According to news reports, Eric Tabor is the first Thibodaux city councilman to publicly call for fellow member Chip Badeaux's resignation in connection with his guilty plea last month in federal court for hunting ducks with lead shot.

Badeaux, contacted this morning, says he will not resign and had no further comment.

In a statement released today, Tabor said Badeaux's conviction in federal court and his subsequent actions are unacceptable.

"While I acknowledge that his resignation is in no way required by Thibodaux's Home Rule Charter, I feel it is simply the right thing for Mr. Badeaux to do," Tabor said. "As legislators, we are honored and trusted with the responsibility of creating laws for our community. Being convicted of violating federal laws, on two separate occasions, is absolutely inappropriate behavior for an individual holding such a position.”

According to a report in the Houma Daily Courier, on March 10, Badeaux, 67, pleaded guilty in federal court to hunting ducks with lead shot on opening day and violating a three-year federal probation that included a hunting ban, according to the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Badeaux was fined $560 for hunting with lead shot and sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating a three-year hunting probation imposed after he shot and killed more than 50 ducks near Dularge in 2011, officials said. He is expected to report to federal prison by April 10.

Badeaux has said in the past that he does not plan to resign, characterizing the issue as a misdemeanor hunting citation.

Tabor said the council's course of action in the matter is limited.

"As per our current charter, Mr. Badeaux is not required to resign, nor can he be forced to by the council. However, I do expect a resolution to be proposed in this regard, and I assure you that I will fully support any measures taken by the council in this action," he said.

Tabor said he also disapproves of Badeaux's actions at the last City Council meeting, where former Councilman Eddie Hebert called for Badeaux's resignation.

Badeaux used an expletive to describe Hebert and walked out of the meeting.

"Directing expletives toward a constituent and leaving an ongoing meeting is outright disrespectful and certainly not behavior expected of a councilman," Tabor said. "It is my opinion that Mr. Badeaux owes an apology to the citizens of Thibodaux, especially Mr. Hebert, for these actions.”

The council will meet 5 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall, 310 West 2nd St. in Thibodaux.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Houma Daily Courier Staff Writer Meredith Burns filed this report.