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Expired - Anchor to rigs, bridges, pilings, and all above water struct
'The Captain's Hook' is the boat anchoring
system designed specifically for easy and safe
attachment to bridges, pilings, rig platforms, and many other structures.

The inability to get close enough to above
water structures due to sea conditions make it difficult to anchor to it by using just a rope and water depth can make it difficult to use
traditional boat anchoring systems. Damage to the boat and the risk of injury is a major
concern when tying to a bridge, oil rig, or any other above water structure.

The Captains Hook solves this problem by
providing a safe and easy way to anchor a boat to structures without the risk of injury or
damage to the boat. It is made from 3/4'
Metallic Tubing which is insulated to provide strength and durability. Each end of the hook is rubber coated to prevent it from scratching the surface of a boat. It comes with a
3/8' Stainless Steel Anchor Shackle to easily
attach a rope for anchoring. The hook
measure's approximately 44' long with the bend width being approximately 12' wide and the bend height approximately 9' long.

Purchase via Ebay:
  • Borderline Eleven Fishing

  • Borderline Eleven Fishing

  • Borderline Eleven Fishing

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