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mcnallyoutdoors Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Outside Louisiana
Working docks and tide waters for inshore gamefish.
30 seconds ago
gtspeck Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
I live in Kenner and was thinking about taking the grandchildren fishing.

I am looking at doing some Bass fishing and was woundering where to go at the Bonnie Carrie Spillway. I noticed there are 2 boat launches. Where would be the best place to start?

Any help would be appreciated.

3 hours ago
tombranch Profile Photo
General in Louisiana
I am just curious to see whether or not there are other people that refuse to purchase ethanol gas. If you respond below just state whether you only buy conventional or ethanol. Thanks.
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1 hour ago
corksucker Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
caught bass all weekend burning crankbaits. switched to a spoon just to see what would bite. caught some decent ones on big spoon- caught a variety on small spoon. spoons cast well and are less work than running a crankbait. caught well too
11 minutes ago
SpecCentral19 Profile Photo
Boats in Louisiana
I'm looking at purchasing a new aluminum bay boat in the 20 foot range. I know from past posts the the Xpress seems to be the consensus favorite, (keep in mind I'm excluding the premium aluminum models such as American Aluminum). I recently checked out the DLX 20 Bay by G3 with a 150, and really liked the looks and features. I know this is a new model for G3, but if anyone has any first.... Read More
43 minutes ago
hunt r Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Northeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Set my cam up to watch a jobsite. Got a very strange pic. Anyone got any idea what or how to clear the fuzz? Couple more for perspective.
Yesterday at 12:57pm
Capt. Marty LaCoste - Absolute Fishing Charters Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Farewell to the fishing grounds that have produced so many fish for all that frequented this incredible area. I sure hope the artificial reefs that are being talked about, really happen. I will believe it when I see it.
12 hours ago
kmhebert Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Does anyone do a saltwater fish tagging program. Which one would you recommend. Thanks
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12 hours ago
tuffhuntin Profile Photo
Technical in Louisiana
Photo Album
this piece has appeared ever since you guys ''UPDATED'' the site, it sure makes it a pain to read any of the stories posted, it blocks the beginning of each line at a certain level it does not appear when i am reading reports or ads, is there something i can do to get rid of this or can you guys do something to relocate it???
1 hour ago
Lagniappe Juice Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Went to Lafitte Saturday and ran down to Barataria Bay and the surrounding areas. Water was a stained and the trout bite was non existent for us. Only a couple of small throw backs. Started fishing our way back in with little success. Finally got a few keepers on the north end of Little Lake with 2 flounders and a red fish. Also threw back several small bass. Spoons caught the bass, red and the.... Read More
1 hour ago
Alphonse Duplechain Profile Photo
Boats in Southwest Louisiana
Good morning to all! I am seeking any advice I can get regarding boat performance. I currently own an 18' 44' custom with a vented tunnel and a stoke 2014 2 stroke Nissan 40. I am not sure of the make on of the prop but it is a 14 pitch with cup added to it. By myself, 5 gal of fuel, and three batteries( one at the rear and two under front deck) I run a solid 36 mph trimmed out. If I add.... Read More
July 25 at 10:15am
ElrayB Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Local bass club in the Des Allemands area (west St. Charles parish) looking for new members for the 2014 season. Established in 1997, our club is dedicated to the art of bass fishing and has a competitive, but friendly atmosphere. We are a member of the Assoc.of Louisiana Bass Clubs and fish the Best 6 tournament in Toledo Bend every year. We fish mostly SE Louisiana but do travel to other areas.... Read More
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January 16, 2013 at 4:24pm
carlvidrine Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Good trout bite even with west wind. We had several limits. The barges at Fourchon had lots of trout. Even caught some on plastic. First of the summer on plastic. They did not want croaker. Bring a lot of live shrimp because there are many undesirables along with trout.
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17 hours ago
kmhebert Profile Photo
Technical in Louisiana
I have a Johnson 200 on a sv2100 sea pro.The compression is good on all cylinders. It does not have a jack plate and not sure of prop size but only getting about 4500 rpms out of it. What you guys think. Prop issue?? Thanks!
12 hours ago
Capt. Marty LaCoste - Absolute Fishing Charters Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
James Wheeler was back onboard the big Bluewave today with his Son and daughter in law. We knew the trout bite was slow in the morning, but we had to give it a try (gotta go to know). Stained water and a ripping current at our first two stops produced a goose egg. We found better water at our third stop and the current wasn't running 20mph!!!! Second cast produced a big fat trout!! We.... Read More
12 hours ago
sweetwater marina Profile Photo
Site Sponsor    sweetwater marina
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
We had a busy day today at Sweetwater Marina in Delacroix. Capt. Jack did not have a charter, but folks who launched at Sweetwater did really well. Those who headed outside caught a decent amount of Trout, inside they were catching Reds and Bass.

We have plenty of live shrimp and would love to see you here at Sweetwater where customer service is our No. 1 priority. And remember, we are.... Read More
12 hours ago
combatlures Profile Photo
Fishing in Outside Louisiana
Photo Album
2012 Ranger Z518

200 Mercury Pro XS, 38 hours, warranty until March 2018

25 Tempest, 6' Slidemaster jackplate

Lowrance HD 8 & Lowrance HD 7 on bow with structure scan

82 lb Motor Guide

3 new batteries

3 bank Ranger charger

Keel guard

Hot Foot

Lighted rod box

Road armor on trailer, break away tongue


Text or call at 903-767-0764 for questions or.... Read More
13 hours ago
Mike12 Profile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
I am told that there were several Oil Platforms, Old well Heads &/or other Oilfield Sites within the Tiger Shoal area that have been removed in years past. I am interested to know if you have the coordinates for some of these sites and their removal dates(or estimated dates)? My reason is, Im assuming there is still some sort of rock or shell pad left behing which might be good for.... Read More
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
16 hours ago
Tiger Shoal wells
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ M-12~

Wow ! M-12, you are asking for a detailed positions of over 200 well sites ~ platforms in the Tiger Shoals area. This Shoal area is about 10 miles south southwest from the Southwest Pass of Vermillion Bay at a bearing of 201 Mag. It is a shoal area that appears on maps as a large banana laying in a east to west position. There are numerous well sites as well as wrecks and underwater mounds through the shoal area.

I do not have the time or the space to adequately provide you with all of the information you need but, I will provide you with some of the major sites and will steer you in a direction that you can obtain all of the information you need for yourself.

The United States coastline is divided into areas that are called LEASED BLOCK AREAS. These areas are usually named for a feature along the coast or an underwater geological feature. These leased areas are then divided into blocks, which is usually rectangular in shape specified by latitude and longitude using North American Datum of 1927 (NAD 27 DATUM). Yes, I know, the current World Geodetic System of 1984 (WGS 84) Datum is more accurate, but the leases were determined years ago using the older NAD 27 datum. I was told by U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE) people that it would nearly be an impossible task to amend all of the hundred thousands of leases with the WGS datum. New leases are now plotted in both NAD 27 and WGS 84 Datum. The government conducts lease sales for the right to explore and produce minerals from these lease blocks.

As there are no sign posts in the offshore waters, specific areas are called by their Leased Area and Block number, such as Vermillion ~ 50, meaning block 50 in the Vermillion Bay area.

First you will need a rough idea where these different sites are located. By that I mean in which of the U.S. Dept of the Interior, BOEMRE, Offshore LEASED BLOCKS your quests are located.

BOEMRE is a renamed bureau of what was the Department of the Interior, formally called the Mineral Management Services (MMS).

The location of the specific BLOCK number in the Leased Area the will put you in the general area were the platforms are located. The government then conducts lease sales for the right to explore and produce minerals from these lease blocks.

U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE) is the authorized agency to lease offshore areas for mineral exploration and production. All platforms are REQUIRED to be listed by MMS. They are the federal repository for the lease data and the exploration and production information in these areas. It is like a general grid system of the areas that will at least get you close to the area of your concern. They keep current and past well sites in a very detailed format.

The genesis of your search should start with the maps or charts that show these LEASED BLOCKS. NOAA Marine Chart 1116A ~ Leased Block for Mississippi River to Galveston TX shows the BOEMRE Leased Areas and the Leased Blocks within those areas. This chart covers the entire Northern Gulf of Mexico waters in the area from the mouth of the Mississippi River to Galveston TX.

For those of you who fish the mouth of the MS River eastward, get NOAA Marine Chart 1115A Leased Block for Cape St George FL, to Mississippi River Passes

After locating the LEASED BLOCK areas, you should also get a copy of the latest NOAA chart for the specific area which you are interested navigating in at least in 1:80,000 scale. The Tiger Shoals area is shown on NOAA Marine CHART 11349 ~ Vermillion Bay and Approaches. This chart will show the individual platforms in the area of coverage, underwater mounds, wrecks and other navigation features. The chart also shows underwater pipelines designated by a series of dots followed immediately with a small line.

They are in their self worth while investment for the offshore navigator. When getting these charts, be sure to get the latest version by (year) that is available. But historic charts created ten years or so age would also be a great value to you as they would show the well-platform as they were then.

Almost any NOAA contract Chart Mapping Service that has a print on demand service should be able to provide you with these charts.

The get the full use of the chart and the information you need, you can then access the Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE) web site @ http://www.gomr.mms.gov/index.html

Under the FAST FACTS ~ API List searching program, you can search by Leased Area, by Leased Block and well number or well name. You can even search for DATE THE WELL was closed or removed. The program will then produce all the data that meet your search criteria. Search in the PLATFORM STRUCTURE topic. Go to their web page at: http://www.data.boem.gov/homepg/data_center/platform/platform/master.asp

Select the Leased Area, then the Block number or just the removal date.

By noting the Leased Areas, you can select a specific area and even certain of the individual Blocks in the area for existing leases and or platforms. This program is a very valuable tool for the offshore fisherman.

After defining the area/block you are interested in the program will display all of the platforms in that area or block. They mostly just have a number of the platform, but sometimes indicate the common or given name of the facility, i.e. BRUTUS, RAM POWELL, etc. The position figures are usually stated in Decimal Degrees and were determined by using NAD 27 Datum. Once you have these positions you can then enter them manually into your GPS unit.

Again Remember, that the position format in your program or GPS unit, MUST agree with the MMS format or you MUST convert the decimal degrees into the format that you use in your unit or temporarily change the POSITION FORMAT in your GPS unit to Decimal Degrees and NAD 27 DATUM and enter the positions. Then change the Position Format and the DATUM back to the one that you normally use. The internal GPS software will do the conversion for you. This is extremely important when trying to find an underwater site that has no surface landmark.

By selecting the specific areas you will have all of the existing or removed platforms in that leased block

Now that you know HOW TO, I have taken the opportunity to plot SOME of the over 400 rigs and platforms in the area you indicated.

These clusters of rigs underwater mounds and wrecks are located in or on the Tiger Shoal area. Most of the platforms are of were located in North Marsh Island Leased Area blocks 208, 209, 210, 212, 230, 231, 232, 234, 235, 236, 237, 239, and The Vermillion Area Leased Blocks 30, 31,33, 50, 51, 52, 53, 69, 70, and 71. As previously stated, the area is crossed with numerous pipelines which in themselves offer fishing structure.

Here are some of the wells and other hazards objects in the Tiger Shoal. The

names of the sites were as to the type of feature the represent. The Tiger names are my designation of the well sites.

Name Latitude Longitude

Mound 01 29 26.4423 N 092 06.2012 W

Mound 02 29 25.6454 N 092 05.6919 W

Mound 03 29 25.2642 N 092 06.2803 W

Mound 04 29 24.9089 N 092 06.7305 W

Mound 05 29 24.5624 N 092 06.9185 W

Mound 06 29 24.3068 N 092 06.8940 W

Mound 07 29 23.8647 N 092 06.7358 W

Mound 08 29 23.3362 N 092 07.1958 W

Mound 09 29 23.0718 N 092 07.2305 W

Tiger 01 29 26.8278 N 092 11.6187 W

Tiger 02 29 26.9014 N 092 11.7817 W

Tiger 03 29 26.8883 N 092 11.5396 W

Tiger 04 29 26.9187 N 092 10.3965 W

Tiger 06 29 26.6199 N 092 10.5898 W

Tiger 07 29 26.7021 N 092 10.1196 W

Tiger 08 29 26.3384 N 092 11.7026 W

Tiger 09 29 26.0828 N 092 11.5298 W

Tiger 10 29 25.9745 N 092 11.2822 W

Tiger 11 29 26.2733 N 092 10.1294 W

Tiger 12 29 26.5203 N 092 09.0806 W

Tiger 13 29 26.0741 N 092 09.5410 W

Tiger 14 29 26.7802 N 092 04.7271 W

Tiger 15 29 26.9534 N 092 04.8853 W

Tiger 17 29 27.0312 N 092 04.8359 W

Tiger 18 29 26.7931 N 092 04.8457 W

Tiger 19 29 26.7844 N 092 04.5044 W

Tiger 20 29 26.8927 N 092 04.6924 W

Tiger 21 29 26.5852 N 092 04.7915 W

Tiger 22 29 26.2733 N 092 04.7964 W

Tiger 23 29 26.0741 N 092 05.1079 W

Tiger 24 29 26.3470 N 092 05.1523 W

Tiger 25 29 26.0698 N 092 06.3301 W

Tiger 26 29 26.3773 N 092 04.1431 W

Tiger 27 29 26.4727 N 092 03.7080 W

Tiger 28 29 26.8711 N 092 03.9355 W

Tiger 28 29 26.6459 N 092 04.0146 W

Tiger 29 29 27.1829 N 092 03.4014 W

Tiger 30 29 27.8237 N 092 04.2520 W

Tiger 31 29 26.8104 N 092 03.3418 W

Tiger 33 29 27.7112 N 092 03.7476 W

Tiger 34 29 28.8455 N 092 04.0542 W

Tiger 35 29 27.9883 N 092 03.1440 W

Wreck 01 29 26.4769 N 092 04.4995 W

Wreck 02 29 24.2634 N 092 01.0312 W

Wreck 03 29 27.9796 N 092 05.0142 W

Wreck 04 29 23.4315 N 092 06.6963 W

Wreck 05 29 28.4905 N 092 06.6860 W

Wreck 06 29 22.5908 N 092 03.7178 W

Wreck 07 29 28.5511 N 092 07.5767 W

Unless otherwise specified, all of my positions are stated as Degrees, minutes and thousandths of minutes (DDD,MM.mmmm) and were determined using WGS 84 Datum. All bearings and courses are stated in Magnetic degrees and statute miles

Captain Paul
Yesterday at 11:00am
hueydoorgunner Profile Photo
Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
Photo Album
I just had some work done on my hunting rifle before the season starts and wanted to share. Its not often I do this but I'm extremely satisfied with the work. He polished the feed ramp, the action, and the safety. To finish it off he installed a new stock and applied a beautiful Cerakote finish. I love it. Highly recommend this gentleman to tune up your rifle before the season starts. .... Read More
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13 hours ago
CuppedUpWaterfowl Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
Photo Album
Rent a three(3) man blind in a rice field for a Teal hunt in storied Gueydan, LA.


WEEKEND(Sat AND Sun) RATE - $700


For more information or to book your hunt today, email me at cuppedupwaterfowl@gmail.com
13 hours ago

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