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Freshwater Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
Photo Album
The weather is beginning to cool off and the water temperature is dropping. This signals the shad to start moving around. This is a great period on Toledo Bend to fish for sacalait (crappie). Fishing brush tops in the 15-25ft range water depth are key. The sacalait are filling up on shad, minnows, and small fry. We throw the Slim Jimmy in Salt N Pepper color this time of year because of the....  Read More
12 hours ago
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Bass Fishing in Toledo Bend in Central Louisiana
With the cooler weather, it seems like the fish are beginning their fall patterns. We saw a lot of shad moving around in the mornings and late evenings. With bass schooling up to feed on the balls of shad. Some fish are still deep while others are moving up shallow. Big Worms and Crankbaits are producing fish in the mornings and evenings. Soon we will be able to get bites on shad-type lures.....  Read More
15 hours ago
keith43Profile Photo
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Kayak Fishing in Louisiana
Photo Album
Hi fellow kayakers...I am Keith Fussell, owner of Red Alert Lures...

I am proud to announce that I am now the Louisiana Dealer for VIBE KAYAKS!!

I am sure most of you have nice yaks...but for those of you looking for a new one you owe it to yourself to check out the VIBE SEA GHOST 130 FISHING KAYAK!! It comes equipped with the following:
2 sealed hatches for extra gear and....  Read More
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August 14 at 6:35pm
B SharkProfile Photo
Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Looking for a good place to buy AGM deep cycle batteries on the Jefferson Parish east bank. I will need them installed.
50 minutes ago
rhardyProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Louisiana
What's the main Difference between a 24Ft Nautic Star 244 XTS an a 24Ft Blue Wave Pure Bay Bay boat.I have a Nautic Star Dealer 15 miles away an a Blue Wave dealer 70 miles away, the main difference i can see is the driving seats, i rather the blue wave swivel seats can you get the swivel seats on the Nautic star boat??????
August 20 at 2:42pm
TPProfile Photo
General in Louisiana
FYI, the scammers have found a way to circumvent at lease one line of defense. They are now using a text/phone app to get a local number. Suspicious, I called a couple of them and the VM picks up and says the text now subscriber is unavailable.

I assume they are hoping most folks will text so that they can mine your cell number to sell.
43 minutes ago
bamaduckProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
Checked the lease for teal. They are piling in a wet plowed field.

1 hour ago
AngieDavisProfile Photo
Events & Announcements in Louisiana
At least two of the ads I have inquired about today are scams. Every product that they are advertising is $2000. Insanely cheap for a few of the posted items. I emailed the two I was interested in, heard back from both and what do you know? Both are women you desperately need to be rid of things. One, a widow. The other, a divorcee. Not uncommon, however neither is in Louisiana because they have....  Read More
August 09 at 1:34am
Capt. ChristianProfile Photo
Site Sponsor Capt. Christian
Fishing in Louisiana
Fall fishing is right around the corner and our
Saints are ready to make a Super Bowl run. It's
that time of year again and we're running our
WHO DAT SPECIAL- 14 months for $169 (2 Free
months) for the month of September, but we're
starting it now so everyone has a chance to take
advantage before this Labor Day weekend! As
always, new and renewing members can....  Read More
9 hours ago
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
I am still in shock! I was fishing around the Sulphur mine on Saturday, using the trolling motor to move down the southeast side to the point and then work the southwest side with the gravel for reds. Had a close friend and his 22 year old son with me. I could see a boat coming from Last Island toward the point I was trolling around and that boat was coming fast. That boat pulled up about 50....  Read More
Yesterday at 1:00pm
HOT BOUDINProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Louisiana
What are everyones thoughts on patitioning to make lake ophelia a 6pt or better area? Also, cutting back to just 2 muzzleloader hunts rather than 3. Maybe increase the application fee, so that the federal government may still receive all there monies. Many people hunt lake ophelia for the opportunity to kill a wall hanger......Every year i see more and more spikes on the back of 4wheelers....  Read More
January 18, 2008 at 10:23am
Shoepick SmugglerProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in South Central Louisiana
Video from our trip this weekend.
August 12 at 9:26am
Ricky Aucoin, Louisiana Sportsman field reporterProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Morgan City in South Central Louisiana
My buddy David and I took a scouting trip down to the Atchafalaya Delta WMA early this morning. We saw 3 does and 10 million mosquitos and deer flies. The vegetation, as expected, is very thick and makes walking quite a chore at spots. The main thing we noticed is that due to the high water, quite a few new sand bars have popped up. This morning was high tide and the water has just begun to....  Read More
August 24 at 10:47am
ford truck manProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Shell Beach / Hopedale / Reggio in Southeast Louisiana
Using this website: http://www.lafishblog.com/google-earth-tutorial/ i learned how to plot a path with waypoints on google earth. The problem is i am unsure which format to use so it will work with my GPS. I have a month old Garmin 547xs. Does anyone know which format i am supposed to use? if needed i can list the options that GPSbabel gives me. thanks in advance
Captain Paul Profile Photo
Response by Captain Paul
August 25 at 10:39pm
Transferring Google to Garmin
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ The Truck Man ~

I’ll get to the heart of your question, but first I must offer a suggestion.

I know that you requested info on how to transfer a “Path” or “Track” and certainly you can do that, but it would be far better to install the data in your new GPS unit as a ROUTE.

A “Path, Track or Trail Back” feature is designed to be only a TEMPORARY route that records the track in a fashion that usually replaces the first part of the track back when all of the track back memory is used. It is called a wrap method, much like a fan belt traveling around a pulley. After using all of the memory, it starts over again from the point where the memory ran out.

In order to make a permanent record of your route, you must actually make and save a ROUTE. Routes are made up from a series of waypoints which the GPS unit connects, by a straight-line course. It assumes that you can navigate from one waypoint to another to another, to another, etc., etc. In addition, some units with the proper mapping software will design the route for you using existing waterways much as an automobile GPS unit would do. I prefer to designate my own routes as the software does not know my boat’s requirements.

Start from your launch. Mark and save it as a waypoint, then go to the first turn that you make in your course, mark and save it as your second waypoint, then to the next course change and mark and save it, then to the next, and the next, and the next, until you reach your destination. Then go to the route function and compile these waypoints into a route. Name and save the route. You will then have a permanent (if there really is such a thing) record of your voyage that you can summon and navigate over and over again.

In navigating the route with our GPS unit, you can select the MAP, HIGHWAY or COMPASS page to guide you through the route. As you reach one waypoint the course and direction to the next one will be provided. The unit will give you the distance and courses from one waypoint to the next and even an expected time of travel or arrival. To return back to the launch from your final waypoint, simply INVERT the route and navigate the courses back to the beginning.

Using the path of track feature to steer a vessel will cause you to have an ever increasing path line on the screen which will become thicker and thicker with each use. In addition it causes you to have to constantly look at the GPS screen. The unit will only store a very small amount of different tracks, where as that unit can accommodate 100 different routes.

With that out of the way, here is the information on the ”how to” accomplishment the data transfer.

The Garmin web site for the unit states, “If you have waypoints, tracks or frequently used routes stored on another manufacturer’s GPS product – or on a Garmin handheld device – now it’s easier than ever to transfer those items to your new Garmin chartplotter, via industry-standard GPX software formatting. GPX is an open standard format for GPS data exchange across platforms and applications. With this easy-to-use interface technology, Garmin has taken “no waypoint left behind” to a whole new level of trade-up convenience.”

The newer .gpx formatted data files are an effort to have one type of data file for the industry. However, some newer Garmin units require a data file to be written to a specific protocol Garmin calls an “.adm“ file.

I don’t believe that the GPS Babel program has a conversion to an .adm file format, but you can try the Babel conversion to a .gpx file format. But, don’t despair, there is a way.

But, before actually trying to write a file from a Garmin Data Transfer program to a spare and let me repeat, a SPARE, data card you must first place the memory card in the GPS unit and turn the unit on. I suggest that you do any function with the unit, simply changing a screen page will do. This procedure causes the GPS unit to install a code on the card that is recognized by the Garmin program in your computer and later again by the GPS unit. Without doing so, the GPS unit will not accept the data information. This is a must in trying to do data transfers. Trying to use an existing map data card for the transfer could over write existing map images thusly ruining the card.

First, save the Google Earth data to a file, I suggest saving it in the Google .XML format. I save my data to a folder I named GPS then in a sub folder for each of the different areas I fish and hunt.

Then, using one of Garmin’s data transfer programs, transfer the data first into the data program then onto a spare data card.

Garmin offers a free data transfer download program on their web site called HOME PORT. I strongly recommend that you install the program in your computer. It will save you time and effort in doing this and future transfers to and from the GPS unit and your computer. It will allow you to back up all of the waypoints, routes and tacks in your GPS unit to a file in your computer or on a thumb drive. They also provide a program for land use called BASE CAMP. Actually either will work but the Home Port program is designed for marine type units. Both are available from the Garmin web site at https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/prod64242.html

It is available for both Windows and Mac systems. As said, it is a free download. If you own a Garmin unit, you should have one of these two data transfer programs. This program allows you to install a Google file into the program then onto a data card as an .adm file.

Once installed in the Garmin program, click on the FILE icon then the Import from window to the file folder where you saved the Google .XLM file.

Once doing so all of Google data will appear in the Home Port program.

Place the spare memory card in your card reader. Then select the small icon at the top left of the screen that indicates two small GPS units. One is send “to device” and the other is “receive from.” Select the transfer “to” option and window will show the GPS model and serial number that was written on the card. In that window you will have an option of transferring it directly to the unit, or to the spare data card. If you have the unit connected directly to your computer select that option. If it is not, select the option that writes it to the data card.

One word of caution, when using the settings in your GPS unit as compared to the options in the Google Earth program be sure that the Datum agrees.

Let me explain. My information is that Google Earth uses a EGM96 Geoid in displaying their Google Earth programs. I believe that the Google Earth images are corrected to use WGS 84 datum. So if that is the datum that you use in your GPS unit, simply enter the Google coordinates into your unit. Be sure to check the position format to be sure that they also agree. You can either change the Position Format (Location) in your GPS unit or you can change the Google Earth display by going to the TOOLS/Options link at the top of the program and select what ever position format you normally use. Be sure that they agree.

So, if you are using your GPS unit in a relative flat area, such as Louisiana, or any sea level environment, I would assume that the figures are fairly accurate. However, if you are using the WAAS feature in your GPS unit in order to get the 3 meter accuracy via the differential system, your position via Google may only be to a position accuracy of 20 meters. Your WAAS activated GPS unit will produce a more accurate position fix on the actual position.

I would use the Google info but use it with suspect. When you get to the actual location you should use your WAAS activated GPS unit to “refine” the actual or true position.

Captain Paul
August 23 at 4:34pm
Bayou EProfile Photo
Other Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Photo Album
  • What is this?
I got this cat pic on my trail cam. First thought Bobcat, but tail is long. Maybe small Cougar but striped tail??????

Any Ideas.

Wesson MS
August 22 at 11:07pm
GrandBayouLabsProfile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in Louisiana
since you cant keep a paddlefish that has been snagged and they wont bite a fish bait, how do you legally catch and keep one? you are allowed 2 per day with size limits and they have to be dead...
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August 22 at 10:44am
JamiehopeProfile Photo
General in Central Louisiana
Hi Y'all!

My husband and I would like to move our family to Louisiana over the next year or two and will be taking a big trip in October to visit all of the areas we think we will like.

So far we have heard great things about Youngsville, Prarieville, and a few areas outside of New Orleans. We are open to other areas as well. My husband and I are huge hunting and fishing....  Read More
August 20 at 12:04pm
vineytreeProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Anybody else think Area 6 and 9 deer season dates need to change?
August 19 at 7:51pm
abeastandasavageProfile Photo
General in Outside Louisiana
happy days are here again!!!! al gore thinking(?????) about running for president again!!!I sure will sleep a lot better tonight!!!
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August 17 at 6:14pm
Drifter70454Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Louisiana
Effective July 1, 2015, the property known as Union Wildlife Management Area (WMA) will no longer be part of the department’s WMA program and will no longer be available for public use. In north Louisiana, optional state wildlife management areas available for public outdoor recreation include Bayou Pierre, Bayou Macon, Big Colewa Bayou, Bodcau , Jackson-Bienville, Loggy Bayou, Russell Sage and....  Read More
August 15 at 6:27pm
bayouratt85Profile Photo
Bass Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
I am returning to Bass Fishing after a 12 year hiatus. College, moving towns, jobs, kids, etc.

I tried bass fishing out of Bob's Bayou black marina on 8/8/15. Fished canals and cuts down the Capasaw from the Blue Bird to Lake Penchant. Spinner bait. Plastic worm. Buzz Bait. Plastic frog. Rattle Trap. NOT A SINGLE BITE.

I grew up fishing Lake Verret system and Atchafalaya....  Read More
August 13 at 10:57am
Proud PopProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Young Sam with last year's hunt strap
  • Opener of second split last year.
  • The experience is made up of much more than the kill.
Again this year, Fanny’s Family Hunting Club will be offering Guided hunts on its privately owned property in the Delacroix Area. Fanny’s Family has been hunting this marsh since the land was first divided and sold as trapping land. I was very fortunate to grow up and learn to hunt ducks at an early age from a family of duck hunting men. My earliest memories of hunting ducks were with my father....  Read More
August 10 at 1:36pm
drake101Profile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in Louisiana
Is it legal to use a spear/gig to catch catfish with.they have a place we frog and it is full of them swimming in the shallows.
August 06 at 10:09am
Deacon DanProfile Photo
Captain Paul - GPS Info in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
I want to publicly thank Captain Paul for his knowledge and assistance. I purchased Captain Paul's GPS waypoints for Lake Borgne. I was having difficulty uploading the waypoints to my GPS. I called Captain Paul, he spent approximately an hour on the phone in an effort to help me complete the upload. It was clear that there was a short between the operator(me) and the switch(my GPS). Captain....  Read More
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August 05 at 8:44am
CaseydulaneyProfile Photo
Offshore Fishing in Louisiana
I'm coming from Beaumont texas and I'm looking for the closest place besides a refuge to go fishing? Please help!
August 02 at 9:29pm

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