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Hunting Dogs in Baton Rouge
Bethany throws the smallest dogs. They will always look like a puppy even when grown. I have one of her grown female that I kept off last year's litter with puppies and u can't tell who is the pup. They run10 inches and 10lbs on average and sometimes smaller. I always keep the biggest off her cause they so small. She has 4 females and 2 males. They are open marked which means they have unique markings with lots of white. They are considered tri colors but their brown comes in later. These won't make it for Christmas but will be ready mid January. Their coloring is the brightest white against the shinnest blackest black which is super flashy. They stand out and catch peoples eye. We call these show stoppers because people will stop you to ask about them. They have the best personalities and make the perfect little house dogs and travel easy and great with kids. Veterinary 's #1 recommend choice for kids. They are the perfect therapy dog for depression because of their happy almost clown playfulness. I get people who buy them for loved ones who need nurturing. $750.00 deposit is $250 to hold located in Livingston 225-305-3833.
  • jeffcoair

Entered Thu Dec 7th, 2017 @ 10:18 am
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