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rougebacala2Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
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Got a chance to take a former Louisiana boy Trout fishing in Delacroix the day before Thanksgiving. He now resides in Florida where there daily limit of Speckle Trout is only 5 fish with a minimum size of 15'. Needless to say, He felt like he died and came back to heaven when we caught our 50 trout limit in about 3 hours in Delacroix. All caught on Vudu shrimp under a cork. Great Day, Good....  Read More
2 hours ago
sweetwater marinaProfile Photo
Fishing in Louisiana
It was a Great day of fishing once again down here at Sweetwater. 110 boats launched at the marina and at least 60 percent of the boats caught their limit in trout. Most people killed the reds. People couldn't believe the fish they were catching. It was just a spectacular day of fishing. Capt. Jack went out on a charter and they smoked the trout catching 94, 3 reds, and 6 bass. Good news is....  Read More
1 hour ago
Captain OldenProfile Photo
Site Sponsor Captain Olden
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
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Great time blasting ducks with David Poimboeuf and sons from Thibodaux today. They bagged a nice mix of redheads, gadwall, and teal. We still have dates available for next split and we will offer FREE lodging for blast and cast groups of 4 or more people between now and the end of the season. Call Capt Olden Rodrigue 985-856-6494 while the FREE lodging last.
2 hours ago
d-boyzsProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in Chicot Lake in South Central Louisiana
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Was curious to see how many of yall have fished chicot lately. Me and a buddy fish it every thursday and have done decent but nothing to brag about and very few good size fish. He has been fishing it for some time now and said its a lot different then it use to be.
October 31 at 11:53am
daberryProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain / Northshore in Southeast Louisiana
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  • stuffed to the gills
We caught some reds under the birds last week which were literally 'stuffed to the gills' with shrimp. Counted 21 shrimp and 1 croaker in the belly of a 20' red!
Redfish with shrimp étouffée on top!
November 22 at 2:19pm
NojProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Northeast Louisiana
Photo Album
Ok. I am stumped. Wash at kind of goose is this?
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November 24 at 5:09pm
intrnational harvesterProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
Just wanted to share a little hunting experience I had on turkey morning. I've been hunting ducks all my life, and I'm up there in age. I knocked down 2 pintail out of a group. One had a broken wing, the other looked to have terminal injuries as I watched it go down in some lillies. As I was fast tracking to the one with a broken wing in my pirogue, I noticed something out the side of my....  Read More
11 hours ago
bucksindabayouProfile Photo
Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
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10 point
4 hours ago
abeastandasavageProfile Photo
Recipes in Louisiana
anybody ever tried frying a duck like you fry a turkey?
4 hours ago
pengerranProfile Photo
Bass Fishing in South Central Louisiana
The Florida Parishes Bass Anglers are a new club started late this year. Our area of fishing will be mostly North Shore from Manchac to the East Pearl. Entry fee is $40 a boat and this is team or solo. We are a members only club that will start accepting dues for the 2015 year. We will be fishing two more tournaments this year without dues, 11/30/14 Bayou Liberty and 12/14/14 on the Tchefuncte....  Read More
November 24 at 2:17pm
MarshdeerProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Southeast Louisiana
Guys please provide comments/reviews of duck hunting shotguns. I am looking for reviews on Browning A5, Benelli, or Remington Versa Max. I am looking to see how they hold up to the elements of duck hunting Louisiana marshes, recoil, and how they feel when shouldered. Thanks in advance.
Yesterday at 6:28am
Capt. Clark - SeaCreatureCharters.com 985-563-2531Profile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Cocodrie / DuLarge in South Central Louisiana
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  • Louisiana speckle trout fishing with Captain Clark Trosclair.
  • Louisiana redfish and speckle trout fishing trips with Sea Creature Fishing Charters.
  • Speckled trout caught with Captain Clark Trosclair of Sea Creature Fishing Charters in Dulac, Louisi
We have been fishing for speckled trout in Dulac. The bait of choice has been chartreuse split tail sparkle beetle double rigs.
7 hours ago
F00MustangProfile Photo
Fishing in Bayou Bienvenue in Southeast Louisiana
How do you know when the locks will open and close? I've had buddies tell me about getting stuck outside for hours. I feel like if I could plan the times I'd be better off.
19 hours ago
JohnWayneProfile Photo
Hunting in South Central Louisiana
Can someone answer a few questions for me?
Taking my son deer hunting at sherburne wma and I needed to know how to tag a deer with the deer tags I received from walmart. The tags look just like the hunting and fishing license. Plz explain how to use these. Also if my 12yr old son kills a deer does he use my tags and fill his name out on the tag?
Thanks and sorry for not being....  Read More
22 hours ago
NickSProfile Photo
Deer Hunting in Southwest Louisiana
Photo Album
The rut got him on November 15th at 10am. He chased two does out and walked out behind them. We have two years of trail cam pics and videos of him. My best ever. 18.5' inside and 170lbs. Best part about it is my son and I were in the stand together again. He got his first deer two weeks ago. Great season so far.
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November 21 at 10:21pm
Capt. Kim - Speckle Trout Guide ServiceProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Delacroix Island in Southeast Louisiana
Due to a cancellation i have some days open.

The weather looks like it will be perfect.

Sunday 11-30

Monday 12-01

Tuesday 12-02

wednesday 12-03

call Capt. Kim(male)


Yesterday at 8:29pm
LaFisherMenKC12Profile Photo
Kayak Fishing in Central Louisiana
Photo Album
Went Wednesday, and water was low and clearest it has been in a while. This time of the year makes the biggest difference if you have the ability to stand up. I was able to spot reds left and right and even throw a spinner at a sheep head and he it, (Normally this never happens unless its dead shrimp). The drum was caught in deep water on dead shrimp. The reds just wanted something gold.....  Read More
18 hours ago
speckle_searcherProfile Photo
Inshore Fishing in Louisiana
Duck and Fishing report WED. 11-26-14 after killing a few duck we went fishing not to many trout, but lots of reds a 2 man limit of reds in know time, then we went after specks but we were still catching reds we did get few specks. 7 duck-10 red-11 speck.
Yesterday at 9:44am
bloodandgutsProfile Photo
Waterfowl and Duck Hunting in Louisiana
Northern coastal zone-Evangeline Parish

Ducks have been scarce. Killed a wood duck this am. No worries becaus LDWF is giving me a later season 2nd split!!!
20 hours ago

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