The race was on in the Palmetto State to see who would be the first to down an elusive 3 ½-year-old piebald buck, and Jeff Kirkley was the very first hunter to make it to the finishing line on opening day.

Kirkley said the buck started showing up on his trail cameras — and those of several of his neighbors — again last month, so he came up with a game plan to keep the unique buck from leaving.

He found a spot in the middle of a 25-acre soybean field close to mature persimmon trees, and put out a good blend of feed to keep the deer interested.

Sure enough, the plan worked and the deer showed up on his trail camera on the very first night the feed was out.

Now, he just needed to wait for the season to open, and he got his chance on Sept. 10, when the ghost buck showed up in the bean field. 

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