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duckhunter7777Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
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7 minutes ago
BR HunterProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
We hunt in a rice field on Hwy. 71 north of Krotz Springs........real slow year for us, this past weekend was better for some reason. Overall not a very good year.

How about you guys in your areas?
22 hours ago
duckhunter7777Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Shot on lease in des allemands 1/18/15. Banded in manitoba canada.
January 21 at 3:19pm
Archery in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
Any1 use the Toxic 100 grn broadheads on crossbow before??
1 hour ago
pengerranProfile Photo
Tournaments Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
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The FPBA held it's first tournament of 2015 on Sunday, 1/11 out of Menetre Park on the Tchefuncte River. 25 anglers showed up to fish on a day that was forcast to be cold and wet. Fishing was tough but one team figured them out and brought a 5 bass limit to the scales.
1st Dereck Paternostro and Darren Welch 7-11
2nd Patrick Engerran and Wayne Richardson 5-13
3rd Jason and....  Read More
2 hours ago
burnsy1Profile Photo
Deer Hunting in Henderson Lake in South Central Louisiana
Anyone hunt deer in Krotz Springs? I usually hunt east of the Atchafalaya. Can somebody give me some opinions on hunting that area? Also, what zone is it in? Thanks in advance for any info you can spare.
2 hours ago
bm1919Profile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Does anyone know an accessible area for kayak fishing for specs, reds, flounder, sheep, etc in early Feb? Any info is appreciated.
3 hours ago
shallow water anglerProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
Well I wanted to post my thoughts,opinions, and results for my hunting experience with the late season we had this year. We always have a pretty decent first week of the season. I was very excited to say the least about the decision to move the frame work of the coastal zone season back one week. As my lease is in the marsh less than 2 miles from the coast in a fresh water impoundment we always....  Read More
Yesterday at 11:07am
fireboyProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Thank god for Sweetwater!Why no one but Sweetwater is selling live bait this time of year?
3 hours ago
Learnin2FishProfile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Louisiana
Would anyone be willing to share the best areas to catch trout in a kayak right now? I am mainly looking for places to launch, and areas to fish.

I don't expect anyone to give away their secret spot or anything. But, any information shared would be greatly appreciated.

I have had reasonable luck with redfish down in Port Sulphur (launch behind the school) and out of Campos fishing....  Read More
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January 21 at 10:57am
new2saltProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Louisiana
looking for a safe route to orange bayou in delacroix. looks like i can go through bayou gentily to grand lake and hop right into orange bayou. i have never run that area before i have typically only fished four horse area in the past. are there obstructions or really shallow areas i need to watch out for. thanks for any help.
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Yesterday at 10:18am
push_pole_provProfile Photo
Hunting in Louisiana
Photo Album
Mobile users. Does anyone else find the pop up adds and prompts annoying? Below is a picture of what I am talking about. Can't close it or move it to the side and you have to move the content you are reading around the pop ups. Admins can we get that removed?
18 hours ago
wangelleProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
Photo Album
Conservation goose season starts Feb 2nd, hunts are now being booked for the first week (2nd-7th). Don't miss the last opportunity to hunt geese for this season, hunts are over 500+ snow decoys and electronic calls out of pit and layout blinds. Hunts are in Thornwell and 150$ per person with at least 5 people per hunt.
For more information please call or (preferably)text Brennan at (985)....  Read More
7 hours ago
clark robertson123Profile Photo
Tournaments Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Nicholls State University has created a Collegiate Bass fishing team to compete at college tournaments and at the highest level of collegiate bass fishing. On March 21st we will be hosting our first annual bass fishing open tournament fundraiser to help support the Nicholls bass fishing club. This tournament will be a fundraiser tournament to help our club with heavy expenses that we take on....  Read More
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20 hours ago
wannafish2Profile Photo
Boats in South Central Louisiana
Well, I've settled on the boat and dealer I will buy from. Now my question is decking. I'm looking for opinions regarding vinyl vs. carpet.
All input is appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
Yesterday at 9:05am
teetoddProfile Photo
Guns in Louisiana
I am looking for a NEW 22 rifle bolt action single shot NO CLIP. Cant seem to find a brand that still makes these. I want to shoot shorts and Aguila Super Colibri's. Any ideas?
January 23 at 12:10pm
skabozaProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Outside Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Butter Bean's Buck
200 lbs. 9 point . Roxie MS. 1/25/15
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22 hours ago
bloodandgutsProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Central Louisiana
2014-2015 season
I hunt in Evangeline Parish/'coastal zone'.

First split: we had no ducks

Second split: it was slim to none until new years, when ducks started showing up. We began shooting teal, then teal and mallards. As the season closed, pintails mixed in with them. Having the extra week really help put birds in the freezer as the last week was the best. Unfortunately my....  Read More
Yesterday at 11:36pm
greenhead61Profile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Well another season is in the books, and it was a fairly decent one. How'd everyone else fair? Ended up with a total of 131 ducks and 3 geese in 13 hunts. Hunted 2 man blinds just about entire season all on public land. Limits every hunt up until New Years then slowed down just a bit. Average came out to just over 10 birds a hunt and right at 5 birds per hunter per attempt. Here's the....  Read More
18 hours ago
Web Foot SlayerProfile Photo
General in Louisiana
Photo Album
  • 12 ducks, 17 coots.
The recent cold front did wonders for me and my dad last sunday we both made our limit by 9:45, and still had time to shoot the coots.
January 06 at 6:48pm

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