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Good Goose hunt with David Smith hunting Service

We had a good hunt with him yesterday. About 20 geese for 9 people.

I have a buddy that has been helping David out (semi-guiding) and I got an invite through my buddy to help out as well. I leaped at the opportunity.

I had heard a lot of bad things on the internet about Smith's service, but been hearing pretty good things from my buddy. They killed about 60 last weekend in the fog.

Smith leases a ton of land, so he has a lot of choices. There were piles of geese roosted up on one of his spots and that is what we hit yesterday. We got there about 45 minutes before shooting, flushed the geese out of the hole and started putting out dekes. We put out about a dozen full body specks and about 300 silo-socks. We had 9 people and were spread out along the levee. Smith got us all together before the hunt and explained the rules of the hunt before a quick prayer. There were 2 first time hunters, so it was good we discussed the rules. Smith explained that he wanted everyone to shoot, wanted the geese to get in the middle of everyone, so he would call the shots. Singles would creep in and we wouldn't see them until too late, so we did have some failed opportunities.

I thought the hunting was really good. We had one flock of ross's at about 20 yards. They looked like german dive bombers coming in!!! It was crazy, but we only killed 2??? Another time 6 Ross's came in and we got 3. The rest of the snows and blues were in the 40-50 yard range. Mostly singles and pairs. It was bright with no wind yesterday. Tough conditions.

We killed a single speck early, but it wasn't until a little later until we started killing more. One speck had feet out about to land and we killed him. Another was coming in for landing and we got him.....There was a flock of 8 that we got within 40 yards. I had my head down buried and I could see their shadows on the ground they were so close....I could hear their wings beating and the murmuring. I could feel them things I swear. Heck they might of been within 20 yards when the shot got called. We got 5 of those.

To me the hunt was great because of those ross's dive bombing and the one of flock of specks that bit just right!

There are a LOT of geese on his spots right now. If I had to guess I would say we jumped about 5 thousand over a 2 mile track to the hunting spot. Based off of what I saw I would think Conservation season is going to be on over there!