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SaltyRecAngler Profile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
Here are a few blogs pieces on the insane 11 day red snapper season and how it connects back to the Fed court decision on the case brought by commercial fishermen...

One on the original court decision:

And a few on the decision to reduce the snapper season to 11.... Read More
April 18 at 1:41pm
Sport-fisher Profile Photo
Fishing in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
Can anyone tell me how the grand isle fishing is doing right now most likely making a trip in a few days thanks for any help
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Yesterday at 11:47am
Spot remover 1 Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Leeville / Golden Meadow in Southeast Louisiana
Going to make a trip to Leeville thursday was gonna see if anyone had some tips on where I might could find some specks. Thanks in advance
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7 hours ago
LSUfan71 Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Fourchon / Grand Isle in Southeast Louisiana
Driving down in the morning to the Grand Isle area to fish from the bank. I know about the piers but are there any suggestions where my son and I can get to some nice fish from the shore?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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7 hours ago
seamaster Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
Why is there an absence of fishing reports from regular weekend warriors? All I see is reports from guide boats. The guides are the best, we all know that & this site is great for advertising but what about us blue collar boys?
If I end up with 6 or 8 fish for the day that's enough to feed my family. Come on boys lets weigh in with the big dogs & share a little info. I can only.... Read More
April 17 at 8:19pm
WhoDatChristian Profile Photo
Opinions & Responses in Calcasieu Lake in Southwest Louisiana
Hi all,

I'm a newbie and just went on a charter last weekend and had a blast. I wanted to check out the pier at Calcasieu and wondered if it would be worth it if I was only looking to catch 2-3 fish? If so, what kind of bait would you recommend?

thank you.
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April 09 at 9:58pm
MathGeek Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Calcasieu Lake in Southwest Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Hot spots for Bill Reds at Cameron Jetties
We've been slaying the bull reds in the Cameron Jetties this past year, boating an average of 6 or so per trip, sometimes wearing everyone out. Cracked crab on a 7/0 Gamagatsu Octopus J hook is much more effective than cut mullet. Great times. I've attached a pic of our favorite spots.

1. Good spot when it is too rough outside, about 50 yards N of green channel marker right across.... Read More
2 hours ago
MathGeek Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Holly Beach in Southwest Louisiana
Photo Album
  • Bull Redfish caught at the Beach!
Over the past few months, we've been catching bull reds consistently in the surf at Holly Beach. We prefer cracked crab for bait, but cut mullet have also worked well. 8 ft ugly sticks can put the bait far enough out, but we've done a bit better with the 12 ft surf rods.
2 hours ago
spraynpray Profile Photo
Freshwater Fishing in South Central Louisiana
Hey guys thinking about fishing the lakeview / nola city park ave never have been yet any hot spots ? Best bait ? Any tips in the area would be much appreciated
4 hours ago
TN Redfish Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
My wife with a massive bull red caught in Venice. Plastic under a cork, med action TFO rod did the work.
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April 15 at 8:35pm
dirtydog Profile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
OK guys. My old GE electric knife passed away after 15 years and can't find another one. Went to Wal Mart and tried the Hamilton beach and Black and Decker. Neither one lasted 15 fish. brought both back. Is there any electric knife out there that anyone can recommend? Thanks
Yesterday at 6:51am
Fishing Magician Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Shell Beach / Hopedale / Reggio in Southeast Louisiana
Fishing Magician Charterswould like to wish everyone reading this a Happy Easter. My family took off today to spend some quality time together. We will be back on the water again this week. Keep watching for our reports. As you may have seen our emails were hacked, however, we are now in business again. We also have a boat slip with electric hoists, electricity, water, and cleaning tables for.... Read More
5 hours ago
dafishspanker Profile Photo
General in Vermilion Bay in South Central Louisiana
Anybody got suggestions on getting a waterfront camp insured.
Camp is on pilings about 5 feet above flood elevation. Fire and liability only. Any recommendations appreciated. This is a drive up camp in city limits and not a boat access only location.
5 hours ago
rmelancon Profile Photo
General in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
I'm looking for a limited use Camp Sewage Treatment Plant. Most come between 50-75 gallons. If you have information on these units, email, text, or call 985-eight six zero-7674. Thanks.
6 hours ago
mjguillory Profile Photo
Other Hunting in Louisiana
I read an article several years ago that discussed several squirrel sub-species in Louisiana and gave the name of a very large, rare Fox squirrel that is indigenous to East Feliciana parish, as well as a taxidermist, near Clinton, that specializes in mounting these squirrels. Can anyone tell me the name of the squirrel and/or taxidermist, please? I can't remember or find information. For some.... Read More
Yesterday at 4:39pm
Gary Fishaholic Profile Photo
Events & Announcements in Louisiana
Happy Easter to everyone have a great day fishing or not.
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17 hours ago
abeastandasavage Profile Photo
Opinions & Responses in Louisiana
how old and how much would an alligator snapping turtle weigh with a shell length of 18 inches, thanks!!
Yesterday at 8:09pm
chucker Profile Photo
Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
anyone know if there is a dive shop in grand isle to fill dive tanks? Staying in a camp and plan on spearfishing a few days so need to get refilled. Any help would be great.
10 hours ago
brad1983 Profile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Southeast Louisiana
Thinking about fishing Lacombe area in the am. Just trying to see if anybody been doing any good there or going to be out there in the am. Just started kayak fishing and haven't been b out there in yrs.
Yesterday at 11:09pm
rangerz Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Larose in Southeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Got off to a late start this morning, over slept and had a dead cranking battery. Finally launched the boat around 8:00 am in Larose. Motored down to Golden Meadows to try the flats for reds or maybe some trout on top water. No luck, wind was ripping against the incoming tide. Went on down towards Lake Raccourci, no specks, just one ole bull red that got away. Came back to Catfish Bay and worked.... Read More
Yesterday at 9:28pm

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