabinets, turned on a light, opened the refrigerator, and flipped over some of the cushions and mattresses. He found 2-3....  Read More
August 31 at 5:18pm
MY BAYProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Photo Album
Got this neat pic and wanted to share.
5 hours ago
vineytreeProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Anybody else think Area 6 and 9 deer season dates need to change?
August 19 at 7:51pm
Capt. ChristianProfile Photo
Site Sponsor Capt. Christian
Fishing in Louisiana
Fall fishing is right around the corner and our
Saints are ready to make a Super Bowl run. It's
that time of year again and we're running our
WHO DAT SPECIAL- 14 months for $169 (2 Free
months) for the month of September, but we're
starting it now so everyone has a chance to take
advantage before this Labor Day weekend! As
always, new and renewing members can....  Read More
September 01 at 1:31am
frankie-ruthProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in Louisiana
Photo Album
Caught this fish Saturday while catching large amberjack but is different. Looks like an overgrown hardtail?
August 30 at 8:42am
JTalbot1964Profile Photo
General in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
Need some Grand Isle help!

I am new to posting here, but not reading. With my limited amount of fishing, I would not be much help anyway.

But, I do have a question, and I am hoping I could get some advice.

I am looking to buy property in Grand Isle and have talked to all known G.I. real estate agents. All of the realtors just seem so laid back, unwilling to help or answer....  Read More
9 hours ago
Capt. Tommy PellegrinProfile Photo
Site Sponsor Capt. Tommy Pellegrin
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Check out this insane action from this past week. the show will air in a couple of weeks. Want to try your luck at finding this give me a call. #capttommypellegrin
August 31 at 5:12pm
ebabin4Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Hello. I am a die hard deer hunter. Been duck hunting a few times (dont have much experience) when invited along with friends. However, this year i would like my 8 year old to experience it. I would like to take him in the Biloxi Marsh WMA (I fish around that area). Im not asking for spots to go, just pointers on what to look for, types of decoys, etc.... I have a 12' riveted boat, like this....  Read More
16 hours ago
sorrentoangler15Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
  • my portion I took home for the taking
  • Little brother's half he took home.. ca ce Bon!
The little brother, and myself, headed down to good ol Cocodrie Louisiana to give the trout something to chew on and boy did we ever! We wound up catching over each a limit and losing a few in the process also yielding some catches that were rendered too small. We played catch and release with a few trout, reds and sheephead but overall wound up with a damn good mess of fish! We probably had....  Read More
August 31 at 3:22pm
cowboymike9248Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Coming down this weekend with a few friends, never fished this area. Looking to get on some reds and specs and maybe some flounder. any suggestions on where to fish, where can we get live bait and does cell service work in the marsh, don't have GPS on boat so need to know if I have to buy a handheld or if my phone will work out there. any advise would be greatly appreciated. Gonna launch at Co....  Read More
August 31 at 4:26pm
PontTailBanditProfile Photo
Public Lands in Central Louisiana
Thinking about making some hunts this year in spring bayou or grassy lake areas but I'm wondering how many people Hunt those areas and how access able they are aNY advice welcome
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June 14 at 11:55am
trout slayerProfile Photo
Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
I took my neighbor out fishing this weekend down in Delacroix and as I was backing up my boat at Sweetwater Capt. Jack asked where I was going I had not launched my boat since the day of the boat blessing so it had been a few weeks since I had been on the water, that day the water was chocolate milk every where I went so I told him I didn't know I was going look around and try to find some....  Read More
12 hours ago
mike the tigreProfile Photo
General in Southeast Louisiana
Any interest in helping me get the TED law changed so that a handicapped or senior citizen can use a mechanical device to shrimp for recreational purposes. I believe it is a law that needs to change
14 hours ago
bonefishyakProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
I'm making a kayak trip down to Grande Isle next week with 6 other kayakers. It will be our first time to the island. Any suggestions where to launch, fish, tackle etc.
July 03 at 5:03pm
MandevillianProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Lonely PLine Red 6 13 2015
Took quick glance at Accuweather and realized me and duck-hunting buddy had very slight window of opportunity to chase some PowerLine Pilings reds and we made the trek across the big pond and we were greeted with less-than-ideal conditions at the Williams Blvd Launch and buddy decided to stay put and I stuck to plan,hit few pilings and only managed exactly one bite and one fish,decent 17 inch....  Read More
June 13 at 10:47am
Capt. Tommy PellegrinProfile Photo
Site Sponsor Capt. Tommy Pellegrin
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Bruce Neagle and J'Rome brought their ladies out for a day of fishing and these ladies had the time of their lives. As you can see from the pictures the fish were on from the start of the day. Just at sunrise the first fish hit and it never stopped till the box was almost full. Cracked crab, live pogies and live mullets were the bait of choice this day. It was a one stop shop for the big fish....  Read More
16 hours ago
Bourgeois ChartersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Lafitte in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • That's a table of fish!! IIEEEEEEE
  • Another nice 'griller'
  • Another nice 'keeper'
Capt. Kevin slammed the redfish again. The red fish bite is outstanding in the marsh area south of Lafitte. Capt. Kevin put his last charter on some great sized grilling fish. Most of the fish were caught on market shrimp under a Bomber cork, but a few were caught on gold spoons and spinner baits. Capt. Kevin has knowledge of areas with moving water around points with freshwater grass holding....  Read More
16 hours ago
creditcardguyProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in The Rigolets / Lake Catherine in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • I can't feel my arms!!!!
Saturday around 2pm Jeremy hooked into this Jack Cravelle (Sawmill Pass at the mouth of Lake Catherine). Had to pull up the anchor quick and the chase was on. 45 minutes and about a half mile later we got this sucker in the boat. I have never seen a fish fight like this in my life, it would not give up!

This is first Jack I've actually seen in this area but I've been spooled before....  Read More
August 30 at 9:21am
mcnallyoutdoorsProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Outside Louisiana
Successful fishing is not complicated, and here's one simple step to catching more fish using jigs.
17 hours ago
speckle_searcherProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
Larry Reynold---- LDWF, Schedule 6 meeting in Sept. for waterfowl hunting. This meeting is to set the 2016-17 through 2020-21 hunting season on season, waterfowl and splits the 6 meeting will be in Bossier City, West Monroe, Alexandria, Lafayette, Jefferson, Laker Charles. with big changes like that we need a meeting in the lower Parish like in Houma. thanks
August 28 at 2:03pm
chrispikeProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Teal Season is only days away!!!!

Fall is in the air, somewhat, only early early in the morning, but Teal season starts next weekend! We've been getting everything ready and brushing up some areas which we will be hunting and knocking the rust off the Teal equipment while anxiously waiting for September 12! We love Teal season down here in Delacroix because our freshwater marshes are THE....  Read More
Yesterday at 9:48pm
sweetwater marinaProfile Photo
Site Sponsor sweetwater marina
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Spectacular fishing today on Delacroix Island at Sweetwater Marina. Capt. Jack went out this morning with Capt. CT Williams to film a spot for the BIGFISH REPORT which will air Thursday night on FOX 8 NEWS at 9 and they only had to hit one spot to get what they needed and more. That one spot was Black Bay by one of the rigs. Fishing with live shrimp three feet under a popping cork they hauled....  Read More
Yesterday at 8:47pm
mcnallyoutdoorsProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Outside Louisiana
Rock jetties near open saltwater, with nearby marsh areas, offer coastal fishermen great action, where sometimes they get lucky and catch inshore 'slams' of flounder, seatrout and redfish.
Yesterday at 8:12pm
DeeloProfile Photo
Boats in Louisiana
We are looking to buy a floating house/fish camp. We are new at this and can't find any information on the net on what to do about maintenance on the steel pontoons underneath. What equipment is needed to pull it out of the water in order to paint and check the pontoons and how often is this needed? It is not motorized so it will be sitting in the water. It is an older houseboat with wood....  Read More
Yesterday at 6:31pm

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