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Bill collectorProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Shell Beach / Hopedale / Reggio in Southeast Louisiana
If you hunt the Biloxi Marsh with a mud boat you should contact LDWF. They are fixing to restrict it down to 16 hp and less with staight shaft only. I dont know if it will do any good, I think it is coming from the land owner and if LDWF does not do what they say they may pull the lease.
January 21 at 6:31am
poppincorkProfile Photo
Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
I am going to buy my grandson a lifetime license. He is 8 years old. He was born in Ms. but has lived here, in La., since he was 2. I can go up to Quail Drive in BR to apply for it. But what I would like to know is what kind of documentation will I need to get it and how do they accept payment? I'd like to get it on the first trip! Thanks for any help. Tom
June 27, 2014 at 6:27pm
DEHCProfile Photo
Hunting in Louisiana
Beginning the process of looking for hunting property for sale, primarily E/NE LA for duck hunting.
On many tracts with acreage enrolled in WRP (and sometimes CRP) programs, the price per acre is significantly lower than those not involved in those programs.
I understand that we all want as little government intervention on our property, but can someone who knows please explain to me why....  Read More
3 hours ago
-Duckaholic-Profile Photo
Opinions & Responses in Southwest Louisiana
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To the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries
Office of Wildlife


Much research and effort has been done to combat the explosion of feral hogs in many states across the country and especially in the south. Texas has been battling feral hogs and as a result has modified their hunting regulations to empower their ranchers, general citizenry and hunting public to battle this....  Read More
Yesterday at 9:30am
tennytariProfile Photo
Fishing in Cheniere Lake in Northeast Louisiana
Gone by class green films come world demand do something low don't go do go New York do don't bring the duck do on be do good world like the job the me Loan do friend good them to bring him the was attacked Metaboost sign night done Persia lime I the going to be over with work to try something lot of people forget about me your head in the triceps and then I Hannah ingoing....  Read More
3 hours ago
Test Force Max UltraProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Saline-Larto in Central Louisiana
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9 hours ago
DhammabalProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Recently moved to Louisiana from Amarillo Texas. Met some people who got me into fishing and I haven't had much luck lately. I see you need a boat to catch (I don't have a boat) and I haven't been having any luck doing onshore fishing. I have been fishing cypermort point and Henderson lake this past couple weeks and hasn't caught a red or speckled trout. I'm heading out to grand isle to see....  Read More
Yesterday at 8:35am
Dockside Bait and TackleProfile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
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  • Bass
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  • Reds
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Make sure to watch our Latest DockSide TV episode from Dockside Bait & Tackle. All fish were caught on Matrix Shad as we ventured out to the Perdido River in Florida. Ty Hibbs and I went blind and put another DockSide TV episode in the archive. Make sure to pick up your Matrix and Vortex Shad along with your Golden Eye....  Read More
February 24 at 10:29am
PREDATORProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in Louisiana
Can anyone give me some insight on what time of year are you subject to find tuna the closest to shore? Would like to target some with 2 24 foot bay boats. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
January 03 at 10:38am
FF1814Profile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
Hello All,

I am preparing to buy a 2072 Tracker Grizzly center console. I will be having a 115 HP motor on it with a dual axle trailer. I mainly intend to just fish fresh water on lakeds and rivers. Most of my fishing will be around central Louisiana, possibly a few other areas. I like that it is large for carrying many of my nieces and nephews fishing, running catfish traps, yo yo's,....  Read More
February 22 at 11:47pm
ajlbowtecheProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Louisiana
Can anyone out there help me with knowing about which Kayak would be good for a 64 year old man wanting to learn to fish from one?
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7 hours ago
jbcdn1stProfile Photo
Hunting in Louisiana
I was wondering what kind of experiences anyone had with there Packs. I have been through a couple of different brands and have not really been satisfied. Well, I went ahead and bought the Badlands Superday Pack and I love it. It has a great amount of storage and fits great to the body. Any feedback would be great.

6 hours ago
patrick roeschProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Louisiana
Any reports on Lake Chicot? Thinking about going check it out this weekend and wondering if anyone was catching
6 hours ago
Nola1324Profile Photo
Hog Hunting in Louisiana

I am currently hunting hogs stalking and over baited stands. I am having some luck but am interested in getting a bay dog as a pup and training him up. Does anyone have any advice for getting in with a group that trains hog dogs? Thanks very much in advance.
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February 23 at 2:50pm
BrycesandersProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
I am looking for some good bass fishing spots.\r\nAn is there any good bass fishing spots on the amite and what are they baiting on
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23 hours ago
matdeuxProfile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
Just wondering if anyone has experience with iphone apps for fishing? Something that has forecasts, barometric pressure, moon phases, and possibly maps. Thanks in advance
Yesterday at 12:02pm
Tmcbride10Profile Photo
Offshore Fishing in Venice in Southeast Louisiana
Hello guys, I am going to be coming down for a vacation from June 8th until I head home the following Sunday. I will be by myself. I was wanting to go on a tuna trip. As I said , it's just me. Does anyone know of someone that can find a spot for me on one of those days ? Or am I S.O.L.? I have talked to a couple captains and they don't put singles in with the groups. I have a big pontoon, but....  Read More
18 hours ago
debarani104Profile Photo
Other Hunting in Caddo Lake in Northwest Louisiana
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12 hours ago
azeemcool120Profile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
The three did notebook I out about I will be honest with you dare you know I couldn't believe that that was really do Iím Cynthia like okay you know what Iíve read so many things though are looking for old number Herbal X Direct Cleanse was like want to hold a degree with you mister you know Vita....  Read More
12 hours ago
Capt. Gray LongProfile Photo
Site Sponsor Capt. Gray Long
Offshore Fishing in Venice in Southeast Louisiana
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  • 130 lbs Yellow
  • Wahoo
  • 2 Man Limit of Yellow
Well its that time of year again and like clockwork, the Tuna and Wahoo bite has turned on.

We drove down to Miami to pick up the Triple Threat the first week of February and had her back in time to fish our first trips of the year, Feb 7 and 8th.... Both days were solid fishing. Wahoo, blackfin tuna, yellowfin tuna......Full box of fish both days. Capt Mitch also had good trips on the....  Read More
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February 20 at 10:54am

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