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Report is Stickied. Sportsman AdminProfile Photo
General in Louisiana
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Hunting season is coming up, don't forget the Louisiana Sportsman free online classifieds are the easiest way to buy and sell guns, bows, duck boats or any hunting and fishing gear!

I spoke with one of our users today who posted his browning shotgun and in less than 24 hours had been contacted by over 10 users, had sold the gun for his asking price in cash and had 3 more users who said....  Read More
7 hours ago
AwfutheProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in Cheniere Lake in Northeast Louisiana
This is for using water samples iversonbunch different things you can do with water I was an accident a pretty normal are you putting the water samples in at 12 I magnum 642-874 much faster I little bit less accurate than perhaps your ass by trying to do is only about 100 or 200 thousand Martinez corruption get your cell phone if....  Read More
1 hour ago
kenspeckProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Holly Beach in Southwest Louisiana
I would suspect that the zone dates will be coming out soon. Anyone hear any unofficial dates for the coastal zone for 2015/2016?
July 15 at 10:17am
hashiannaProfile Photo
Fishing in Poverty Point Lake in Northeast Louisiana
Must be the lightest at C must start in order for that project to finish onetime and this must be the latest finished 642-874 I'm but Osteen must finish in order for the project to finish on time so you can see much like a bee don't know why I that she could be at the earliest here or the lightest their or any combination between....  Read More
1 hour ago
abeastandasavageProfile Photo
General in Outside Louisiana
what do you guys think of the shooting of cecil the lion by that dentist??? is he wrong or right!!! the world has him guilty as heck!!! I wish the people would pay more attention to the people in this world as they do the animals in this world???? there is something seriously wrong these days, real shame!!!!!
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5 hours ago
Robicheaux31Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Elmers Monday am. Fast action.
Took my 10 yrs old son and friend to GI sun and mon. Fished the rocks in front of state park, 27 specs, live shrimp. Mon an went to Elmers, crabbed before the weather got us. Grand Isle still a favorite.
12 hours ago
Check out Greg Hicks article on the home page. http://www.louisianasportsman.com/details.php?id=8483 I agree with Greg that this is a critical time for all of us. Social media rules whether you like it or not. We need to watch ourselves and not fan the flames of discontent that many have of hunting. Well written, well thought out article Greg, great job!
5 hours ago
MarshaltravisProfile Photo
Hog Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
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Killed in the kentwood area. No official weight but over 300lbs
13 hours ago
Turner_BurnerProfile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
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  • Blue Gill For The Grill!
Big One of The Day...caught without an IPad...lol
August 01 at 3:14pm
goodbenitoProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Bayou Bienvenue in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Maybe not quite a 'bounty' but to me and my son a good haul none the less! We threw live shrimp at the rocks just outside the mouth of Bayou Bienvenue. Picture perfect day and even caught a tagged redfish. Ended up with 2 5lb sheepshead and 3 redfish 16-17'. Threw back 2 nice bass and missed 3 nice reds due to equipment malfunctions.
August 02 at 9:04pm
Bourgeois Fishing Charters, Barataria LAProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Lafitte in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Big Trout.
  • Another big trout on top water baits
The Team Here at Bourgeois Fishing Charters are catching nice stringers of fish on the Islands and a few big ones to go with it. Scott Rawls and his crew caught a nice stringer of trout wade fishing the Chandeleurs and catching on topwater baits. we also used a few new Bodonk A donk sinking lures and caught very well.

Come let Bourgeois Fishing Charters....  Read More
12 hours ago
tobias74Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Trevor and the Bull
  • Jamie, Alicia, Trevor and Carlie Bassie/Robbie and Lea Denton mess of Reds
  • Box from August 2nd.  Filled to the top with gold!!
Had our friends(Bassies and Dentons) from Greenwood, MS at the camp this weekend. Put a steady mess of reds and drum in the boat on Saturday to provide us with a nice fish supper. Also caught plenty of crabs. Then on Sunday afternoon August 2nd, they put on a clinic. Redfish limits filling up the coolers. Trevor got a chance to fight a huge Bullred. Got plenty of Half Shells to take home....  Read More
Yesterday at 7:21am
I love fishy fingersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Sabine Lake in Southwest Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Good day to be on the water
I don't post many of my pics on this site but thought this was worth the shot because i have not had a day like this since i moved to Houston. Fished Sabine in my Kayak over an oyster reef and the fish were everywhere gorging on pogies. I fished nearly every color and style topwater but the c-eye pink she dog was the only one they wanted. All of these fish but 2 were caught on she dogs and....  Read More
12 hours ago
Hayden HarperProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Lake Borgne / Chef Menteur
Photo Album
Its been awhile since I've posted but I had to share this. Monday I made a trip out of rigolets marina and headed into lake borgne. At first light mullet were being crushed and so was my topwater. I was throwing topwater while the rest used live shrimp and It was every cast for about an hour. At the end of the morning we had 87 beautiful trout and 1 red. I made my first go pro video if yall....  Read More
July 29 at 9:31pm
BoysFromIllinoisProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Can anyone tell me what species shark this is? My father and I caught it last September while we were down in grand isle. Shark was CPR
July 28 at 11:41pm
rocknetProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Swamp Monster
Launched out of Segnette today, and caught several really nice bass. My son Eric stuck this swamp monster, and it put a show on. Don't see many bass filled out like that in August
August 02 at 11:00pm
Capt. Travis Miller, Millertime Fishing ChartersProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Some people go to movies, others play video games, but really if you want entertainment just go fishing on a Saturday. I could've sat on anchor with some popcorn today and got to see what the world is made of. Good people and ignorant people. Fortunately Justin Freeman, his wife, her friend Melanie and her son didn't have anyone rain on their parade. All the damage was away from us and to....  Read More
August 01 at 8:05pm
Capt Terry BrownProfile Photo
Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
With this nice weather we have been having along with some low tide ranges at night we have been on some really good shoots. Redfish and giant sheepshead has been our main targets. The sheepshead have been on the oysters beds while the redfish are on the clean muddy bottoms. This last trip we done we seen well over 100 redfish but with only 3 of us on the boat it turned into a Marathon on the....  Read More
16 hours ago
BonnieBlueProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Went out on Saturday 8/1. Started at Bayou Lacombe with a high tide and strong north winds. Turkey necks in the nets yielded no results. Moved over to Madisonville at the mouth of the Tchefuncte River, three crabs was all we got. Our only consolation was that no one else was catching any.
August 02 at 9:53pm
RED ROBINProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Made a short trip to C.B. Bay yesterday eve to ck. out the water,hadn't been out there this yr. water was clear,kept these five and threw back a few,caught on fresh pogie .
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August 02 at 8:17am
Chris Holmes , Louisiana Sportsman Field ReporterProfile Photo
Events & Announcements in Louisiana
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Hey guys. A couple of local anglers are going to launch their new product 'The Fish Call' on August 4, 2015 in Madisonville, La.

The product is a small, portable, electronic fish attractor that uses sound and vibration. I haven't personally tested the device, but have talked to the designers and have to say it is intriguing.

They are going to have a launch party to kick off a....  Read More
July 24 at 6:24am
HuckleberryProfile Photo
General in Louisiana
Photo Album
I wonder why?
July 31 at 9:03pm
Inshore Fishing in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • New place to Park
This was Saturday mornin out off hwy 1 across from our camp for the weekend i think he seen 3 driveways and took the middle one. When actually there was only 2
August 02 at 8:25pm
shotgunktProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
Mother in law went crabbing yesterday on Elmer's Isle from 9-4 and caught 6 crabs all day.
I went this morning from 6-noon and got 9 doz mixed. Almost all were caught between day break and 8am.
A lot of people fishing on the surf, kayak and from their boat and did not see one person land a keeper all day.
Just a FYI...
August 02 at 4:06pm
Shoepick SmugglerProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in South Central Louisiana
4 limits by 8:30am
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Yesterday at 9:35am

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