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d-boyzsProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Chicot Lake in South Central Louisiana
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Was curious to see how many of yall have fished chicot lately. Me and a buddy fish it every thursday and have done decent but nothing to brag about and very few good size fish. He has been fishing it for some time now and said its a lot different then it use to be.
30 minutes ago
motorboatProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in Louisiana
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  • Do not hire this guy
Charter Snapper Captains: If you supported Amendment 40, please check in here. I hope no one ever uses your services again. I will make it a personal point to dissuade anyone to charter your boat.

At the forefront is Captain Steve Tomeny. If the readers of this forum have other names, please post them....  Read More
October 24 at 8:05am
Dr. SpotProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Lake Borgne / Chef Menteur
Photo Album
  • Two day total from Lake Borgne
  • Lake Borgne has some doormats right now
Did a two-fer at Chef Pass. Fished the afternoon incoming tide Friday, and Saturday morning falling tide. My Father-In-Law Jerry joined me Friday. We had to stick-and-move and stay out of the north wind, but steadily put trout, reds, doormat flounder, and sheephead in the boat. We fished the Lake Borgne shoreline, cuts, and inside marsh. Live shrimp deep under a cork worked best, but also used a....  Read More
October 26 at 10:50am
Dockside Bait and TackleProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Louisiana
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  • Nice
  • Bull
  • Nice
Out trying to stick a few hogs in big NE wind for GUS's tent Sale tomorrow. Come see us and get in on 25 pack MATRIX SHAD packs as this mule was just caught on Magneto on a 1/2oz Bull's eye. Broke off another stud. And Mark Landed bull red on Lemon Head. Slow fishing but Big Bites. www.MatrixShad.com
19 hours ago
Squid RowProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Leeville / Golden Meadow in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Son in Law with Red
  • Fish Box
  • Sunrise at Leeville
Fished this past Friday out of Leeville. Weather was perfect and had a falling tide most the morning. Fished my usual spots along the power lines on East side where I found the water looking allot better than on the West. The catfish seemed to be stacked up in there more than normal and feasted pretty well on live minnows. We switched over to soft plastics using Lemon head Matrix Shads, H&H....  Read More
September 15 at 9:49pm
Dbl beardProfile Photo
Hunting in Louisiana
We are spending a lot of money on the bear population when they are populating to casual sightings but yet, we have a seriouse problem with the hogs . They are getting way out of hand.. Why don't we put a bounty on the hogs like they did with the nutria. The hogs are pushing a lot of deer out and are multiplying faster than we are killing them !! At this rate, lousiana will be the hogs paridise!
October 29 at 10:53am
Tat2YakProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Fished Bayou Lacombe last Sunday and actually caught fish with the camera rolling. Usually the camera means I won't catch anything. All fish caught on a mirrolure twitch-bait and Matrix Shad. You may see them in the video.
13 hours ago
John RuckerProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Bayou Bienvenue in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Box Shot
The fishing in Bayou Bienvenue is in full swing. I fished with Phillip and Brett yesterday and fount fish at every stop. We fish the marsh and ledges in the ICW and caught a mixture of Specks, Reds, Bass, and a Flounder as well.

The fish we caught were full of small shrimp and minnows. We caught our Specks on Fin-S lures, TKO Shrimp, and Zoom Flukes Carolina rigged and The Reds, Bass,....  Read More
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Yesterday at 12:05am
F00MustangProfile Photo
Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Going to make my first run to Delacroix in the morning and launching at the famous Sweetwater Marina. Any advice? I

know the clues to look for but where should I be headed this time of year?
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15 hours ago
fishhfilesProfile Photo
Boats in Louisiana
Photo Album
.... I traded with a friend for some ATV parts and wound up with a GoDevil frame , old but good condition , took some measurements and couldn't find any motor that would fit the mounting pattern , called GoDevil with the mod and s/n and they told me it was a Yanmar diesel model which was old and rare , says I can use a Honda or such gas motor with a little fab work ---- has anyone ever had or....  Read More
May 09 at 6:02pm
R_BeardenProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in Louisiana
Will be down in Venice a day ahead of my group. want to take a day trip on Sunday 11/02. I know this is a long shot but is there anybody not booked up??
15 hours ago
tigerstaigerProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
A friend of mine bestowed upon me an 80 lb thrust saltwater minn kota trolling motor which he believes the shaft has frozen up. I figured i would take it and see if i could get it fixed. Does anyone know of a good trolling motor repairman?
October 08 at 1:03pm
kick-em-upProfile Photo
Public Lands in Red River South in Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Nightmares After checking the game cameras this weekend, I have a new respect when walking to my stands in the dark. Last week was my first encounter with a black bear in the wild and this week itís a huge alligator and adult male bear that are visiting my stand frequently. It was amazing to see an alligator in the middle of the woods with water a ľ of a mile away from my stand location. My son....  Read More
October 28 at 7:00am
JohnWayneProfile Photo
Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Can a 17hmr be used for small game hunting on a wma ? Sherburne for example. I thought i read a artical saying yes but not sure.
16 hours ago
boben2830Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in Southwest Louisiana
Photo Album
This boat was stolen from Sulphur 09-26-2014. Xpress 1546VJ. Dark grey factory paint, red Xpress decal with grey stripe down each side. Boat inside has beed sanded and prepped for new paint. Back deck has been cut out for fuel tank and battery storage. Motor 1999 Yamaha 25 3-cylinder 2 stroke. Nice motor new Yamaha paint with no decals. Ezloadr trailer. Reward if found. Call Bobby 337-764-5534
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October 02 at 12:54pm
camwade1Profile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Can send more pics
I have a 14'x40' flat bottom with a 15hp nissan motor runs very good. The boat is old so i have no papers on it but its in good shape no leaks. Its on a homemade trailor that needs a safety stamp. No title or registraion. $1000 obo. Text or call 9857508786 located in Bogalusa LA.
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18 hours ago
kenspeckProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Holly Beach in Southwest Louisiana
I want to give some praise to Mr. Larry Reynolds and others who through feedback from hunters pushed back the coastal zone big duck opener to 11/15/14. I have read recent DU reports from Minnesota in particular that seem to now justify this move to push back our opener a week. The northern tier states indicate a noticeable delayed migration so far in their hunting seasons. Everything seems a....  Read More
October 15 at 9:58am
  DAX  Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Photo Album
Hunted the whole 2nd weekend of Oct. and lost 10 lbs from sweating so much just sitting on stand! Got a short glimpse of this buck on Oct, 11th but no shot.

Oct. 15 weather finally cooled down some, so decided to make a quick trip just for the evening sit! Paid off, nice Mississippi Bow Buck.....
October 28 at 11:02am
monster77Profile Photo
Big Buck Photo Contest in Sabine River in Southwest Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Bear Creek 13
  • Bear Creek 13
Taken off of Bear Head Creek in Singer, Louisiana. I was headed to my stand to hopefully take a hog that evening, when he stepped in the lane looking for does.
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Yesterday at 1:52pm
dcupp74Profile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Calcasieu Lake in Southwest Louisiana
Need help with getting the Edge to transfer to Garmin 441. I've downloaded home port from Garmin but cannot find file to download to card in that screen.
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
19 hours ago
How to transfer the EDGE file to your GPS
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Dcpp74 ~

After you complete the installation of the Garmin Home Port program, you then find the folder where you placed the LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN, CAPTAIN PAULíS FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS.

That location is determined by you when you purchased the Edge program.

It may be on your Desk Top or in some other file in the Documents folder. Check it out. Then open the Home Port program and first click on the Library link and a drop down window will appear indicating the various folders in the Home Port Library.

Then click on the FILE button at the top left corner of the Home Port screen. A drop down window will appear. Click on the Import into New Folder. That drop window have a top box marked LOOK IN: Click on the arrow pointing down and a list of the files on your computer will appear. Select the folder of location where you put the EDGE file that you got from the Sportsman, then click on the .gpx or .gdb file and the program will transfer the data in to the folder in your Home Port program. Once there, click on the folder and all of the Edge waypoint will appear in the map in the Home Port program.

Once there, you can add to, delete, or edit any of these waypoints.

Then place the memory card for you GPS unit in the card reader of your computer. Once there select the EXPORT button in the Home Port program and transfer the data to a spare SD memory card to the GPS unit.

Sometime, you have to place the spare card in the card slot in the unit and turn the unit on and do any function on the screen of the GPS unit. This causes the unit to write a code to the spare card that will be recognized by the Home Port and after the transfer to the card by the GPS unit again.

Give me a call at 985-847-0536 if you need any additional help.

Keep Safe,

Captain Paul
Yesterday at 8:25am

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