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bloodandgutsProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
Being that we are almost at the end of 1st split, this is a great time to post. Although there may be a select few areas killing ducks, most in this state are sharing the same sentiment: no ducks. Now if I had posted on Feb 1st to say that my lake was loaded to the gills with birds, the skeptics would say, 'those are not new birds, those are the southern birds that are starting to migrate....  Read More
17 hours ago
rocknetProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
My son Eric and caught I made a late trip Saturday, caught 5 really nice bass... with this one being the biggest. Had to fish worms extremely slow... if you reeled it all, they would not touch it.
52 minutes ago
equparkxProfile Photo
Turkey Hunting in Poverty Point Lake in Northeast Louisiana
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1 hour ago
ogre01Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
My partner drew a marsh blind at White Lake for today. Ducks and Specks galore, all over the place. Came home with 2 specks, 6 grays, 4 teal, and 1 widgeon. Knocked down but could not find 3 more specks. All blinds scored today, mostly with specks, mallards, and teal.

For those who claim the ducks are not down, they may not be where you hunt but they sure were where we hunted. The....  Read More
12 hours ago
PossumonahalfshellProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Northeast Louisiana
Photo Album
After getting a pic last year, I was wondering if this one was still around.
2 hours ago
wadacakeProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Northeast Louisiana
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3 hours ago
FishHeadSpinAnglerProfile Photo
Fishing in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Fishing Thanksgiving morning due to Wife having to work I went to Bayou DeCade and stopped at the first Street light at 4 am 1st cast got me a 24' red and limited out in about 20 min. Then went to Lake Mechant to wait on the Sunrise. North East side (of-course) and started fishing for Spec's by 10 only had 2 keepers and decided to go get my Limit on Bass so I headed back to Jug Lake and got....  Read More
3 hours ago
bayoubobProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Opinions...this hen was taken today. Came in with a big greenhead (both stayed)! Strongly resembles a hen mallard except for:

Speculum a little on green side (not very evident in photo) not quite as blue as true hen mallard

White wing bars not as heavy and distinct as true hen mallard

Bill has more of an olive color, not the orange of a true hen mallard

Thinking a....  Read More
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November 22 at 5:30pm
catfish2123Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in Louisiana
Ok I am trying to figure false river out a little, I have never done much to brag about here so I'm asking if someone can shed some light on what works best to catch bass out there, I'm talking about catching them in the day time not at night. I know there is a couple canals on each end and after that docks and more docks and brush piles that the locals have placed out, so what can I do to....  Read More
18 hours ago
archerdanProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Louisiana
Was curious if anyone has gotten a deer yet in Louisiana using suppressors? Or, any small game taken this year suppressed?
November 07 at 11:02pm
sweetwater marinaProfile Photo
Site Sponsor sweetwater marina
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Yet another spectacular day at Sweetwater Marina in Delacroix. The fishing was better than good today, but nothing like yesterday. Still all in all just a great day to be out on the water, a little bit of wind, but otherwise this is our kind of Winter weather. We think our run of great fishing and weather should continue tomorrow. We have been extremely busy at Sweetwater's launnch the last....  Read More
13 hours ago
Epic Fishing Charters LLCProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Pointe a la Hache in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
I had kevin and his crew on the blazer bay yesterday and it started out slow until the water warmed up a few degrees. After that it was game on pulling nice trout into the boat!! We ended the day with 40 nice specks and 2 reds.

Give me a call or text to book your trip

November 25 at 11:25am
fishieatenemoProfile Photo
Fishing in Empire / Buras in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Can anyone give me navigating advice out of Delta Marina? Can I take the route in blue to make it a straight shot offshore? Also at the mouth by the jetties, should I take route 1 or 2? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
21 hours ago
Capt. Travis Miller, Millertime Fishing ChartersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
For many of you weekend warriors the weather hasn't been kind lately but finally we had a day we could work with and many anglers were taking advantage of it. Stacie and crew were on the Bluewave this morning. Some jeans and a sweatshirt is all that was needed to be comfortable which is very odd at the end of November. Our fish have been on the move a lot lately with high water temps and high....  Read More
13 hours ago
luke hedleskyProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Louisiana
Hi, I'm new here, and new to hunting. I've hunted before, but always with my father. He moved away, and now I need the meat. I'd like to go after hogs, but I feel like paying to shoot a penned animal defeats the purpose of providing for myself. Does anybody have any suggestions for public places to hunt? I'm coming from calcasieu parish. I'm not too familiar with the wildlife maps. I know I....  Read More
November 23 at 8:06pm
CarencroRLProfile Photo
Fishing in Henderson Lake in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Lately, I've been fishing around the locks in Henderson for white bass and doing quite well. Early Friday morning I was jigging a silver spoon in the current and came up with a surprise. I immediately knew it was a subspecies when I pulled it out. Have these little guys been known to be caught down here? Everyone I've spoken to says they never had. Literally my first time seeing a Guadalupe....  Read More
19 hours ago
ShotgunRifle4WDProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Got on my stand early, and right away heard groups of pigs behind and in front of me. Pretty much heard them all morning until I got off the stand. When I made it back to the buggy, a group walked out at 40 yards. I knew a put some old broadheads on for something!!
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17 hours ago
Capt. Kim - Speckle Trout Guide ServiceProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album



CAPT.KIM 504 884 6027
18 hours ago
sweetwater marinaProfile Photo
Site Sponsor sweetwater marina
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
We know our reports maybe starting to sound a little redundant, but what can we say, the fishing in Delacroix was off the charts again today, and of course, we think the best place place to launch when you fish in Delacroix is Sweetwater Marina. Capt. Jack did not fish today, but we had our busiest day ever here at Sweetwater so we heard plenty of reports from our customers. And two of our....  Read More
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Yesterday at 8:14pm
Capt. Marty LaCoste - Absolute Fishing ChartersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
A great time was spent last night at the Reel Inn Lodge with our InoLECT customers. Good food, drinks, music and company. We loaded all the boats this morning and was out early. We got off to a real slow start as the fish did not want to cooperate at all. We started picking away with C-Seashad 2 ft under a cork in 5ft depths with a falling tide. We made a few moves with not much happening. ....  Read More
17 hours ago
Buck CommanderProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
Back Road Adventures crew canceling some speck flights a few weeks ago! Checkout the short video and be sure to subscribe to the channel!
18 hours ago
RambisProfile Photo
Fishing in Rockefeller Refuge in Southwest Louisiana
Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope you and your families had a very safe and blessed one.

My girlfriend, stepdaughter and myself are planning on going to the Lafayette/Vermillion Parish area to visit family and get a little taste of the outdoors this weekend. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any feedback, reports, or suggestions on what to plan for. We would most likely go....  Read More
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November 26 at 6:23pm
Goose Guides IncProfile Photo
Site Sponsor Goose Guides Inc
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Today we hunted with Randy Loup and his guests, he also allowed Paradise Louisiana Outdoors to participate. I think he got some good videos. Be on the lookout for the show with Goose Guides. Killed 13 Specklebelly Geese!
21 hours ago
Dockside Bait and TackleProfile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
Photo Album
Bumped into a boat full of good ones on Black Friday. Dont miss out on FREE shipping all weekend at www.MatrixShad.com all these fish were caught on lemon head yesterday.
Yesterday at 9:33am
deer1978Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Leeville / Golden Meadow in Southeast Louisiana
Going down to leeville Sunday for the first time since early September. How has everything been. East side or west side? Texaco oil field? Capt. Bob any suggestions? Any help appreciated!!
Yesterday at 12:55am

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