A gift of a knife for Father’s Day might conjure up images of traditional blades and a stag handle — and those are great — but Benoit said a practical, hardworking knife that dad can use every day also makes an excellent choice.

Benchmade is the best-selling brand of knife at Bowie Outfitters — and with good reason, according to store manager Lea Benoit.

“It’s one of those you’re going to carry every day, you can beat it up and you can use it to do whatever you want,” he said. “If something were to go wrong, they cover it and they sharpen it for life.

“If the blade ever goes dull to where you can’t get an edge back on it, all you have to do is ship it them and it’s a $5 charge for return shipping and they professionally resharpen the knife and send it back to you.”

The knives start at $100 and up, and feature a lifetime warranty.

“You’re going to have that Benchmade knife for the rest of your life unless you lose it,” Benoit said. “It’s tough as nails, and if something does go wrong with it, they fix it for you.”

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