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Arkansas Trip Advice

Hey yall!

Hope yall had a great Christmas and that the hunting season is treating you well. Looking for some advice here. A few buddies and I are planning a trip to do some duck hunting up in Arkansas in mid January. We are planning on taking an RV and hunting public land with no guide. I think we are going to skip Bayou Meto in favor of a less popular spot in the same area (have yall seen the videos of the 'boat races' at 4 am?! No thanks! - search for it on youtube if you haven't seen it). I expect the first couple days will be mostly scouting but hopefully we will be able to get into a few ducks. We have hunted public land a good bit down here but are just wanting to make sure we are aware of any huge differences in hunting etiquette or anything like that. Any general advice on anything regarding the trip would be appreciated - places to visit during the day, places to eat, general hunting areas to consider (not looking for specifics!), good RV spot (we are currently thinking we will set up in a camping area at a WMA), advice for hunting timber, decoy approach differences, etc.

Thanks, happy new year, and good huntin!
Their not much water this year so most of the public land is dry i can tag along with yall and hunt and show yall some spots The Duckman
Thanks and Possession Limit Question
Thanks for the response Roland. I've been following a lot of your posts. Looks like you've been able to put together some good hunts up there. I've heard about the issues with water. Hopefully we'll be able to find a few spots. You still gonna be up there around Jan 10? I remember reading you were heading to Texas at some point. Maybe we'll see you up there. Good luck with the rest of your season!

For any reading, one other question I have is about possession limits of ducks. If we are on a trip like this and wind up with more than our possession limits (as in 3 limits of ducks for example), are we okay if we tag them or is this completely not allowed?

Thanks again and good huntin!
If yall got room i would hunt with yall a few days you can only have a 2 day possesion of ducks and some wma you can only have 15 shells and kill 4 ducks but the hunting can be good but water is a main issue call me 985-414-4997
Hey Roland,

Sorry I didn't wind up getting in touch with you. We were a bit further from Stuttgart than I had anticipated and with the lineup starts we didn't have much room for more weight in the boat. I think we will make it back next season though, so maybe then.

Like I expected we didn't take anything the first two days - no opportunities day 1, a few opportunities on day 2 (and a GoPro camera in the water with a hunter to follow). Day 3 was some of the best public land hunting I have experienced. The mallards really do swarm and come down vertically in Arkansas. Day 4 was okay and day 5 was pretty good and extremely cold - water splashed into the boat was ice within minutes. The throttle cable for the boat froze and broke that morning so we had to idle everywhere.

Overall a great trip that was a great learning experience and a good time with good friends. Definitely recommend to everyone traveling to hunt with your buddies at some point.

Only 4 months till teal season! Good huntin!