2014 Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo final results

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The 16th annual Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo was held July 24-26 out of Venice Marina.
The 16th annual Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo was held July 24-26 out of Venice Marina.
Submitted from Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo website

Here are final results from the 16th annual Faux Pas Lodge Rodeo held this past weekend out of Venice Marina.

Inshore Division


1st Cajun Militia 9.5 lbs.

2nd Titos 8.52 lbs.

3rd Decoy Outdoors 8.45 lbs.


1st The Big Clown 6.65 lbs.

2nd The Big Clown 6.15 lbs.

3rd Phinns + Pheathers 6.05 lbs.


1st Reel Men of Genius 4.95 lbs.

2nd Phinns + Pheathers 3 lbs.

3rd Reel Men of Genius 2.7 lbs.

Offshore Division


1st Paradise Outfitters 140.3 lbs.

2nd Reel Deal 117.6 lbs.

3rd Doin' it Deep 99.1 lbs.


1st Supreme Automotive 75.85 lbs.

2nd Fog Cutter 37.75 lbs.

3rd Pipe Dream 28.8 lbs.


1st Fog Cutter 36.25 lbs.

2nd Home Run 34.45 lbs.

3rd Una Mas 30.95 lbs.

Rig Division


1st About Time 59.2 lbs.

2nd RJ Fishing/Russelure 2 49.55 lbs.

3rd Skiff 47.2 lbs.

King Mackerel

1st Sea Cruiser Tails Up 38.35 lbs.

2nd Skiff 38.05 lbs.

3rd Team Transport Boats 36.4 lbs.

Red Snapper

1st White Knght 32.2 lbs.

2nd K-2 24.3 lbs.

3rd#TeamWideOpen 20.2 lbs.

Lagniappe Division

Live Redfish Stringer (3)

1st Titos 24.33 lbs

2nd Worst Fishing Team Ever 1 23.9 lbs

3rd 2nd Place lol (Reel Tite Fishing) 23.32 lbs

Trout Stringer (5)

1st The Big Clown 27.1 lbs.

2nd Deadly Dudley 22.05 lbs.

3rd Mr. Clean 20.85 lbs.

Redfish - Spots

1st Titos 46 spots

2nd Get Reel 43spots

3rd Worst Fishing Team Ever 1 20 spots

Blue Marlin

1st Fog Cutter 3 ct.

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