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How's it goin ya'll? Little background on me, I'm currently in Montana and I have lived here for the last 20 years. I'm originally from Sulphur, LA and have a bunch of family still there. I get back to visit, fish, and hunt every once in a while.

Anyways, I'm in the process of applying to grad schools and SLU interests me. Being able to catch some reds and specks only makes the interest stronger. I've lived in a town of less than 2500 people so I'm pretty sheltered as far as more populated areas go. I've been looking up all the info I can on Hammond and the crime stats make me kind of hesitant to pursue this option. If any of ya'll can fill me in on anything about Hammond, I'd really appreciate it. I just don't want to pick up and move my wife 2500 miles from home (if i got accepted) and hate being there. Anything you can tell me will help! Thanks
January 09, 2013 at 12:19am
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Posted January 09, 2013 at 1:29am
not a shabby place

I am technically not from Hammond, but I was born and raised in Ponchatoula... which borders Hammond. I don't know much about the crime rates but I can tell you it's the same here as it is anywhere else, there are good sides of town and there are not so good sides of town. I enjoy living here and don't plan to ever leave. It's also pretty easy to find a place that's got some privacy and not stuck in the middle of the city ruckus. There is pretty good fishing and some decent hunting in the area at the right times of year, but you gotta know where to go.

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Posted January 09, 2013 at 7:48am

I have lived in hammond since 2001. Crime as far as theft is like any other smaller city. Its far less than Baton Rouge or New Orleans. Murders in Hammond are very very rare. Its mostly a college town centered around SLU with plenty of nightlife establishments (bars and restaurants). I grew up in Baton Rouge and work in New Orleans now and there is no way I would ever live in either of those cities now. Ponchatoula is a great little city that borders Hammond and I would recommend to anyone to live there. The downtown area of Ponchy is full of antique shops and cafe's and hometown pubs. The fresh water fishing around hammond can be great, its like anywhere else you just gotta get out there and go find the right areas and its an hour and a half from good salt water fishing. There are a couple hunting clubs around hammond/Ponchatoula and several WMA's very near for the public (Joyce,Maurepas,Manchac,Lake Ramsey,Hutchinson Creek, Tangipahoa School Board,Sandy Hollow,Pearl River/Honey Island). If your single or just wanna look, Hammond/Ponchatoula is slap full of the hottest women around. The smart girls go to LSU, the hott ones go to SLU!

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