According to Capt. Ryan Lambert, officials with Plaquemines Parish Government have reversed course and the Fort Jackson boat launch that was closed to the public earlier this week will once again allow free access to the Mississippi River.

“The old signs are still there, but they’re going to change them to ‘launch at your own risk,’”  said Lambert, with Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras. “They got their butts tore up on it. They said their deductible on their insurance was a $1 million deductible, and with the oil prices down $15 million already for this budget, what they really want to do is launch at your own risk.

“So they’re going to change the signs and say they’re not going to enforce it. They’re trying to get away from it as quick as they can.” has been unable to confirm this with a representative in parish government: Parish President Amos Cormier Jr., Councilman Kirk Lepine and District 9 Council Member Nicole Smith Williams have not returned phone calls seeking comment. will share the Plaquemine Parish Government’s response when provided.