Hook’em Fishing’s Capt. Jay Auseve (985-637-7142) said bull reds and lunker specks will be roaming the Grand Isle beaches this month.

“Everybody familiar with the area knows summer brings nice trout along the Grand Isle beaches,” Auseve said. “They forage all along the beaches at Elmer’s Island, along the rocks, around Fifi Island and … inside the passes, as well. The big trout have been spawning, and eating up shrimp and baitfish.

“But in August a new big hitter enters the equation: Bull reds move along the beaches to spawn, and any cast you make could produce one or the other — a big trout or a bigger redfish.”

Auseve has lived on the Island since he was 15 years old and has been a charter guide since 1994. 

“In all these years the recipe for success has not changed,” he said. “Fish live croakers or live shrimp on a Carolina rig. I generally use a 3/8- or ½-ounce sinker, but when the tide is strong I’ll use up to a 1-ounce sinker — and I bring both live croakers and live shrimp in the bait wells.

“Generally, the croakers produce bigger trout, but when I see shrimp jumping along the shore I’ll use live shrimp because that’s what they’re feeding on. You want to have both.”

Auseve said trout have been schooled up in tight bunches lately, and its important to fan cast along the beach until you find them.

“If you cast just a boat length away you’ll miss them,” he said. “So once you catch a trout, keep hammering that spot for as long as it produces. Always look for sea gulls diving over bait and any sign of baitfish or shrimp in the water.

“When you fish along the rocks you’ll want to fish live shrimp under a cork, or you can free-line a live croaker. Remember not to set the hook immediately when you’re using croakers; specks will knock it first, but you have to let the trout start swimming away with it, then set the hook.”